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Why Sheamus Was The Right Choice For Champion

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On Sunday night at Survivor Series a brand new WWE World Heavyweight Champion was crowned in Roman Reigns. A mere few minutes later and Reigns had his dreams shattered as Sheamus cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase on a surprised Reigns to become a three time WWE World Heavyweight Champion. There was a section of the internet wrestling community that reacted badly to this, with many branding it as same old boring WWE tactics. But I'm here to tell you why Sheamus winning the title at Survivor Series was the right decision in the long term and would be considered "best for business" for WWE.


With ratings starting to head toward a low what better time than to put the title on a credible name like Sheamus, who is of course a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Fans will be quick to point to this Monday's edition of Raw as a sign the WWE Universe isn't buying Sheamus as the new face of the Authority with the ratings sliding each hour. But your not seriously going to tell me you think Roman Reigns is the whole answer to the ratings slide? Last time I checked a portion of the IWC and of normal fans didn't even want Reigns anywhere near the main event, let alone as champion. You need a guy who has been to the dance before and is established to carry you in a time of need when there seems to be an injury to another top name every week almost. Sheamus is that guy in my mind and I think he can do help recover those sliding ratings.

This is also a chance for WWE and Sheamus to re-establish him as a solid and reputable star capable of being at the top of the card. It's been pretty evident that ever since winning Money in the Bank, and even arguably before that the booking of Sheamus has been pretty lacklustre to say the least. It almost feels at times the WWE sets out to make the briefcase holder look weak so we'll be all surprised when they cash in. Did I expect Sheamus to pull the cash in off on Sunday? Not entirely but the thought did cross my mind. Sheamus gave a strong promo on Monday alongside the Authority and he is one of the few guys on the roster who can step up his game when needed and have a great match. His match with Cesaro as part of the tournament to crown a new champion was outstanding and I don't feel he has a bad match generally. With the right storyline and the right creative direction I believe the Sheamus character has the potential to replace Seth Rollins as the top heel in the company.


I mentioned the ratings slide and fans being unhappy earlier too and that is another key reason in my mind that this was the right decision. Let's be honest about it; WWE wants you to be unhappy at times and can't give you everything you want every week. That's one of the reasons we watch, so we can see the guy we don't want as champion get his ass handed to him by the guys we want to see with the strap. Yeah it would have been great to see Kevin Owens or Dean Ambrose win their first WWE World Heavyweight Championship, but where's the fun in that right? It's all about the thrill of the chase and seeing Reigns and probably Ambrose chasing after Sheamus for a few weeks adds something more to give you reasons to watch. Not only that but WWE wants you to boo and dislike Sheamus because he's a heel antagonist. With Wrestlemania season looming it's also better to keep the championship on a heel so that just like at Wrestlemania 30, you can allow the companies top fan favourite to walk into the main event and potentially win to send the fans home happy that night. It's predictable but if you know you're going to see a big payoff like we did with Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania 30 then it's more likely for me you're going to watch. And with Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan both potentially due back in time for Wrestlemania next year why not keep the title on Sheamus till that time.

Finally the logic behind the decision is simple. WWE are practically replacing one heel with another. The plan seemed to originally see Seth Rollins holding the championship up till Wrestlemania time. Obviously the moment he got injured that plan went out the window, so why not replace the former champion in a like for like swap by putting another heel in his place. Granted Sheamus and Rollins both wrestle different styles and are at different stages of their careers but Sheamus is capable of playing the same cowardly heel role that Seth seemed to be portraying. If you consider how both used blind sided cash in's to win the title, side cutting Reigns out of a championship it's almost like history repeating itself. Add to that Sheamus has a connection to Triple H, he can cut a promo, is solid in the ring, and is easily hated by the fans and you have the perfect recipe for another memorable championship run for the Celtic Warrior.

Triple H & Sheamus

It's been something said time and time again this week but if you really aren't happy with Sheamus as WWE World Heavyweight Champion and the current product, the easiest thing to show your displeasure is to stop watching, cancel your WWE Network subscription and hit WWE hard in the pocket where it hurts. Everyone is entitle to voice their opinion on social media or anywhere but it seems to be the same people moaning about the same things week after week. If Sheamus winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship is the straw that breaks the camels back for you then that's fair enough but when you look at the potential of Sheamus and the benefits of having one of WWE's top and most experienced stars at the helm then I think the decision Sunday was both justified and "best for business". Either way, whether you agree with me or not then why not let us all know what you think in the comments section below.

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