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The Possibility Of Vince McMahon Buying TNA Wrestling & The One Key Element That Keeps Them In Business, How WWE Picks PPV Locations, SummerSlam In Los Angeles, Steve Austin On Raw's 20th?; Update On Wrestlemania 29 Match Against CM Punk, Creative Directi

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The 276th installment of the WNW Premium Mailbag is complete and is in written format! Today's Premium Mailbag features questions that were sent from Wednesday, January 9th to today. To submit your question for a future installment of the Premium Mailbag, click here.

If TNA were to go bankrupt and out of business do you think WWE would buy it as separate programming or in order to get their roster and tape library? Do you see TNA folding anytime soon especially with many lawsuits in place.

We always have to be careful playing the "what if" game as we could literally spend hours on countless subjects, exploring all the possibilities. Should TNA run into trouble, Vince McMahon [and WWE] would obviously be a suitable buyer for the tape library and access to talent, however, there are no signs the promotion is coming up for sale anytime soon. Panda Energy has become increasingly frustrated with the amount of money and resources they've spent on TNA (hence Janice Carter taking the spending power from Dixie Carter) but they've remained committed to the project.

As for "TNA folding," as long as Panda Energy is behind the promotion, they're safe. They have plenty of money and are able to handle the expenses they incur with it. I can confirm Jeff Jarrett talked with Royal Capital Corporation last year about investing into the company but never heard any more about it. For more on Panda, you can visit their company website at this link.

What goes into picking venue for a WWE pay-per-view and why is SummerSlam continuously held in Los Angeles?

WWE has a list of venues they run in each city they tour. They have staff dedicated to planning where they run live events, TV tapings and pay-per-views. Larger cities, where events are assured to do well, are picked to host pay-per-views. As for SummerSlam always taking place in Los Angeles, WWE likes holding a "major pay-per-view" in a "major market" that also gives them the opportunity to market SummerSlam as the "Los Angeles show."

Is there any evidence that Steve Austin may appear on the 20th Anniversary of WWE Raw?

The last time Vince McMahon met with Steve Austin it had to do with trying to nail down his status for Wrestlemania 29. We've reported at length the company's desire to do an Austin vs. CM Punk dream match at Wrestlemania but pointed out it all comes down to Austin and WWE agreeing to a deal. If a deal has been reached, I would expect an Austin appearance that would perhaps kickoff a program with Punk for Wrestlemania. Even if a deal for Austin to work Wrestlemania hasn't been agreed upon, he would be missed if he doesn't appear. Austin's presence was missed at Raw 1000 last summer, however, he missed it due to knee surgery. Austin is one of the reasons Raw is still on the air and we can only hope for a surprise appearance, however, as of this writing, I can confirm nothing.

In what direction is WWE going with The Shield? In recent weeks it just seems like they're interfering in random matches. What's your thoughts on their work etc?

I talked about The Shield on Monday here in Ask WNW. The creative plan is still to focus on them as a group that fights injustice thus their interference in matches. They (along with Ryback) are taking a backseat from the main event due to inclusion of The Rock and soon Brock Lesnar. Should Steve Austin and/or The Undertaker return, it will only push them back further. This isn't a bad thing as much as it is inevitable but I hope WWE is able to use these valuable appearances by their bigger names to elevate up and coming talent.

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