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Details On WWE's Next Big Name Signing; More On Relationship w/Evolve & DGUSA

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WWE is indeed getting more serious about putting together a deal to create an official working relationship with the World Wrestling Network (Evolve/DGUSA). It’s something that has been talked about in passing for years but WWE never really had much motivation to pursue it seriously, especially since anybody they ever wanted that was under WWN contract, WWN would let WWE have them.

However, ROH releasing a Kevin Owens action figure is causing a domino effect that is going to lead to a lot of changes. WWE realizes they can't just not sign anyone from ROH or TNA if there's not a group for guys to go to.

So WWE is looking to make a low six figure annual investment in WWN that would allow WWN to run more events and sign more wrestlers, with WWE able to pluck whoever they want from WWN at any time without having to worry about talent having appeared on national TV or having signed away licensing rights.

WWE knows once talent realize that going to TNA or ROH means you can't go to WWE, the best talent will ultimately want to be in Evolve to have the best shot of making it to NXT.

In one further note, WWE is high on Rich Swann and plan to make him in offer in September.

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