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TNA Workers To WWE Now That The Lawsuit Is Over, Backstage Opinion Of Royal Rumble, Overexposed Abyss, The Zack Ryder Ceiling, Details On Tommy Dreamer Appearing On Raw & Impact, Two Developmental Divas To Watch Out For

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The 277th installment of the WNW Premium Mailbag is complete and now available in written format! Today's Premium Mailbag features questions that were sent from Monday, January 14th to today. To submit your question for a future installment of the Premium Mailbag, click here.

Now that TNA Wrestling has dropped their lawsuit against WWE, how many people do you see WWE picking up?

Jeff Hardy is the first name I have heard WWE is at least thinking about pursuing. This wouldn't have happened had the lawsuit still been ongoing as the overwhelming majority of people that I talk too felt it was a "sure thing" Hardy would be re-signing with TNA. However, the lawsuit ended, and the door has been re-opened. I haven't heard of others as people like Velvet Sky, Matt Morgan and Sting have fresh TNA contracts.

Is the Royal Rumble looked at as one of the favorite PPVs in the locker room not just because of it's prestige and being a fan favorite but also because it gives a lot of the lower card talent a chance to be on PPV and get the bonus with the Rumble match?

Yes, this is absolutely correct. The Royal Rumble is not only one of the favorite pay-per-views of many fans but many of the workers as well. A lot of people get on the card [because of the Royal Rumble match], giving them an opportunity for a nice bonus check from a well-bought pay-per-view. It's also the official beginning to the "Road to Wrestlemania" that sets the tone for months of build. Everyone wants on the Wrestlemania card because it provides the biggest bonus and gives workers a chance to perform in front of an enormous audience.

What is the story with Joseph Park, are there plans to go back to the Abyss character?

The creation of Joseph Park was given to repackage Chris Parks, giving the overexposed Abyss character a break. I don't know what future plans are but I feel like we haven't seen the last of Abyss.

With more mention of Zack Ryder and his Twitter follower increase, is WWE giving him another push?

This question was sent prior to this week's WWE Raw but just as soon as you think WWE is giving Zack Ryder another opportunity, he does a 50-second job on television [to Big Show]. He's a guy that can't seem to break through despite a tremendous Internet following. Right now with the influx of part-time talent, it's even more difficult when guys like Ryback and Sheamus are taking a backseat.

How do you think WWE feels about the obvious rib by TNA using Tommy Dreamer in the wedding angle on last week's Impact?

I doubt the use of Tommy Dreamer was incidental and TNA probably called him because he was fresh off an appearance on WWE Raw featuring the 2012 Slammy Awards. He worked both dates as a per shot and this is what happens when someone appears without a contract… they can jump from show to show. Tommy has enough friends in both companies where his stock won't be damaged but I haven't heard anything in regards to a full-time return.

With the obvious changes to the WWE Divas division given all the people that have left, is there anyone in NXT we should be keeping our eye on?

WWE posted a list of "Top NXT Prospects" on dot com last weekend. Developmental Divas Paige (official profile) and Anya (official profile) were included. This is interesting as neither are American, with Paige from England and Anya from Russia. You can read WWE's list of top prospects here and browse the WWE developmental website here.

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