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Why Is WWE The Constant Comparison?

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I am sincerely asking, it's not a rhetorical question. WWE is not the be all and end all. Let me make my case. I will be making my argument from the premise that WWE is only the biggest name in wrestling, but by no means necessarily the best in wrestling.

One area that comes to mind is the Divas(Is that what they're called?). Clearly the Knockouts are given a lot bigger opportunity based on their athleticism and not by how physically attractive the company higher-ups view them. One side question, do you guys miss watching 2 separate Knockout matches during every episode as much as I do? It's great to see the kind of talent that Impact is willing to sign. Meaning not exactly pin-up models, in the most superficial sense possible. On a personal note, while I do find Taryn Terell very attractive, I've always been more interested in types like Havok and Kong for their size and muscle, I've never liked the bony types. I trust many of you would agree the only area that the Knockouts division is sorely lacking is number of woman. This is where it would behoove TNA to drop their no outside televised shows clause, and sign a formal talent exchange agreement with Shimmer.

I'm going to take that one step further and say that I think Shimmer is far better than both TNA Knockouts and WWE Divas. While I can't speak to each individual Diva, obviously a few of the Knockouts, not all, are a few of the very best wrestlers in the industry. So while they are a few of the best, the Knockouts are badly lacking in both diversity of talent and diversity of appeal to the fans. This is where I think Shimmer is a much better company to watch. From Christina Von Eerie, LuFisto, Nicole Matthews, Rhia O'Reilly, Mercedes Martinez, Cheerleader Melissa, Sara Del Ray, Melanie Cruise, Hiroyo Matsumoto, Hamada, MsChif, and Madison Eagles, while 3 of them have previously been in TNA, I think the Knockouts would instantly explode with talent like that. It's also why I believe any Shimmer show is superior to WWE.

Next is the X Division, at least on paper, is superior to WWE. I say on paper, because in terms of real match performance, the X Division is nonexistent. The actual abilities for talent is there, but either the writing or full freedom to wrestle with no limits or restrictions is diluted so badly, I really don't care about the X Division. That being said, with ones like Low Ki, Zema Ion(not DJ Z), Samoa Joe, Manik, Tigre Uno, Rockstar Spun, Sanada, Eric Young, they have all proven themselves their ability to go toe-to-toe with the likes of Daniel Bryan and CM Punk. It seems a person would be very hard pressed to find WWE wrestlers that could randomly be put into a match with the likes of a Low Ki, Samoa Joe, Manik, or Eric Young. So I have to say that TNA's X Division is superior to WWE.

Additionally looking at the Japanese wrestling scene. Looking at how it is much more sportsmanship over drama and arguments, they've clearly proven that anyone that is starting to build a bit of a name in Japan can instantly go to America and essentially stand out immediately. It shows the calibre of wrestler that's required for being taken seriously in the first place. When you look at the Tokyo Dome, a 55,000 seat arena, and how often they get 40 to 50,000 fans filling the building, how frequently can WWE do that? While there is a cultural difference for why NJPW has never caught on in America and Canada, it is crystal clear that anyone who wants to test their wrestling ability, go to Japan to have to get throughly tested on athleticism and endurance. Obviously Japanese wrestling is superior to WWE.

I would start on CMLL and AAA but I hope I have made it clearly, this constant talk in American wrestling of companies striving to challenge the WWE is actually not as high of a bar as they seem to think it to be. If someone like TNA wants to be the biggest name they should have a constant open invition to anyone and everyone to come over from NJPW and CMLL and see how fast or how easy they can show up ones in TNA, and then they will have something to brag about.

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