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Why TNA Invited Jeff Jarrett Back, Does The Carter Family Want Out?

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The Carter family has put more pressure on Dixie Carter that it may be time to sell TNA Wrestling after being blindsided by Ring of Honor’s deal with Destination America. As some probably remember, the Carters were actually close to selling the company to Jeff Jarrett and country music star Toby Keith but the deal fell apart due to the reluctance of Dixie Carter.

Sources close to the Carter family believe they want to see if that deal can be resurrected. However, there is no guarantee Jarrett will be able to get Toby Keith on board again as his position has changed. We’re told Keith is still unsure about the wrestling business and remains on the fence about whether or not to invest in Global Force Wrestling, let alone the money it would take to purchase TNA.

Separate from all of that, TNA was under pressure by pay-per-view providers to drum up some interest in Slammiversary so they reached out to Jeff Jarrett about appearing on the show, knowing it would get people talking. The feeling was Jarrett wouldn’t turn it down if given the chance to gain mainstream exposure for GFW. There has been a lot of bad blood over the years between the Carters and the Jarretts and many in TNA hoped by inviting Jeff back, it would re-open the lines of communication again.

All and all, there are multiple reasons for Jeff Jarrett being invited back to TNA and it will be interesting to see how everything plays out.

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