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Why Smackdown Could Be The Bigger and Better Show

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Well, here we go folks, as of this writing we are so close to the draft that I can practically taste it. It tastes like potential, sweaty dudes and hair gel. Ok in hindsight it doesn’t taste that good, but it is exciting nonetheless! There have been a lot of people who seem to be already doubting the potential success of Smackdown Live! Even our own beloved Richard Gray is going in with pessimism. I, on the other hand, am going in with quite a bit of optimism. I actually think that if WWE plays their cards right, that Smackdown Live could be the better show. What that’s crazy right?! Wrong internet reader! Wrong! Smackdown has a real chance of being the best! Here’s why.

Smackdown is Going Live!

Yes, this is an obvious fact, but I feel it is very under appreciated by a great chunk of the audience. Since it’s inception, part of the reason that Smackdown has played second fiddle to Raw is that it was taped. When people can just go online and read the results, why would they tune in? People can say that Smackdown isn’t the better show, and right now I can’t make a big argument with that, but with that said, Raw isn’t exactly booming every week either. If I were to sit down and read the card for Raw, some weeks I would probably skip it as well. It is because fans can’t read the card in advance that they tune into Raw. In fact, on the rare occasion where Raw is taped, the ratings take a pretty heavy dip. The logic then leads me to the conclusion that when Smackdown is live, people are likely to tune in. Especially if…

Smackdown Becomes the “Internet Darling” Show

There is a significant chance that the “new era” is going to become a Smackdown ideal. Shane is heading up Smackdown and to cement the idea of Smackdown Live becoming the fan favorite show, Daniel Bryan was brought in to be the General Manager. As if Daniel Bryan isn’t a big enough draw, he is the poster boy for Internet Darling love. This could lead to the hardcore fans drifting more to Smackdown instead of Raw. People might say that Raw would then get the hardcore fans AND the casual fans, but I would argue something else. When I was a casual young fan I watched what my Dad watched, and he was a hardcore viewer. As a result, I watched what he watched. If the hardcore audience goes over to Smackdown, I would bet that casual fans would eventually make their way over to Smackdown, too.

The PPV Advantage

Smackdown also has a massive advantage, this time, around because of the WWE Network. Last time the brands split the shows had to battle for a spot on the PPV card. First, they tried to alternate PPVs, then they decided to share and had to shove as many matches as they could into a short amount of time because they were on the clock. The WWE Network gives the advantage of not having as many time restraints on PPVs AND WWE is doing separate PPVs for Raw and Smackdown! This means the brands can really just stand on their own two feet as separate entities, only connecting in special circumstances. The more separation the better for these brands. Which leads me to…

The Real Competition Between Siblings

The real competition between siblings behind the scenes is best for business. I honestly believe that Vince is legitimately pitting Shane vs. Steph/Hunter. He wants to try and balance the shows as much as possible and let his kids go at it. The winner gets to take over WWE when he steps down. I mean Vince is 70 years old, contrary to popular belief, he may not want to run the business until the day he dies. Vince might be ready to step down and if you think Vince will give it to Steph and Hunter because Shane left, you don’t know much about Vince. He will give the business to whoever is the best for the job. If Shane can bring Smackdown up to match Raw in the ratings and whatnot, he’ll give the business to him. WWE is as much Vince’s child as Shane or Stephanie, and he’ll only leave it in the best possible hands. Vince isn’t going to hold Smackdown back for any reason anymore. His promo on Raw was absolutely a work shoot in my eyes.
So what do you think? Does Smackdown have the chance that I think it does? Will Raw crush it’s sister show? Let me know it the comments!

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