Ambrose Losing, Sting’s Wrestlemania Opponent, Hogan Hogging Spotlight

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Welcome to Ask WNW on steroids... the 369th installment of the WNW Premium Mailbag. This installment features questions that were sent from Saturday, January 10, 2015 to Monday, January 12, 2015.

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Is there a reason Bray Wyatt has been put over Dean Ambrose consistently? Normally these type of feuds have wrestlers going back and forth on wins, but Bray seems to always get the rub.

There is no specific reason why Bray Wyatt has been the one to continually go over Dean Ambrose. What’s funny is the opposite is true at live events. Over the weekend, Ambrose beat Wyatt all three nights in two out of three falls matches. I stated in Ask WNW on Monday that I can’t explain the unexplainable and I feel like this is the situation I’m in when I’m forced to address the decisions of the WWE creative team.

It is notable that Bray Wyatt got the rub at Survivor Series (via disqualification), at WWE TLC (via pinball), in the Miracle On 34th Street match on Raw (via pinball) and in the Ambulance Match last week. Every match that “counts” so to speak has went to Wyatt. Maybe WWE feels the losses won’t hurt Ambrose and that Wyatt needs the wins more. I agree with you that it would have made more sense for them to exchange wins or at least give Ambrose one of the aforementioned four matches.

I do not believe Ambrose has been damaged in the program with Wyatt but I don’t think he’s necessarily been helped either.

Is Triple H vs. Sting a sure thing for Wrestlemania 31 or is there any chance The Undertaker will return for a dream match against Sting? Also is this going to be Sting’s only match in WWE?

Triple H vs. Sting is not official for Wrestlemania 31 but it’s very clear that’s the direction WWE is going as of last week. The not-so-subtle hints from Triple H — where he continually calls out Sting as the "face painted goof" — show that it’s the match WWE plans to do. I guess there is still a possibility that The Undertaker comes back to work Sting in the match that Sting wants but right now, the former is what is on deck.

Undertaker is so private that his Wrestlemania status is a mystery every year and rumors about him negotiating with WWE always come about beginning in January. I haven’t heard anything about Undertaker working or not working but I can tell you an image featuring Undertaker in Wrestlemania 31 promotional material was painted on a WWE tour bus. While this doesn’t mean a whole lot, it is what confirmed WWE’s plans to move Smackdown from Friday back to Thursday.

Given how private Undertaker is, we’ll take any clue we can get. I have some good sources close to Undertaker and I should be hearing more about his availability in the coming weeks. I was reassured after Wrestlemania last year that him losing against Brock Lesnar did not rule him out for a dream match against Sting. The possibility of both Sting and Undertaker being on the Wrestlemania 31 card and not in the same match very much exists, especially if WWE decides to do Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt.

As for Sting's future in the ring, he's said he only wants one more match. One against The Undertaker. As stated, it looks like Triple H is who he is getting, so we'll just have to wait and see.

Were Robbie E and Brooke Tessmacher ever really dating or was it a work all along?

I am under the assumption that Robbie E and Brooke were a legitimate couple that have since broken up. However, TNA is capitalizing off their mainstream attention from The Amazing Race to trickle over into their storylines on Impact Wrestling. I try not to get involved in the personal lives of workers for two reasons. One, it’s none of my business and two, I truly do not care.

As for Robbie and Brooke on TNA TV, the company taped a gem for their Lockdown special that you’ll want to read a this link.

I was wondering what your thoughts are of Triple H one day taking over creative from Vince McMahon? I know he has a ton of stroke already but we all know the final say is Vince. We see what he is doing with NXT, and what he did back in the day. I wonder what the main roster would like with him writing the storylines.

When Triple H and Stephanie McMahon take over for Vince McMahon, assuming the same WWE management team is in place when Vince finally retires, I would expect Stephanie to head up creative over Triple H because she’s already done it. Vince took the title back over from her in October 2013 and while he had the final say even then, it’s Stephanie, not Triple H that is seasoned in creative writing.

While Hunter gets a lot of credit (and rightfully so) for WWE NXT, it’s actually a guy by the name of Ryan Ward writing most of what you see on the WWE Network.

As for what WWE would look like if Triple H were in charge, I caution everyone assuming it would immediately “be better.” While there is no denying the NXT shows are better than the main roster pay-per-views, NXT has a distinct advantage. NXT shows take place in a controlled environment. I cannot stress that enough. The campus of Full Sail University provides an intimate venue with fans that are very familiar with the workers and the storylines. As we’ve seen, NXT workers have had a harder time getting over at main roster shows, even after impressive runs down in developmental.

While creative has to share that blame, NXT still has the advantage because of the controlled environment. Remember, a hot crowd can make a match or show.

I’m not trying to “go all Vince McMahon” and tell you the NXT performers are overrated but it’s much easier to book a show when you know the audience is going to eat up long and athletic wrestling matches. The fact of the matter is, a large portion of the mainstream WWE audience doesn’t care about that. They’re young children and women that watch for a variety of reasons.

This is why shows like Ring of Honor do well to a certain audience but have a hard time connecting with the mainstream fan. Athletic pro wrestling matches are for the enjoyment of people like you and me, not necessarily for everyone.

What are your thoughts on Hulk Hogan stealing the spotlight from “Macho Man” Randy Savage by inducting him into the WWE Hall of Fame?

While the WWE Hall of Fame is undoubtedly a big honor, we all must not lose focus for what it is. Regardless of how you spin it, the WWE Hall of Fame is an event WWE uses to sell tickets and promote Wrestlemania. Once again, it’s a big honor to get inducted and everyone (well, almost everyone) that has been inducted will tell you that. However, when it all comes down to it, it’s who can sell tickets and get people excited about Wrestlemania.

By utilizing Hulk Hogan as the inductor of “Macho Man” Randy Savage, it gives WWE the opportunity to promote Hulk Hogan for Wrestlemania 31 without the tremendous risk of him wrestling (something neither Vince McMahon nor Triple H wanted to be part of Hogan’s deal to return to the company). No offense to Savage’s brother — Lanny Poffo — but he just can’t draw like Hogan can.

It won’t be the last time you’ll see Hogan at the WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony either, as he’s bound to be inducted one of these days with the new World order. So wait, there’s more!

As for Savage, it’s about time Vince McMahon did the right thing and allowed him in. It’s something that should have been done years ago and I hate how Savage had to die to not be considered taboo in WWE. This is another thing that really holds down the validity of the WWE Hall of Fame. There is no formal selection process or independent voting so backstage politics and the opinion of the McMahon family often times determines who does and who doesn’t get in.

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