WWE Playing To Criticism, Plans For Daniel Bryan & His Health, Galloway In TNA

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Welcome to Ask WNW on steroids... the 371st installment of the WNW Premium Mailbag. This installment features questions that were sent from Tuesday, January 20, 2015 to Monday, February 2, 2015.

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What would you do now, if it was up to you, with WWE regarding damage control for the Royal Rumble match result.

WWE is doing exactly what I would do, playing to the crowd. I am not one of those guys that believes “everything is a work” or that WWE intended for the Royal Rumble to get such a negative response but has anyone stopped to consider that WWE is probably glad the Royal Rumble drew such a strong response?

Have you ever heard there is no such thing as bad publicity? Bill Simmons from ESPN Tweeted to over 3 million people the Royal Rumble was a “rough night” for WWE. So what did they do? They put Triple H in a room with Michael Cole and made a storyline out of it. Now, everyone is tuning in to this week’s Raw to find out what Triple H will announce.

This is from the Raw preview on WWE.com:

Last week was a controversial one for WWE in the wake of the 2015 Royal Rumble Match, with WWE Universe members in Philadelphia and around the globe on social media being brutally honest about the conclusion of the bout and its winner, Roman Reigns. Triple H has his own opinions about how the night ended, and is poised to address the situation Monday night on Raw. Speculation has been running rampant since the WWE COO teased his announcement on Thursday night’s live SmackDown. What does The Game have in store, and how will it affect the main event of WrestleMania 31? WWE.com has some theories.

Literally, everyone is talking about Roman Reigns winning the Royal Rumble. Good, bad and ugly - people are talking.

A couple of weeks ago, Bleacher Report provided an inside look at WWE creative and called the story of Daniel Bryan one of WWE’s best ever. That story was in response to fans “rejecting” the Royal Rumble. A year later and WWE is in the same situation.

Is it by design? Probably not (in fact, that’s giving them way too much credit) but WWE is going to spin it whatever way they have to in order to get you to subscribe to the WWE Network and watch Wrestlemania 31.

What are the plans for Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania 31?

I’m hearing a couple of different things about Daniel Bryan. Some people believe plans for him at Wrestlemania 31 are still up in the air, while others have suggested he’ll get a mid-card bout against a heel Dolph Ziggler. As I stated in Monday’s Ask WNW, Ziggler is who I see as his opponent at press time. While Bryan vs. Ziggler would be a mid-card bout, all these two would need would be some time to steal the show.

Since you reported on WNW that Daniel Bryan is not 100% and that he felt "terrible" after his first match, have you received any information about WWE protecting him?

I heard a couple of weeks ago that Daniel Bryan’s arm was not 100% and he admitted he felt horrible after his first matches back. However, I am working under the assumption that he is fine and not under any type of restrictions. Bryan opened Sunday’s live event against Bray Wyatt, I assume because he is a Seahawks fan and the company was doing him a favor so that he could watch the game.

What’s the next step for Bubba Ray Dudley? Does he come back with Devon as a tag team or in singles?

I updated on Bubba Ray Dudley’s status here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com Premium. The gist is, he hasn’t signed but WWE officials aren’t against it. Will they bring Velvet Sky in under a deal as well? At this point, it seems possible they sign Bubba or both but nothing is a done deal. I haven’t heard anything about Devon and would personally rather see Bubba in singles. Even at 43, I think he could have a great run in singles in WWE. Pair him with Paul Heyman and watch out!

However, Bubba was contacted in December about working the Royal Rumble and did so on a per shot basis.

What are your thoughts on Drew Galloway going to TNA Wrestling?

Drew Galloway is in TNA Wrestling, although I do not have the specifics on his deal with them. I say good for him as many fans believe he was underutilized in WWE. I view him as a similar situation to Ethan Carter III, in that he had enough talent to establish a loyal fan base but WWE never did anything with him. TNA will provide Galloway a fresh start but I am not overly optimistic about their ability to book him. I covered all the UK shows and it sure seems like more of the same from Dixie Carter’s organization.

What do you think of WWE breaking kayfabe in regards to the situation with Roman Reigns?

WWE just wants you to think they broke kayfabe. They’re playing to the audience just like they did last year. WWE’s job is to blur the lines between what is real and what isn’t and they’re going to spin the Royal Rumble controversy all into storyline.

Viral campaigns like #CancelWWENetwork are fine if the fans behind them canceled and quit watching. However, a large portion of those taking part are trying to plan a hijack of this week’s Raw. As long as WWE has people watching, attending and Tweeting, they can do whatever they want. They’ll just find new ways to work the elements into storylines.

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