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Major Mistake On Raw, Samoa Joe/WWE Update, Seth Rollins Next WWE Champion?

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Welcome to Ask WNW on steroids... the 374th installment of the WNW Premium Mailbag. This installment features questions that were sent from Friday, February 27, 2015 to Tuesday, March 10, 2015.

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Is it just me or did WWE make a huge mistake by having Rusev tap out out in the STF on this week’s Monday Night Raw?

It’s not just you, Rusev tapping out in the STF on free TV is mind-boggling. They’ve put so much time and so many resources into developing Rusev as the unstoppable monster only to have him tap out on free TV on the way to the biggest match of his career? I understand what they were going for. They wanted Rusev to look beatable — like Cena would have a shot — but I diametrically oppose him tapping out on free TV under any circumstance.

Now, WWE has quite the booking quandary on their hands. As if it wasn’t going to be hard enough to book Cena vs. Rusev II, now they are faced with the reality of Rusev being completely buried with a loss to Cena.

The reason many people have called Rusev this year’s Bray Wyatt is because he’s in the John Cena program at Wrestlemania. Wyatt was supposed to be elevated in the program with Cena in ’14 but it didn’t even matter that he ended up beating Cena after Wrestlemania, he went cold and WWE basically had to start from scratch.

WWE could have told their generic Cena “overcome the odds” story over Rusev this year but now I believe a Rusev win is going to be needed if they plan on him working in the main event into the spring and summer of 2015.

Does Daniel Bryan seem utterly lost heading into Wrestlemania 31? Is there any chance at all he doesn’t get the thrust into the Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship and instead gets a singles matches his own?

Daniel Bryan is still over like rover but he’s clearly out of the main event picture for Wrestlemania this year. I know there’s a lot of debate about that but it is what it is and Daniel Bryan is tasked with stealing the show on the undercard. Basically, the options are Bryan being in the Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship (the plan that was in place as of last week) or the original plan of a singles match against a returning Sheamus.

Since we’ve seen Bryan vs. Sheamus twice at Wrestlemania, I’d rather him get a shot in the Ladder Match. Daniel Bryan told IGN he would love to be in the match and it would give Bryan a chance to shine. If we can’t have a Money in the Bank Ladder match, I guess this is the next best thing. But if you want my personal opinion, it’s a travesty that Bryan is set to be working this low on the card and they’re relying on the likes of Brock Lesnar, Undertaker, Triple H and Sting in 2015. WWE has got to start taking more longer-term approach if they want to create new top talent.

Realistically, what are the chances that Samoa Joe ends up in WWE? And wouldn’t he better better-suited for NXT?

Samoa Joe himself has confirmed that WWE is interested in his services. From what I’ve been told and reported here on Premium, WWE wants to run him through a tryout and evaluate him first before offering him a contract. That tryout is currently scheduled for April. It’s hard to say how likely it is that Joe comes to WWE. I’ve thought he should have been there for years but if he gets signed, will they utilize him correctly? Obviously he’s better-suited for NXT because that’s where he can show off what really makes him special but I don’t know what that would look like. If you want to talk about who TNA misused the most, Joe has to be at the top of the list.

I tried to get tickets from the SummerSlam pre-sale over the weekend. When will be my next chance?

WWE only released 15% of SummerSlam tickets over the weekend and there will be another presale beginning on Wednesday at 10 AM EDT at this link. We’ll have the presale before it opens and tickets go on sale to the general public on Saturday at 10 AM EDT.

Now that Randy Orton has finally turned on Seth Rollins, what’s the next step to build their match at Wrestlemania 31? Was the slow burn the correct way to do it?

I didn’t like the slow burn and as I explained in Monday’s Ask WNW, it was time to just get it over with. It would be one thing if we didn’t know the plans for Orton but we’ve known for almost 4 months the plan was for Orton to go babyface and feud with Seth Rollins. It felt like the writers were trying to get cute with the slow burn and it did nothing but add an unneeded element of confusion. Now, WWE is going to have to turn up the physicality to sell Orton vs. Rollins and consider the possibility of Rollins taking out Orton and “cashing in” at Wrestlemania 31.

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