Del Rio & Punk Have The Last Laugh, Sting's Return, TNA Reset

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Is there any truth to the rumor about WWE changing Performer’s Contracts after what happened with CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio, stipulated that if a worker is fired due to disciplinary actions they can’t compete in wrestling or MMA for 1 year and give us all royalties?

I know where this report originated from, however, I cannot confirm or deny it. There is no doubt that both CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio stuck it to WWE regarding their clauses but most terminated talent do not have the means or financial resources to battle WWE in court. I would not be surprised if WWE inserted additional clauses to try and prevent what happened in each of these situations but a good lawyer should be able to find a way around it. CM Punk stated in the podcast with Colt Cabana that you can’t put a non-compete clause on an independent contractor agreement.

When will Sting return to WWE television?

Sting is expected back on WWE television on the Road to Wrestlemania 31. While I don’t have specific dates, the “road” officially begins with Royal Rumble on January 25, 2015, so I would expect him at any point after that before the show on March 29, 2015. Triple H has been name-dropping Sting like crazy lately and it sure seems like that’s the match we’re going to get, barring a change back to Sting vs. The Undertaker.

What are the latest details on the WWE Network in the United Kingdom and Ireland?

The WWE Network is expected to launch in the United Kingdom and Ireland on Monday, January 19, 2015. Vince McMahon said they would make launch this time and thanked fans for their support. In addition to the initial launch announcement, WWE followed with a press release that gave more details.

The WWE Network will launch as an over the top service in the UK and Ireland, meaning it will be available online and through connected devices. It is slightly more expensive as it will cost £9.99 per month in the United Kingdom, which equates out to $15.22 and €12.99 per month in Ireland, which equates out to $15.47.

With Seth Rollins added to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at Royal Rumble, do you see a stipulation added that Dolph Ziggler, Ryback and Erick Rowan “get their jobs back” if Cena wins?

I talked about this earlier this week in Ask WNW. It was there where I explained how I expected The Authority to “force” the “fired” workers to go against Cena to “get their jobs back.” Regardless, they’re expected to be part of the Royal Rumble pay-per-view in some capacity. To follow along with storylines, all three have been pulled from weekend live events.

My DVR botched and I missed the premiere of Impact Wrestling on Destination America. How can I watch a repeat?

There are no repeats scheduled for this week, however, a new series titled TNA Wrestling’s Greatest Matches premieres on Saturday at 10 AM. Episodes will also air at 11 AM and Noon (all times Eastern Standard). Then, in one week, there will be TNA Wrestling’s Greatest Matches on Friday at 9 AM and 10 AM before Impact in its new Friday night timeslot at 9 PM ET on Friday, January 16, 2015. If you miss it then, on Saturday mornings at 10 AM, you’ll be able to watch Impact Wrestling: Unlocked.

We have an updated schedule for you at this link.

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