WNW Fantasy Week 1 Winners!


Week 1 of WNW Fantasy Duel is in the books, and we would like to thank everyone for playing and hoped you enjoyed. In the first week not only did we have a perfect score....we had TWO!!! That's correct two people had a perfect score, selecting 8 and winning every single match. A special congratulations goes out to users jabthejesusfreak and njpwfan1820. The two perfect scores were put into a randomizer and the winner of the Week 1 grand prize of $500 was njpwfan1820. Third place was won by our own Ryan McClure who was not eligible to win a prize so his prize will roll over to next week. We will reach out to both eligible winners for your first and second place prizes. Truly, congratulations to everyone for playing, we were humbled by the number of people who entered this first week. Please, pass along the game to friends who'd be interested. These things are always more fun with more people. Just remember you can only select 8 different selections and more and the entry unfortunately will be disqualified as over 2 dozen were in Week 1.

Week 2 of WNW Fantasy Duel begins NOW, amounts will be reset immediately. You have between now and Monday at 1pm est. Don't miss out! For week 2 we are adding a 4th and 5th place to the prizes and they will also receive a WNW prize pack. What are you waiting for if you are not a premium member sign up now and don't miss out on this weeks contest! Click here to get start one week 2!

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