Hulk Hogan/WWE Update, Conclusion To The Authority Angle, John Cena On When He'll Walk Away; Would Love To Face Hogan At Wrestlemania, Backstage News From Survivor Series, WWE Star Gets Heat For Actions At Raw, Vince McMahon & Triple H Want To Push Differ

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WWE News

- In his latest podcast, Steve Austin announced that Daniel Bryan will be a guest on The Steve Austin Show "in about a week or two." Click here for more.

- This week's episode of "WWE Backstage Fallout" Smackdown is available at this link.

- WWE taped The Prime Time Players vs. 3MB at Tuesday's Smackdown taping but it wasn't included on this week's broadcast. Instead, the bout aired as a exclusive. 3MB were dressed as The Fabulous Freebirds. Click here to watch the match.

- The feature on new WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E Langston, titled "The Journey of Big E," is now online at this link.

- Cody Rhodes was recently on "Busted Open" with Doug Mortman and Mike Riker to promote Sunday's Survivor Series pay-per-view. In the interview, Rhodes said Rey Mysterio is 100% and he will be fine on Sunday. He also said while he and Goldust are not as close as people think, he's amazed every time he steps in the ring.

- Daniel Bryan did an interview with the Boston Herald to promote Sunday's Survivor Series pay-per-view. In it, he said that he cultivated a skill-set and a name on the independents that warranted WWE wanting to bring him in. He said that he doesn't think they expected him to get where he is now based on his size and personality. Bryan talked about having his first date with Brie Bella in Boston in 2011. He also shared the sad news of his dog dying less than a week ago. Click here to read the piece in its entirety.

- Jim Ross posted a new blog entry Friday on his official website. In it, he wrote that he's looking to hold a "JR show" or two in New Orleans during Wrestlemania XXX week. He also addressed the passing of Maurice "Mad Dog" Vachon among other things. Click here to read JR's latest in its entirety.

- Cody Rhodes told Chad Dukes that he paid to have the white WWE Intercontinental Championship belt recreated. He said he was refunded, urging "heavily refunded," but that he was happy to see it still in existence. In the same interview, Cody said in the past (when he was tagging with Damien Sandow) he would say he preferred working in singles but that he's happy with his current run. You can listen to the interview at this link.

- Sheamus is in Boston, Massachusetts for Survivor Series. The former World Heavyweight Champion is out recovering from a torn labrum and is expected back anywhere from December-February. I haven't heard of plans to utilize him at the pay-per-view but I have heard that Vince McMahon and Triple H are excited to get him back.

- Sad to report that Tom Billington, a/k/a The Dynamite Kid, has suffered a stroke. Dot com reports that he might have endured more than one in the past few weeks.

- David Otunga will appear on The Steve Harvey Show on December 9, 2013.

- Kaitlyn just recently returned from the Turks & Caicos. She'll work in the 7-on-7 Divas Traditional Survivor Series Match Sunday night on the pay-per-view.

- Mark Henry is in Boston for Survivor Series. As is the case with Sheamus, it's unknown if he'll be used on the pay-per-view. We noted that Sheamus would be attending here on

- The word going around backstage at last week's television tapings was that Vince McMahon was worried about the Survivor Series card being weak and was considering a "major angle" for the pay-per-view. What that would be and who it would involve, I don't know.

- Dean Malenko, who left WWE's European tour due to health concerns, is working the pay-per-view as a producer.

- has a cool article online likening Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady to Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels. Given it's the eve of Survivor Series, I found this more than appropriate. Click here to read the article in its entirety.

- The funeral of Maurice "Mad Dog" Vachon will take place on Tuesday in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Visitation is at 2 PM, with special remarks at 4 PM. A reception will follow. Click here for more information.

- Tom Billington, a/k/a The Dynamite Kid, is reportedly doing better after suffering a stroke. For those that missed our earlier story, you can read it at this link.

- Jim Ross posted a new blog entry ahead of Sunday's pay-per-view that you can read at this link.

- Dot com is running an angle ahead of Curtis Axel vs. Big E Langston for the WWE Intercontinental Champion match at Survivor Series. In a video posted here, Axel cuts a promo where he proclaims he's a wrestler and that he's going to break Langston's orbital bone. It's a strong promo for Axel, who many are ready to write off.

- I had the chance to catch the first episode of the second half of season one of Total Divas on Saturday night (it originally aired November 10th). I know I'm late but there is something I want to clarify. The story told on the episode is that no one knew John Cena had a torn triceps until SummerSlam weekend. This isn't true. While it wasn't reported Cena had a torn triceps, we reported 5 days before the pay-per-view that surgery was scheduled. My wife got mad at me for taking away from the "realism" but that's what I do.

- Mark Henry returned to WWE at Survivor Series, answering Ryback's "Open Challenge." Henry went over in the bout.

- There were no title changes on the show. Big E Langston retained the WWE Intercontinental Championship, John Cena retained the World Heavyweight Championship and Randy Orton retained the WWE Championship.

- John Cena Sr. and family were in attendance at Survivor Series. John greeted them after his World Heavyweight Championship match against Alberto Del Rio.

- Nikki Bella was never eliminated from the 7-on-7 Divas Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match, however, it was treated as such on commentary and by Lilian Garcia. Michael Cole corrected the mistake later in the broadcast.

- Ricardo Rodriguez was on the Spanish announce team for the pay-per-view.

- John Laurinaitis, who now works as a producer, made a backstage cameo in a segment with Santino Marella, R-Truth, Los Matadores and Fandango.

- After Randy Orton retained the WWE title at Survivor Series, John Cena's music played and he and Orton had a staredown in the ring. The way it was presented is sure to create speculation of WWE unifying the World Heavyweight Championship and WWE Championship. Cena walked right by The Authority (Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Kane), as they came out as a distraction during the WWE title main event. The pay-per-view went off the air with Cena and Orton both holding their titles in opposition.

Once off the air, Cena challenged Orton to champion vs. champion match but he declined. Kane attempted to attack Cena but Triple H held him back. Cena cut a promo in front of his hometown crowd.

Hunter came back out and Cena challenged him to get in the ring. Vince McMahon came out and stopped Triple H. When Cena taunted Vince, Stephanie McMahon stopped him. The Authority eventually went to the back to end the show.

- For those that missed our off-air notes, Vince McMahon appeared at Survivor Series when the cameras stopped rolling. WWE acknowledged his appearance in their Raw Preview on dot com. Their claim is the "tense moment" between WWE Champion Randy Orton and World Heavyweight Champion John Cena drew his attention.

- Sheamus was backstage at Survivor Series as we noted on Sunday afternoon. There is no definitive word on his return but it would appear sooner than later. He's expected back anytime between December and February from a torn labrum that required surgery.

- My complete thoughts to WWE Survivor Series 2013 are now online at this link.

- WWE announced on Monday that Mark Henry has been cast in a cameo role for the movie "Incarnate." The film is a WWE Studios project in conjunction with Blumhouse Productions and stars Aaron Eckhart. Click here for the official press release.

- Footage of Vince McMahon appearing off-camera at Survivor Series has trickled over to YouTube. We won't embed the clips because chances are WWE takes them down, but you can view them here and here.

- The Survivor Series Kickoff is now online for viewing at this link.

- Hulk Hogan discussed hitting rock bottom in a recent appearance on OWN. In the piece, he admitted that he considered suicide. You can watch it at this link.

- E! officially announced on Monday that Total Divas has been renewed for a second season. Total Divas is the network's strongest newest original series of 2013. Click here for more.

- WWE posted a video of Todd McFarlane's statue of The Undertaker. Click here to watch it.

- Davey Richards has pulled out of his upcoming commitments with Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan. He was scheduled to work this week (booked on shows on 11/27, 11/28 and 11/29) and on December 7, 2013 against Taiji Ishimori. Richards cites a neck injury as the reason. He worked last week's WWE NXT tapings in Winter Park, Florida.

- The Miz promoted "Christmas Bounty" in a new Q&A at this link.

- Talks between WWE and Hulk Hogan are ongoing. As bizarre as it sounds, Hogan would love to wrestle John Cena at Wrestlemania XXX. We've written it before but we're not proud of it. However, in the latest twist, we're told that Triple H is leaning towards a Wrestlemania match against Cena.

Neither Triple H nor Vince McMahon want Hogan's deal with the company to be contingent on Hogan getting a match with Cena at Wrestlemania. Big Show actually pitched an idea of having Hogan tag with him against Triple H and Randy Orton but creative doesn't think the feud between Show and Triple H can be stretched out long enough. Not to mention that Hunter and Vince both prefer there be a singles match where Triple H faces Vince's "hand picked" opponent.

While things could always change, that hand picked opponent is currently John Cena. So if Wrestlemania were this weekend, it'd be Cena vs. Triple H.

- Last week's episode of Smackdown, the go-home to Survivor Series, did an impressive average viewing audience of 3,106,000 viewers on SyFy. This is the highest audience the show has done since garnering an average viewing audience of 3,190,000 on the February 8, 2013 episode. The show ended up with a 2.15 rating.

- WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs will be headlined by John Cena vs. Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship and WWE Championship in a TLC Match. The bout, which was announced in the opening segment of this week's Monday Night Raw, will feature both titles hanging above the ring.

- Linda McMahon is seated at ringside at this week's episode of Monday Night Raw in Uniondale, New York. Also at ringside is Mick Foley's daughter Noelle and Betty Skaaland.

- WWE announced on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw the 2013 Slammy Awards will be presented in two weeks. Two weeks from this Monday is the December 9, 2013 episode of Raw from the Key Arena in Seattle, Washington.

- There was no dark match main event following this week's episode of Monday Night Raw. Randy Orton attempted to punt John Cena in the head but he blocked and went for the Attitude Adjustment. Orton retreated as Cena held both belts high in the ring. WWE will return to the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, New York on Saturday, March 22, 2014. The presale code to obtain tickets is WWELIVE.

- There was a wardrobe malfunction during the Divas match on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw. I didn't see it but one of my friends on Facebook noted it was Aksana. WWE blacked out the feed for a brief moment as it was caught in the delay.

- We noted here on that the 2013 Slammy Awards will take place on the December 9, 2013 episode of Monday Night Raw from the Key Arena in Seattle, Washington. WWE will use the show to heavily promote their App with fans being able to vote on the platform. I haven't heard if fans will also be able to vote on dot com.

- I normally don't post these, but here's a cool video of a WWE Mashup of AJ Lee and Mickie James.

- Remember that Christmas Bounty premieres on ABC Family on Tuesday night at 7 PM/6 CT. The Miz has the starring role, playing the ex-boyfriend of a New Jersey bounty hunter turned Manhattan teacher. The film co-stars Francia Raisa, who was at Raw on Monday night and featured in a backstage segment.

- Click here for a photo of Vince McMahon and Michael Strahan backstage at this week's WWE Raw in Uniondale, New York.

- Darryl "DMC" McDaniels was also in attendance at this week's Monday Night Raw in New York.

- You can watch the commercial for this week's Thanksgiving episode of Smackdown at this link. Brooks Oglesby is covering the show as it's taped Tuesday night. Click here for more.

- New episodes of But I'm Chris Jericho are now online at this link.

- I'm still unable to get confirmation on Layla's whereabouts. I thought she was injured but apparently that's not the case. She Tweeted the following on Monday:

- Fresh off a renewal for a second season, Total Divas garnered a series-low viewing audience this week. The show only did an average viewing audience of 920,000 viewers on E. Competition was fierce for the show. Not only were they up against their own product in WWE Survivor Series but Sunday Night Football on NBC drew over 22 million viewers and the American Music Awards drew nearly 13 million.

- Congratulations are in order to Drew McIntyre as he's finally obtained his green card.

- Add film director Morgan Spurlock and former WWE worker Pete Gas to the list of guests at this week's episode of Monday Night Raw in Uniondale, New York. Other names included Linda McMahon, Noelle Foley, Betty Skaaland, Darryl “DMC” McDaniels and Francia Raisa.

- WWE has signed Pittsburgh based independent worker Logan Shulo to a developmental contract. Justin Labar first reported the signing at this link.

- World Heavyweight Champion John Cena was on Neil Cavuto's show on FOX Business on Monday.

Cena opened by talking about WWE's anti-bullying campaign. He urged to lead by example and admitted that he was bullied as a child. Cena said he listened to early rap music and as a result, he dressed differently and acted differently. Then he started working out and things changed.

Cavuto asked Cena about his brand. Cena said not only is he obsessed with what he does in the ring but he's obsessed with what WWE does. He said he tries to copy what Vince McMahon has done with WWE to recreate that same success for his personal brand. Cena talked about athletes losing their wealth after peaking and he blamed the situation of Mike Tyson on poor management.

Cena said he made a pact to himself when he can no longer keep up with the young guys that'll he'll gracefully walk away.

Click here to watch the appearance in its entirety.

Backstage news and notes from WWE Survivor Series in Boston...

- The atmosphere backstage at Survivor Series on Sunday wasn't very positive. My source informed me there were a lot of tired workers, with many looking forward to getting a little bit of a break this week. It's been a grueling month after the extended overseas tour to come right back to the United States for TVs and a pay-per-view followed by another round of TVs.

- With that being said, both WWE workers and officials were negative about the pay-per-view itself. It was almost a situation of where the workers were blaming the writers and the writers were blaming the workers.

- Sheamus was backstage and in good spirits. One source joked about how it was obvious he was much better rested than the majority of the boys.

- There is a bit of a disconnect right now between Vince McMahon and Triple H. One observer says this is a reason for the lack of flow. It's not that they don't get along because they get along great, it's just they aren't seeming to put their ideas together. For example, Big E Langston is the guy Vince wants to push, while Hunter has his sights set on Roman Reigns.

- We're told CM Punk has been noticeably quiet lately. One observer says this is probably the smartest thing to do because given the string of bad shows, it's better to just pick his spots.

- Big Show's program with Randy Orton was seen as a flop and something that just didn't work. There was a lot of second-guessing including people wondering why Triple H didn't have a match with Daniel Bryan or even Big Show. Both had potential but now it's a moot point.

- This week's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw did an average viewing audience of 4,135,333 on the USA Network. Below is how the show broke down by hour:

Hour one - 4,318,000
Hour two - 4,292,000
Hour three - 3,796,000

The bad news is the numbers went down as the show went on but the good news is the average audience was over 4 million viewers.

The show ended up doing a 2.93 cable rating.

- WWE followed-up on the Daniel Bryan/Wyatt Family angle in a new article posted here on dot com. They state the Wyatt Family threw him out into the Nassau Coliseum parking lot after carrying him out of the ringside area. A Tout featuring Nikki Bella and Natalya telling Brie Bella they might know here he's at is included.

- WWE has announced that WWE Tag Team Champions Goldust & Cody Rhodes will defend the titles against Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns on this week's episode of Smackdown. Also announced, the in-ring debut of El Torito. Smackdown will be taped on Tuesday night, we'll have full taping results here at

- Click here for an audio interview with Triple H.

- Watch John Cena play "Google Me" on ESPN's SportsNation at this link. In the appearance, Cena put over The Rock.

- Jim Ross has a new blog entry online with his thoughts on this week's Monday Night Raw. You can read it at this link.

- Justin Gabriel beat Hunico in a dark match prior to this week's Smackdown taping in Uncasville, Connecticut.

- There was no dark match main event following this week's Smackdown taping. CM Punk wished the crowd a Happy Thanksgiving to send the crowd home happy.

- Linda McMahon, who was in attendance at this week's Monday Night Raw, Tweeted the following about her experience:

- WWE teamed with The Greater Boston Food Bank while they were in town. You can watch a video at this link.

- Dot com has a "Where Are They Now?" piece now online on Victoria. Click here to read it.

Backstage news from Monday Night Raw in Long Island…

- Dolph Ziggler got some heat for wearing a Zack Ryder t-shirt underneath his hockey sweater on this week's show. Not only was that not planned but the "silent protest" was looked down on. One observer commented, "as if he hasn't been in the dog house enough as of late."

- There seems to be a good bit of confusion surrounding the WWE Championship vs. World Heavyweight Championship match at TLC. The obvious thing everyone is speculating is unification but the consensus seems to be there will be some type of "screwy" finish that sees John Cena and Randy Orton swap belts.

- We're told inserting The Shield into The Wyatt Family's program with Daniel Bryan and CM Punk was last minute and wasn't on the show's original script. We haven't heard where they are going with it.

- The Big Show concussion angle was planned coming out of Monday Night Raw, before the kayfabe article was posted.

- Mark Henry is determined to leave the business with something as a way to "give back" with being the longest tenured active worker in the company. His new project is to help give Big E Langston the rub and he personally pushed to team with him.

- The wardrobe malfunction we noted on Tuesday was indeed a nipple slip. It was caught by production and they blacked out the screen before it hit the cable and satellite feeds.

- The latest kayfabe Triple H interview is now online. Below are highlights:

He addresses Daniel Bryan's abduction by The Wyatt Family and CM Punk's accusation of Triple H controlling The Wyatt Family and The Shield. Triple H denies any involvement with The Wyatts and says "unlike the Internet geeks," he doesn't hang onto every word CM Punk says, because he was busy "making the biggest match in WWE history."

In response to Michael Cole's question about his conversation with John Cena at Survivor Series, Triple H says he speaks with his talent every day and the content of those conversations is private.

He also says the goal of the John Cena vs. Randy Orton match at WWE TLC is to have one undisputed champion.

He says there is no need for two champions now that the brand extension is over, and wants one champion to represent the company going into the new year.

Click here to watch the full interview.

- TMZ Sports had a camera at John Cena's Kmart signing at Penn Station in New York City on Tuesday. Cena was asked about facing Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania XXX.

John said it would be a dream come true but he wouldn't want to put Hogan in a situation where he would not be physically capable. He said it wouldn't be Wrestlemania XXX without the Hulkster and he hopes they can get him there regardless of his capacity.

We've heard from multiple sources out of Hogan's camp that Hogan wants to face Cena in a match at next year's pay-per-view. The two parties are reportedly negotiating but neither Vince McMahon nor Triple H want the deal to be contingent on Hogan getting a singles match at Wrestlemania against Cena.

- We recently noted that Kaitlyn had been vacationing in the Turks & Caicos. As it turns out, she got engaged to her boyfriend PJ Braun. Below are some photos of the happy couple:


- Chris Van Vliet recently interviewed Dolph Ziggler about his stalled push, the fans that have turned on him, his reputation of speaking out too much, his dream WrestleMania opponents, and more. The interview is available at this link.

- Diamond Dallas Page recently took part in an "Ask Me Anything" interview on Reddit, and spoke on a variety of topics, including his WWE run and a recent visit to the WWE Performance Center. Click here to view it.

- The Miz did an interview with This is Infamous to promote Christmas Bounty. In it, he said that he truly believes if Miz and Morrison never happened, he would have been fired within a year. The two remain friends to this day. You can read the article at this link.

- Edge told Alex Obert that he never liked his "You Think You Know Me" entrance theme because it didn't fit what he actually listened to. Click here to read his comments in their entirety.

- WWE stars answer what they want to bring back to the company in the latest episode of WWE Inbox. You can watch it at this link.

- Neither Eddie Edwards nor Davey Richards have officially signed developmental contracts with WWE as of this writing. Both are expected to get signed if not by the year of the year, at the beginning of the new year.

- If you missed this week's kayfabe Triple H interview where he stated that he wants there to be one undisputed champion in WWE, you can watch it at this link. While many are speculating the winner of the WWE TLC match at the pay-per-view next month will crown the new undisputed champion, I have a feeling we're in for an extended program. One source told me after Raw the feeling was that something would happen that would prolong the feud. Further, promotional information for live events after the pay-per-view notes the "goal" in Cena vs. Orton is to have one champion.

- Digital Spy has a new Q&A online with The Ultimate Warrior. They asked him about rumors of his possible induction into the WWE Hall of Fame. Warrior stressed that being inducted isn't going to mean anything to his goals in life. Whether or not he's inducted, he said The Ultimate Warrior is a Hall of Famer. Warrior, who has a unique style of speaking, said that WWE has to tell the right story. He said in 2005 with The Self-Destruction of The Ultimate Warrior DVD that they attempted to rewrite the history of the character. Click here to read Digital Spy's interview in its entirety.

- WWE has relaunched their Careers website, integrating it with their corporate platform. You can search available listings at this link.

- Booking sheets for upcoming WWE live events feature the following: CM Punk & Big Show vs. Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt.

- The latest episode of The JBL & Cole Show is now online at this link. In it, JBL receives the ultimate Happy Birthday and Andy Kaufman stops by to say hello?!?

TNA News

- The next themed episode of Impact Wrestling will be Final Resolution on December 19, 2013. We reported here on that TNA Genesis will take place as a themed episode of Impact on January 16, 2014.

- Austin Aries beat Chris Sabin to win the X Division Championship in a match taped for the December 12, 2013 episode of Impact Wrestling Saturday night in Orlando, Florida. We'll have full taping results when the taping concludes.

- Kurt Angle took part in the 1DDay event in Los Angeles on Saturday. Angle participated in a mock wrestling match along with Liam Payne from the band "One Direction." The "match" was streamed live with the event on YouTube. We have photos here on Page 2.

- Gail Kim's husband celebrity chef Robert Irvine was at the weekend Impact Wrestling tapings in Orlando, Florida.

- The following matches have been announced for the TNA Final Resolution themed episode of Impact Wrestling:

Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode in a 2-out-of-3 Falls match
Finals of the TNA Championship Tournament

- TNA Final Resolution 2013 will air on Thursday, December 19, 2013. It will be a pre-taped show. The company will hold more tapings next month from SoundStage 19 at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Those dates are as follows:

Tuesday, December 3, 2013 (taping info)
Wednesday, December 4, 2013 (taping info)
Thursday, December 5, 2013 (taping info)

- Brandon Baxter announced Tuesday morning on the radio that TNA Wrestling will return to the Earl Bell Community Center on Saturday, January 4, 2014. Tickets go on sale on December 6, 2013 and will be available at Advertised for the show is Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode, Magnus, Mr. Anderson, Bully Ray and the Knockouts.

- TNA Wrestling sent us a press release on Monday to announce they've signed a new multi-year agreement with Nippon Television Network Corporation (NTV) in Japan. As part of the deal, NTV channel G+ will continue to air Impact Wrestling on Saturday nights at 10 PM as well as broadcast monthly pay-per-views and One Night Only events. The first deal between the two parties was for one year and began in January 2013.

- Eric Young Tweeted the following:

- In addition to the January 4, 2014 live event we reported on earlier, TNA Wrestling has announced live events in Batesville, Arkansas on January 3 and Jackson, Tennessee on January 5.

- Alex Barie was representing in a conference call with TNA Wrestling star Magnus. The conference call was to promote the company's One Night Only "World Cup" pay-per-view, which will be available on December 6th, 2013. Below is the recap of the event.

Magnus started off by saying the crowd reaction can literally change at any time, so if he is heel by the time he goes to the United Kingdom during the 2014 tour, he wouldn't have a problem if he gets booed.

Magnus stated that 2012 was his "milestone" year while 2013 was his "breakout" year. He said the company gave him plenty of opportunities to give him the spotlight this year and he tired to make the most of it. He said he does see himself coming to the UK as TNA World Champion, but he played it off by saying that everyone should think they should be champion at a certain point.

He is thrilled to have the One Night Only PPVs in the United Kingdom. He put over the whole One Night Only PPV concept saying that you can see matches you haven't seen before.

He stated that he can't get away from the discussions about how the company is doing internally, but he and the roster have to go out there and give it their best. He said there is a time where you have to block out the negativity and internal stuff and just be a wrestler.

Magnus wanted to make clear that is is important for the wrestlers and employees to understand where the company is going and that comes from the people steering the ship. He stated that it is really clear in his eyes.

He said that he is always thinking about the company and he actually thinks he is driving people in the office "nuts". He tries to give them ideas on how to raise revenue and increase their market share in a particular area.

Magnus has been very pleased with his 2013 career and is excited to see how it ends. His praised his match with AJ Styles in the finals of the Bound for Glory Series and his match with Sting is an opportunity that doesn't come by often.

In an interesting note, he said that if he isn't World Champion by the time 2014 ends then something has gone wrong.

Magnus showed tremendous respect to both Rob Terry and Doug Williams. He stated Doug helped him get his first matches in the wrestling business. He also stated that he hasn't seen Mr. Williams in awhile.

Magnus stated that he would have taken Kurt Angle's spot during the 1D Day with One Direction if he was given the opportunity.

Magnus has actually went to TNA officials and mentioned a Doug Williams vs. Magnus match in the United Kingdom and also threw the chance of it being for the TNA World Title. Magnus stated that the title between them may be out of reach, but he puts over the match as something everyone would want to see over there.

He doesn't know if the comparison between him vs. Sting to Ric Flair vs. Sting is correct. He said the matches had a different story behind them. Flair was champion while Magnus was about winning and establishing himself. He did state that Sting gave his approval to Magnus in a private conversation before as well as saying that Magnus deserves it.

Magnus puts over his time with the Main Event Mafia as one of his favorite times in his career. He loved doing the Mafia entrance with the suits and the strut down the ramp with huge names beside him. He also pointed out that factions should always be used in the wrestling business as a tool to showcase everyone in a certain period of time since TNA doesn't have much air time each week. He said factions give people more creativity.

Speaking of factions, Magnus' favorite faction as a fan is D-Generation X while his overall favorite is The Four Horsemen.

Holding the King Ka Ring Championship meant a lot to him. It was a TNA division/company with Jeff Jarrett in charge of it. Holding the title meant he had Jeff's faith.

Magnus stated he follows Wade Barrett's career and actually went to wrestling school with him. They text each other every now and then. He did say that he met up with Sheamus and Drew McIntyre a couple weeks ago.

When asking who Magnus would like to fight, he said fighting Kurt Angle was a huge milestone in his career. He would have also liked to face Ric Flair, Bret Hart, and Shawn Michaels.

Magnus praised Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida and says he is excited to be back.

Magnus pointed out that fans are forgetting to be fans. He said they worry to much. People just need to sit back, watch the show and enjoy it.

He pointed out that fans are really interested in seeing the backstage roles of the wrestling company and who runs the shows and business. He praised Dixie's heel character and said it is time for her to be in front of the camera as well. He hopes to be associated with her more on television. He brought up that he is an independent contractor and that he needs to associate with the top people to gain what is best for him.

- TNA Champion AJ Styles has been booked for a speaking tour in Europe next March. The event, called "An Evening with AJ Styles," will run from March 6-11 and will include a meet and greet to go with a Q&A session. Locations include Cardiff, Wales, Liverpool, England, Glasgow, Scotland, Newcastle, England and London, England. Also announced, Styles' autobiography, titled "Phenomenal," is due out in the first quarter of next year.

- TNA Wrestling added more live event shows for their 2014 January schedule. Not only will the company hold their television special Genesis in Huntsville, AL on January 16th, but they just added three more dates for the following nights:

January 17th - Mobile, AL (Live event)
January 18th - Dothan, AL (Live event)
January 19th - Albany, GA (Live event)


With the ending of Survivor Series, do you either see John Cena turning heel and aligning with The Authority?

There were some readers that took John Cena's confrontation with Randy Orton at Survivor Series as a sign he was aligning with The Authority, that isn't how I saw it. I saw Cena as the champion of the people and Orton as the champion of The Authority. I have a hard time believing that WWE will ever turn Cena heel. Given the way WWE has made it look very unlikely Orton will ever drop the title, perhaps Cena as challenger would be a viable option.

With WWE teasing WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. World Heavyweight Champion John Cena, I only see it fitting we talk title unification. I believe that it could bring more prestige to the IC and US titles since more main event stars would challenge for them. What are your thoughts on my point of view?

I haven't heard whether or not WWE plans to unify the WWE and World Heavyweight titles but this was bound to come up given the way they ended the Survivor Series pay-per-view on Sunday. The reason I push back on unifying the top belts is because it's going to shrink the main event picture. I get your argument about restoring the secondary titles but make no mistake about it, if the WWE and World titles are unified, there won't be as many opportunities in the main event. If WWE wants to unify titles, they should start with the Intercontinental and United States belts.

Why did the commentators keep calling Natalya the sole survivor of Team Total Divas? Nikki Bella never got eliminated!

They made a mistake! Nikki Bella was not eliminated in the 7-on-7 Divas Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match, thus Natalya wasn't the sole survivor. Michael Cole corrected later in the broadcast but it was a glaring error.

What was JBL's reason for mentioning Jeff Jarrett on last week's episode of Monday Night Raw?

JBL said that he mentioned Jeff Jarrett on last week's episode of Monday Night Raw out of respect and friendship. He questioned how you could not mention JJ with a guitar in Nashville. Jarrett was asked if he felt it was a tribute or insult. He said he took it as "totally tribute." You can read the exchange at this link.

From the Ask WNW vault…

November 2012:With Ryback basically losing again where does WWE go from here? - WWE is in a world of trouble with Ryback following what was essentially a loss at Survivor Series. Let me be clear. I’m excited to see Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins get called up to the main WWE roster but I hate how Ryback was booked at both Hell in a Cell and Survivor Series. The premise for Ryback’s character is that he is the “unstoppable monster” that needs to be “fed more.” As soon as he’s “fed,” he can’t handle it. Some people are taking this as me being high up on Ryback over the IWC darlings, which is unfounded. I’d be fine with guys like Punk, Daniel Bryan, Cesaro, etc. running the company without guys like Ryback being in the main event picture. However, now that Ryback has been chosen for a push they have to push him. The blatant lack of confidence in putting him over compounded with the holding pattern they are in with Punk for Royal Rumble is making for intolerable booking. Either push him or don’t book him in the main event. At this point Ryback means nothing more than a mid-card talent and he’s lost a significant amount of steam.

With Roman Reigns being the sole survivor at Survivor Series, do you take this as a message that he's due a major singles push?

The biggest story coming out of Survivor Series was the separation of Roman Reigns. At one time considered to be the "third wheel" of The Shield faction (still not a bad spot), he's emerging as the top member. Everyone wants to know when WWE is going to break him away and push him to the moon. Patience is the key in this situation. Not every push works out like that of Sheamus or Alberto Del Rio. This is something I've mentioned a lot recently but there are many more that fail than succeed when they get the rocket pack strapped to them. I urge fans to be patient and creative to think things through before pushing Reigns. When and how it happens remains to be seen but I think all three have bright futures in WWE.

If this wasn't what you did for a living would you have ordered Survivor Series?

No, I wouldn't have ordered Survivor Series if I didn't have too. The card was weak and unappealing and the build was lackluster. Even though my expectations were low going in, I was further disappointed after the show's conclusion. Ryback vs. Mark Henry, a cameo by Big Johnny and the tease of John Cena vs. Randy Orton wasn't enough to save a below-average pay-per-view. The booking was predictable and mundane with no title changes. I noted Monday on Facebook that it was funny people are still giving the infamous Reddit user publicity when anyone that has been following WWE television could have accurately predicted what was going to happen. I didn't hear how the show was going to be booked and still predicted the show with 100% accuracy. It's not that I'm just "that good" either, the show was just by the book. That's not always a bad thing but a show with a bad card that desperately needed a spark didn't get it.

Will the Champion vs. Champion TLC match at the pay-per-view be a unification match?

WWE has stated the winner of WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. World Heavyweight Champion John Cena in the Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match at the pay-per-view will win both titles. While unification was not only implied but suggested, it wasn't announced. We all know my thoughts on unification so it's not worth repeating but you can comb through dot com's preview for more clues at this link.

Can you explain to me why it seems so many superstars have failed recently? It didn’t seem like this many has failed in years past. I understand it’s extremely difficult to be in the main event, but Curtis Axel has failed. Ryback has failed. Tensai has failed.

Everything must align for a main event push to be successful and every situation is different. WWE truly doesn't know what will happen until the worker is placed into the situation. Sometimes they thrive, sometimes they fail. This is why I urge patience with Roman Reigns (and others like him) because it's imperative not to expect too much too soon and end up killing a career in the process. Curtis Axel's mic work wasn't strong enough to sustain his push. Even with Paul Heyman as a mouthpiece, the audience just didn't buy it. Ryback battled (and is still battling) horrendous booking and hasn't proved he has the skill level or maturity to sustain a main event push. Tensai had a big opportunity but the audience couldn't go over his past as Albert. This is nothing new in terms of the business today compared to years past. It's always been like this and the list of those that have failed is much longer than the list of those that have succeeded.

From the Ask WNW vault…

April 2012: I had heard that Albert’s in-ring work had improved dramatically, but from what I’ve seen it still looks incredibly sloppy. Paired with his less than desirable ring-look, how long do you think he’s going to be kept around? It was a good try to put him in the main event of Raw, but I was really just disappointed by his performance. - WWE seems determined to try and get the Lord Tensai gimmick over, especially after having him pin John Cena on last night’s Raw Supershow (albeit with a dirty finish). I agree that Tensai looked sloppy last night but I have no idea if the company plans on pulling the plug on the gimmick. It’s important not to judge a gimmick too quickly but I share your sentiment that Tensai has been disappointing early.

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