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WM32 Updates On Hogan vs. Cena, Will UFC Allow Rousey?, Undertaker's Match, Sting's Future, Steve Austin & Much More

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Backstage update on plans for Wrestlemania 32 in Arlington, TX…

John Cena vs. Hulk Hogan is very much a possibility.

Vince McMahon is getting frustrated because UFC is being coy about whether or not they’ll let Ronda Rousey wrestle or even be involved at the show. As a result, he feels Triple H vs. The Rock without any involvement from her is not nearly as appealing as Hunter & Stephanie McMahon vs. Rock & Rousey, which would be huge.

Vince is trying to posture like WWE is fine with or without Ronda and they can just do Hunter vs. Rock even if there is no involvement with her, but there is plenty of internal skepticism.

Vince is starting to sour on Undertaker vs. Sting, fearing that two older guys could struggle to live up to the hype and maybe the company would be better off giving them younger opponents that could help carry them rather than putting them in against each other.

There has been no movement on Steve Austin vs. Brock Lesnar whatsoever. So far, Vince is posturing like he doesn't need it. He knows Austin would want millions to do the match and at $9.99 instead of $70, that is a huge commitment, not to mention to risk ruffling a lot of feathers with other guys if Austin got the big payday.

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