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WWE Studios Looking To Invest In Major Hollywood Wrestling Film, Sheamus Wants Undertaker At Wrestlemania, TNA Star Threatens The Miz, More Hogan Sex Tapes Exist, Why TNA Is Worried About Scott Steiner's Lawsuit, TNA Writer Looking To Jump Ship To WWE, Ho

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Welcome to the Premium Newsletter. This is where you will find all of the big news and Ask WNW segments from the week neatly archived for your viewing pleasure.

This week's edition covers news from Saturday, October 13, 2012 to Friday, October 19, 2012 as well as all five Ask WNW segments from the week. Use this newsletter as your own personal tool to catch up on any of the news that you may have missed during the week. Below is a table of contents:

Note From Richard: For those that have asked, the Newsletter is organized with the news posted on Saturday at the top with the most recent stories at the bottom. We have it organized this way so you can read the news in the order in which it happened. Thanks for your support!

Table Of Contents
WWE News
TNA News

WWE News

- If you had any doubt WWE was not going to go with The Rock vs. CM Punk for the WWE Championship at Royal Rumble, you can all but put them away. Rock posted the following on Twitter:

- WWE has signed Renee Paquette from "Aftermath" on The Score in Canada. - Evan Bourne has been out of action for quite sometime from his 60 day wellness violation to his career-threatening foot injury that occurred in March of this year. Evan has been doing physical therapy for 5 days this week, as he wrote on his official Twitter page. He also included a picture of his foot as it continues to heal. The tweet is embedded below:

To find out the latest plans for Evan Bourne when he returns to WWE, click here.

- The Knoxville News Sentinel has a new Q&A online with Kane. Below is an excerpt:

How long he plans on wrestling:

"I have a few more years to go," Jacobs, better know to fans as the monstrous Kane, said during a recent phone interview in which his cell phone reception was crackling.

"I really don't have a specific game plan in mind. I'm still having fun. I'm still having a good time."

Team Hell No:

"We're a tag team that really doesn't work that well together," Jacobs said.

"The (verbal jabs) in between us are quite entertaining. It's a bit more lighthearted than I usually have (in a storyline). It's fun to do and different than what I have done in the past."

Click here to read the Q&A in its entirety.

- John Cena wrote the following on Twitter:

- Chavo Guerrero wrote the following on Twitter:

- Velvet Sky is believed to be close to a new contract with TNA Wrestling. As we reported last summer, TNA was "desperately" trying to re-sign her in fear she could eventually end up in WWE. - - Zack Ryder wrote the following on Twitter:

Ryder first said the episode was going to "suck" then announced there would be no new episode for the week. - I'm told WWE Studios has had preliminary discussions with the people behind the Bruno Sammartino film about possibly investing in it and releasing it under their banner. As previously noted, WWE has already met with Sammartino about doing the Hall of Fame and this would be in addition to that. As much as Bruno doesn't like WWE because of his relationship with Vince McMahon, the film about his life is very important to him and he realizes that WWE funding and promoting it would definitely help it reach a wider audience. Those that have read the script say it could be a really good film and WWE Studios is "definitely" interested. Triple H has been very hands on with trying to get Bruno to do the Hall of Fame and is in favor of WWE getting involved with the film as well. - Variety is reporting that WWE will produce and distribute the live pay-per-view show "One More Shot" by The Rolling Stone on December 16th.

"WWE is ecstatic to bring The Rolling Stones into your living room," Vince McMahon told Variety.

Click here for more. - The WWE Championship match for Hell in a Cell will be officially announced on this week's WWE Raw. As the storyline goes, CM Punk will "choose" between John Cena and Ryback. Ryback was actually inserted as a backup plan in case Cena is unable to go. Cena noted on Twitter over the weekend he would be ready if "chosen." - John "Bradshaw" Layfield won't be working this week's Raw. I'm under the impression that commentary will be handled by Michael Cole and Jim Ross. - According to a study by Enigma Research Corporation, Wrestlemania XXVIII generated $102.7 million in “direct, indirect and induced impact derived from spending by non-locals visiting" specifically for the show this year in Miami. You can read more by the New York Post at this link. - Last week's Smackdown did a 1.88 cable rating with an average viewing audience of 2,570,000 viewers on SyFy. - John Layfield will work this week's Smackdown in Memphis, Tennessee as a color commentator. As previously noted, he's not at this week's WWE Raw. - WWE Raw will return to Nashville on Monday, February 11th from the Bridgestone Arena. This will be the go-home episode of Raw to WWE Elimination Chamber. - WWE will report their third quarter earnings on Thursday, November 1, 2012. We'll have full coverage here at - The Daily has a new Q&A online with Mick Foley at this link. - Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio was officially added to the WWE Hell in a Cell card on this week's Raw. - The Miz was shaken up during his match with Kofi Kingston on this week's WWE Raw after taking Trouble in Paradise. He was treated for a cut above his eye and the referee threw up the X signal. Based on the fact the camera zoomed in on Miz and they played the injury up on commentary it didn't appear serious. - CM Punk will defend the WWE Championship against Ryback in a Hell in a Cell match at the pay-per-view in two weeks. Ryback was added to the feud as a contingency plan in case John Cena wouldn't be able to go due to his surgically-repaired elbow. The company literally used Cena to get Ryback over and it certainly appears they had to go with "plan B." - The Miz underwent Impact Testing backstage at this week's WWE Raw after getting busted open hardway from Kofi Kingston's Trouble in Paradise. He's scheduled to undergo further evaluation on Tuesday after being knocked loopy in the match. - Rey Mysterio was replaced by Brodus Clay(as a team with Sin Cara) on last weekend's live events. Rey has been battling the flu over the past couple of weeks and requested the time off to get better. Mysterio & Cara will face Team Rhodes Scholars on next week's Raw in the finals of the number one contender tag team tournament to determine the team that will face Team Hell No for the WWE Tag Team Championship at Hell in a Cell. - After this week's WWE Raw went off the air World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus came out for a dark match main event against WWE Champion CM Punk. He tried to get Punk to wake up by pouring water on him. Big Show made the save and started to brawl with Sheamus. Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow, Antonio Cesaro and Dolph Ziggler came out and chased off Punk. Ryback came out to help Sheamus clean house and end the taping. - While at WWE Raw last weekend in Sacramento, California, a camera crew for Larry King's new series "Larry King Now" on Hulu taped footage with John Cena, CM Punk, Big Show, The Miz and Zack Ryder. - iN DEMAND'sofficial listing for Survivor Series promotes a "classic five-on-five match" for the pay-per-view. You can view the promotional information below:

This year, the act of survival turns into an all-out quest for total domination...and respect! Don’t miss an incredible event featuring your favorite WWE Superstars competing in a classic five-on-five match. Only at WWE Survivor Series, Sunday, November 18 at 8PM ET/5PM PT, live on pay-per-view.

We'll have exclusive live play-by-play coverage here at - WWE Champion CM Punk is writing the intro for Marvel Comics' "Avengers vs. X-Men" hardcover collection arriving November 7th.

"I worked really hard to get to where I'm at and it's cool to be afforded opportunities like this. To me, it's hard work paying off and I'm having a lot of fun right now," Punk told USA Today. "There's good and there's bad, but if you don't stop to smell the roses, so to speak, it's all for naught."

Click here for coverage by - WWE will hold a Super Smackdown special on Election Day in the United States on Tuesday, November 6, 2012 on SyFy. The show won't actually air live as WWE will be in England, so the show will be taped that afternoon. There is also a Raw live event scheduled for that day so it won't feature the entire roster. Like other Super Smackdown specials, the broadcast will repeat in Smackdown's normal timeslot that Friday, November 9th on SyFy. - Tammy "Sunny" Sytch is headed back to rehab following a Tuesday morning court appearance. Sytch, appearing in New Haven Superior Court with her new attorney, requested she be sent to a treatment center in Pennsylvania. WWE, Sytch's former employer that inducted her into their Hall of Fame in 2011, will transport her to the facility and pay for the treatment. You can read more at this link. - This week's WWE Raw rating is in and WWE may not be too happy with it. The show got a 2.7 cable rating with an average audience of 3,989,000. The first hour got over 4 million with 4,067,000 while the second hour dropped slightly to 4,013,000. The third hour took a nose dive as it went below 4 million viewers. The third hour got 3,886,000 viewers. The third hour was built around Vince McMahon's decision on who would face CM Punk for the WWE Title at Hell in a Cell. - WWE uploaded a video here on dot com with Dr. Michael Sampson updating the condition of The Miz. Sampson confirmed what we reported earlier in that Miz underwent evaluation backstage at Raw. He also required sutures to close a laceration to his head. On Tuesday, he was reevaluated and found to be neurologically in tact and was "totally cleared" to compete. As Alex noted, he did not suffer a concussion. - ESPN has a new Q&A online with Mick Foley. Below is an excerpt:

Who would’ve thought Kane and Daniel Bryan would be the most entertaining part of every show? Man, I know, and I’m so happy for them. Kane had been talking to me about how he’s been there since 1996 and he’s had a 16-year run and how he’s a bit banged up from years of his big, physical style. He told me that he needed to find a way to tweak the character a little bit, and when I saw him a few weeks ago I told him, “You are my hero.” He laughed and said, “No, I’ve become you!” Here’s a guy who realized he could no longer do the stuff he was known for back in the Attitude Era, so he brought some levity and laughs to the character. The anger management skit where he broke down his entire career was brilliant. I sent out a tweet right after I saw it saying, “This is why I love this stuff.” It brought me right back to some of the humor we loved to do back in the Attitude Era. Now you’re back on TV and you gave an awesome promo against CM Punk. What was it like being in the ring with Punk? Man, I’ll tell you what. Punk is as good, both verbally and physically, as anyone who I’ve ever been in the ring with. I had the pleasure of being in there, but I have to tell you something, I was a little nervous. I didn’t know if I could still cut promos on that level, but when you’re dealing with a guy like Punk who is so intense, you realize that you either swim or your sink, and I was doing my best to stay afloat. I didn’t realize people were going to react so overwhelmingly, because when I was done, I was just like, “Thank goodness that didn’t go badly.” But when I go to the back, I got a standing ovation, and everywhere I went, people were complimenting me on that promo. It was great. I loved it. Do you see the promo leading to a match, or are your wrestling days over? I think my match days are over, but hopefully it will lead to something else. I think it’s always great to have the guys from different eras in there together. It works great for everybody.

Click here to read the interview in its entirety. - Kofi Kingston defeated The Miz during this week's WWE Main Event taping to win the Intercontinental Championship. This marks Kingston's fourth Intercontinental title reign. The official WWE website has an announcement on the win here. Click here to view the spoilers for this week's WWE Main Event. We broke the news of the title change on Friday here on Richard's Backstage Blog. - As noted earlier, Kofi Kingston beat The Miz to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship in a match taped Tuesday night from this week's WWE Main Event. WWE is currently running the title change on dot com as their top story despite the match not yet airing. This is no accident as WWE wanted to get word of the title change out to show the importance of WWE Main Event in hopes more people will tune into the new series on ION Television. WWE did a similar title change with the United States Championship on the SummerSlam Pre-Show by having Antonio Cesaro go over Santino Marella. The thinking was this would show the importance to not miss the pre-show and "anything can happen." We broke the news of the both title changes before they happened on Richard's Backstage Blog. - The Great Khali returned to WWE at Tuesday night's Saturday Morning Slam taping. Khali is back after having surgery to remove a tumor from his pituitary gland back in July. For those that missed it you can catch up at this link. - Jerry Lawler appeared at Tuesday night's taping in Memphis, Tennessee. He cut a non-televised promo, promising he would be back soon. It remains to be seen whether or not WWE will air footage of Lawler's promo. - Mick Foley filmed an appearance this week for "Celebrity Apprentice." - Leon "Vader" White was at WWE headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut earlier this week taping footage. - Johnny Curtis went over Drew Haskins in a dark match at this week's Smackdown taping. Haskins is a local Tennessean indy worker that was called in so WWE producers could evaluate. - THQhas released the overall attribute scores for every WWE '13 Superstar and Legend. They are as follows:

  • AJ Lee - 77
  • Alberto Del Rio - 89
  • Alicia Fox - 76
  • Animal - 87
  • Antonio Cesaro - 84
  • Big Boss Man - 86
  • Big Show - 92
  • Beth Phoenix - 78
  • Billy Gunn - 87
  • Booker T - 88
  • Bradshaw - 87
  • Bret "The Hit Man" Hart - 94
  • Brian Pillman - 87
  • Brie Bella - 76
  • British Bulldog - 88
  • Brock Lesnar - 92
  • Brodus Clay - 87
  • Cactus Jack - 90
  • Chainsaw Charlie - 86
  • Chris Jericho - 90
  • "Attitude Era" Chris Jericho - 89
  • Christian - 88
  • "Attitude Era" Christian - 87
  • CM Punk - 95
  • Cody Rhodes - 88
  • Damien Sandow - 84
  • Daniel Bryan - 91
  • David Otunga - 84
  • DDP - 89
  • Dolph Ziggler - 89
  • Drew McIntyre - 84
  • Dude Love - 90
  • Eddie Guerrero - 92
  • "Attitude Era" Edge - 88
  • Edge - 91
  • Epico - 81
  • Eve - 77
  • Faarooq - 87
  • Gangrel - 85
  • Godfather - 86
  • Goldust - 85
  • Grand Master Sexay - 84
  • The Great Khali - 84
  • Hawk - 87
  • Heath Slater - 82
  • Hunico - 81
  • Hunter Hearst Helmsley - 88
  • Jack Swagger - 87
  • JBL - 89
  • Jey Uso - 81
  • Jimmy Uso - 81
  • Jinder Mahal - 83
  • John Cena - 96
  • John Cena '04 - 91
  • John Laurinaitis - 75
  • Justin Gabriel - 83
  • Kane - 89
  • "Attitude Era" Kane - 91
  • Kelly Kelly - 77
  • Ken Shamrock - 88
  • Kevin Nash - 89
  • Kharma - 79
  • Kofi Kingston - 87
  • Layla - 78
  • Lita - 78
  • "Attitude Era" Lita - 79
  • Mankind - 91
  • Mark Henry - 89
  • "Attitude Era" Mark Henry - 87
  • Mike Tyson - 89
  • The Miz - 88
  • Mr. McMahon - 81
  • Natalya - 77
  • Nikki Bella - 76
  • Paul Wight - 92
  • Primo - 81
  • Randy Orton - 92
  • Rey Mysterio - 90
  • Rikishi - 87
  • Road Dogg - 87
  • The Rock - 93
  • "Attitude Era" The Rock - 94
  • R-Truth - 87
  • Ryback - 87
  • Santino Marella - 86
  • Scotty Too Hotty - 83
  • Shane McMahon - 82
  • Shawn Michaels - 95
  • Sheamus - 90
  • Sin Cara - 87
  • Stephanie McMahon - 74
  • Stone Cold Steve Austin - 95
  • Ted DiBiase - 82
  • Tensai - 87
  • Triple H - 93
  • "Attitude Era" Triple H - 92
  • Trish Stratus - 80
  • Undertaker - 93
  • "Attitude Era" Undertaker - 95
  • Vader - 87
  • Val Venis - 85
  • Wade Barrett - 87
  • X-Pac - 87
  • Yoshi Tatsu - 81
  • Zack Ryder - 85

- WWE has announced that Rey Mysterio has been taken off the card for WWE's 3-show tour of Cairo, Egypt from October 18 to October 20. Mysterio, who cannot is unable to compete due to the flu, will be replaced by Ted DiBiase. Click here for more information on the tour. - has a new Q&A online with WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres. Below is an excerpt:

With Leather: Why did the WWE discontinue the Diva Search after you won? Was it because they knew they struck gold with you? Eve Torres: Actually, there are a lot of rumors that they’re going to do another Diva Search, and I’m hoping that there is one. The WWE has found incredible female talent through the Diva Search, even it’s the women who are kind of casual fans and just aren’t sure if they can commit all the way or the women who are intimidated about the approach and the FCW. Hopefully we do another one because it would be great to see more women coming into the division. With Leather: With Kelly Kelly gone and Beth Phoenix soon departing the WWE, how do you see the landscape of the Divas changing? Can we expect to see more of the remaining Divas or is there some young talent that will be coming in? Eve Torres: It’s hard to say, because we never really know what they’re thinking. As much as people think we really know what’s going on, we really don’t. On Mondays at 4 PM, half the time I have no idea what’s going on. Right now, we have a great group of girls – hungry girls – who all want to contribute to the Diva division. That’s what I really care about. Obviously, I’m delighted that I’m part of an interesting storyline, but whatever I can do to help this division and get it back on top is just something that I – and all of the other girls – am willing to do, whether that means helping new talent that comes up or re-polishing the talent that already exists on the roster.

Click here to read the Q&A in its entirety. - ESPN has a new article online featuring quotes from AJ Lee, discussing her inclusion in WWE '13. Below is an excerpt:

“Oh my gosh, it’s so surreal, I can’t even wrap my brain around this,” she said minutes after playing as herself for the first time. “This is over 10 years in the making for me and just a dream come true. I’m the luckiest person in the world.”

Click here to read the article in its entirety. - has a new Q&A online with Brodus Clay below is an excerpt:

Q: There was a period in late 2011 where they frequently referenced your impending arrival, but it kept getting delayed. Was it a situation where the delay was planned or your future was in possible jeopardy?A: My future? No, I don't think so. [Chris] Jericho's imminent return was coming, Kane's return was coming, The Rock was coming. There were so many other things going on. In the meantime, there were these two personas that I have that are very much who I am. I'm literally split down the middle. I can either be the funniest guy in the room and life of the party, but I also can be the most uncomfortable-looking dude in the room at the same time. [With] the two personas I have, [the creative team] were really just trying to figure out, 'Which one should he show the world?' I'm glad [for] the wisdom that I didn't necessarily understand at the time. Looking back, it was the right decision. Q: Did you come up with the Funkasaurus idea or did somebody else pitch it to you?A: Actually, the original nickname that I was told — it scared me to death — was Heavy G. I think the last thing you want to be known as is Heavy anything. No offense to Heavy D — rest his soul. Worked for him, wasn't really my bag. Rob MacIntyre, who I trained with, was a big reason behind me dropping me a hundred and 50 pounds. Him and I were lifting weights and making jokes, trying to figure out better names. First it was the Funk Monster and then Funk Nasty. Then, he looked at me and [said], 'Funkasaurus' and started laughing, and he pitched it. The writer was like, 'I'll get ready [your] debut. What are we going to call you?' I was like, 'I don't want to be Heavy G.' He was like, 'Look, man, I've got like 12 other things to do. Just call yourself whatever you want to call yourself' so I told the announcer to call me the Funkasaurus. He looked at me like I was crazy. I'm like, 'I don't know why I want to be the Funkasaurus.' So I got lucky that the swamped writer had other things going on. Luckily, it stuck. Q: Take me back to the night that you debuted the Funkasaurus in January. What was your mindset like? How much of it was laid out?A: The week before I was gonna debut, Road Dogg, who has been a huge help and influence, said to me 'cause we were in Memphis, 'We've got to debut tonight. It's gotta be tonight. We can't do this in Corpus Christi. They're gonna boo you out of the building. They're gonna hate it.' Time constraints, whatever [happened so] it got cut. [Later,] he comes up to me and he's like, 'Corpus Christi is exactly where this needs to happen.' I had that going in my mindset and started thinking, 'Nah, it's not going to happen again.' Then, I saw a vignette with my name with a disco ball on the door, and my brother texted me and said, 'Why is there a disco ball with your name on it?' I didn't return his text 'til afterwards. I was in Gorilla [position by the entrance ramp] and I was like, 'Finally, finally' since I was chomping at the bit. Got a chance to go out there and could have dropped a pin. Fans were kind of shocked. There was one fan in particular who was dressed up like evil Brodus Clay, and he yelled at me, 'You suck, Brodus Clay' [with] a really sad face. I yelled back at him, 'My bad.' It wasn't for him, I wouldn't have gotten 'My bad.' Everybody laughed and killed the tension, so it was cool.

Click here to read the Q&A in its entirety. - Bill Goldberg was on "4th & Pain" with Adam Carriker and Chuck Carroll on Thursday and discussed recent comparisons of him to Ryback. Below is a paraphrased excerpt of what he said:

I am very flattered throughout his [Ryback's] rise that people have been chanting my name. I don't think it's a knock on him whatsoever… I take no offense to be compared to a guy who is going up against for the US title or whatever it is. He's going to hopefully be a major superstar for these guys [WWE] and it's kind of flattering. I didn't make it that long in the NFL but I made it there… At the end of the day for people to still be chanting my name, six years, seven years, eight years removed from the business - that's a huge honor. Any comparison on a positive note is a huge honor for me.

Click here to listen to the show in its entirety. - Rey Mysterio noted on Twitter he is battling a "serious illness." Below are his Tweets:

- Jim Ross has a new blog entry available on his official website. Below are some highlights:

-Still enjoying the opportunity to sit in for the King on Monday Night Raw with @MichaelCole. The three hour dynamic of doing live TV is daunting and unlike a PPV which has no official, commercial breaks. The amount of info that we are responsible to provide within the body of the show is extensive and requires ample preparation. -This I do know: one has to limit one's liquid intake early in the day to sit at ringside for over three hours as Mother Nature can be a cruel lady at times. -The Nashville Raw ran smoothly for Cole and me at the announce table. Our two man chemistry is evolving nicely as I keep @Jerry Lawler's seat warm for his return which I assume will likely be sometime before the end of the year. I haven't heard an exact date as that decision will be left up completely to the medical people. I'm assuming that King will return and take his seat next to Cole and that JBL (@JCLayfield) will continue to work with Josh Mathews on Friday Night Smackdown but that's simply one man's observation. -Until then, I'm going to enjoy every week that I get the opportunity to broadcast and to maximize my minutes on WWE TV including this Monday in New Jersey which is always a hot, loyal, WWE crowd. -I'm planning on traveling to Atlanta for the Hell in a Cell pay per view before heading to Charlotte for RAW as both cities have played a big part in my career beginning with the Jim Crockett promotions days. -Plans are also being made for me to travel to England to likely work the Birmingham RAW TV broadcast and then participate in a WWE try out camp that begins the Wednesday after the two days of Birmingham television.

Click here to read JR's latest in its entirety. - The Fayetteville Observer has a new Q&A online with World Heavyweight Champion to promote the Smackdown taping in the city later this month. Below is an excerpt:

Weekender: If you could face anyone right now in a world title match, other than Big Show, who would it be? Sheamus: The Undertaker. I'd like to try and defeat him in a Wrestlemania event. That would be record-breaking for me. Weekender: It's said that toy manufacturer Mattel took longer to make your action figure because they had to make a special shade of white to authentically represent you. What's up with that? Sheamus: Yeah, that was funny. I was waiting the longest time to get my action figure - I used to love those when I was growing. The color they had to come up with is called "Sheamus White." It's a bit weird and surreal to see yourself as an action figure.

Click here to read the Q&A in its entirety. - The Daily Star out of the United Kingdom has a new article online featuring quotes from Chris Jericho. In it, he discusses the mentality in WWE and hopes to work with them again in the future. Below is an excerpt:

“I don’t know if it’s bullsh*t but there is very much that attitude in WWE – sometimes ‘if you’re not with us you’re against us’. It’s been there so long I find it kinda weird. “As you and I know, WWE lives in its own world and you can see that for any outside ventures that they do. “I’m always cool with them and always open to going back, but it’s difficult – I would have liked to have done more, maybe, but they want your time exclusively and the longer I’ve been there, the less time I have. Hopefully we’ll work together in the future. “If we don’t, well, I can walk away knowing I had an amazing run and achieved everything I wanted to achieve in wrestling.”

Click here to read the article in its entirety. - John Cena confirmed on Twitter that he will be on WWE's overseas that begins on Wednesday, October 31, 2012 in Strasbourg, France. Cena wrote the following on Twitter:

TNA News

- A court date has been scheduled for October 26, 2012 in Nashville, TN in regards to Scott Steiner filing a count-suit against TNA Wrestling in September. TNA initially filed the suit against Steiner for disparaging remarks against Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff and the company that Steiner made on Twitter. On October 9, TNA filed a motion to dismiss the count-suit. The hearing scheduled for the 26th will be TNA's opportunity to explain why they feel the count-suit should be dismissed. - In the week leading up to TNA Bound for Glory, Hulk Hogan's media tour turned into a stage where more time was spent addressing a sex tape that leaked out rather than promoting the pay-per-view. We've been gathering information along the way and here's what we've been able to find out:

  • Hogan did not know he was being taped at the time but had known for awhile the tape existed.
  • We're told this is not the only time Hogan had sex with Bubba the Love Sponge's wife and it's not the only time Bubba and Heather (his wife) had secretly taped Hogan having sex with her.
  • Hogan knew Bubba and Heather were swingers but didn't know Bubba liked to watch videos of other men having sex with his wife.

While most people would expect Hogan to be "at odds" with Bubba over the ordeal, we're told he has to "tread carefully" because Bubba has several other tapes of Hogan having sex with Heather. Not only does Hogan not want them to leak, he doesn't want anyone to know they exist as he's trying to portray his relationship with Heather as a one time thing. Further, Hogan is painting it as something that happened a long time ago and was a "one time thing" when the truth is it was an ongoing intimate relationship and Bubba was OK with it because, unbeknownst to Hogan, he and Heather were watching the tapes after they were filmed. - The following title changes took place at TNA Bound for Glory:

  • Rob Van Dam beat Zema Ion to win the TNA X Division Championship.
  • Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez won the TNA Tag Team Championship in a match that involved Christopher Daniels & Kazarian and Kurt Angle & AJ Styles.

- Tara beat Brooke Tessmacher to win the TNA Knockout Women's Championship at TNA Bound for Glory. She then revealed her Hollywood "boyfriend" as Big Brother's Jessie Godderz. - Devon is back in TNA Wrestling as he was revealed as a member of the Aces & 8s faction at Bound for Glory. As the stipulation goes, the Aces & 8s have access to the Impact Zone after winning at the pay-per-view. - Devon is not the leader of the Aces & 8s faction despite what many may believe following TNA Bound for Glory. The original plan was for Bully Ray to turn on Sting and be revealed the leader, only to setup a title feud against Jeff Hardy. I haven't heard if TNA still plans turning Bully Ray as the leader but can confirm the faction is not being headed up by Devon. - TMZ is reporting that Hulk Hogan plans to sue Bubba the Love Sponge over releasing the tape of Hogan having sex with Bubba's wife. We reported more ugly details over the weekend at this link. - Hulk Hogan is seeking $100 million in damages from for leaking footage of a tape that shows him having sexual intercourse with Bubba the Love Sponge's ex-wife Heather Clem. At a press conference held Monday in Florida, Hogan and his legal counsel, announced two separate lawsuits. One, seeking $100 million against Gawker and another against Bubba and Clem. In addition to seeking damages, Hogan wants all of the sex footage so he can destroy it. His legal team cautioned they will pursue any outlet that airs the footage. TMZ has more at this link. - Luke Gallows & Mike Knox were the Aces & 8s members that worked against Sting & Bully Ray at TNA Bound for Glory. Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco joined Devon as members at ringside. - Bubba the Love Sponge buried Hulk Hogan on his radio show on Tuesday. He called Hogan a "hypocritical fraud" and said his ex-wife Heather Clem was a victim. He alleged that all three knew what was going on and Hogan painting himself as a victim is an attempt to save his public image. Due to a clause in his divorce, he was not allowed to discuss the tape and impending lawsuit but focused on Hogan portraying himself as an innocent victim. Bubba also accused Hogan of leaking the tape himself and defended Hogan's ex-wife Linda. TMZ has more at this link. - Mickie James indicated here on Twitter she recently underwent surgery. She did not elaborate what type of surgery she had but said, "I'm getting better everyday." You can view the Tweet embedded below:

- Hulk Hogan buried Bubba the Love Sponge on Twitter. Below are the Tweets:

- I'm told there is a certain level of "nervousness" surrounding Scott Steiner'slawsuit against TNA Wrestling. One observer says TNA has never been very organized with their accounting and would have a hard time producing detailed information. Unlike WWE, which is a publicly traded company, the way TNA is structured is believed to benefit its parent company, Panda Energy, in regards to how it is taxed. The point is if a former worker requested a full accounting of their royalties, TNA would have a hard time producing this information. This is why Steiner is focusing specifically on royalties in his countersuit because he knows it would be very damning for the company's accounting practices to be brought to the forefront, especially in court. I'm told some of the smarter workers that have worked in TNA in the past have noticed discrepancies in their royalty statements, so word begin to get around over the last couple years that this would be a way to nail TNA if there was ever a contract dispute that got litigious.

- For those that missed this week's Impact Wrestling, Jeff Hardy dawned a new TNA Championship title belt.

- Speaking of Hardy, he'll defend the title against either Kurt Angle, Bully Ray, Ken Anderson or James Storm on next week's show. As the storyline goes, Hulk Hogan will "choose" Hardy's opponent.

- TNA Knockout Women's Champion Tara is getting back in the pizza business as she plans to open a new restaurant in Chicago in January or February 2013.

“We're sticking with what we know, with where we've previously had success,” Tara told the Chicago Tribune. “We're focusing on artisanal brick oven pizza. Everything (will be) made on premise: the dough, a fifth generation sauce, fresh local ingredients. And then house blend burgers: hormone and antibiotic free beef, ground in house.”

Tara, who previously had a restaurant in Kentucky she sold, isn't taking this on as a novelty project.

“This is not a pet project for me,” Tara said. “This is my job. I will continue to travel a couple days a week for wrestling, but I will be in the restaurant several days a week.”

Click here to read coverage by the Chicago Tribune.

- Mr. Anderson vs. Robbie E was taped for TNA Xplosion at this week's Impact taping.

- While I haven't heard the official number, word going around is that less than 3,000 fans attended TNA Bound for Glory from the Grand Canyon University Arena in Phoenix last weekend.

- Tara is scheduled to defend the TNA Knockout Women's Championship against Brooke Tessmacher on next week's "Championship Thursday" episode of Impact Wrestling.

- Believe it or not, I'm told Dave Lagana has been trying to get re-hired by WWE in the last two weeks. While he has a relatively safe spot on the creative team in TNA right now, the former WWE writer has been "calling nonstop" about a return to his former employer. One source told us he isn't even trying to be sly about it. This source also has a hunch that Lagana isn't working in TNA under a contract. The irony in it all is WWE isn't touching any TNA wrestlers due to ongoing litigation so it's unknown why Lagana believes they would sign a current TNA creative writer.

- Hulk Hogan agreed with a Twitter follower on Thursday night that the Impact Zone was "killing the product." His response to the follower was to "tell Dixie." You can view the Tweet below:

- Doug Williams suffered a right arm injury at the October 10th Ohio Valley Wrestling tapings. While the severity of the injury isn't completely known, Williams feared at the time he could have partially torn his bicep. Williams noted on Monday he is able to lock his arm out if he "does it slowly."

- This week's Impact Wrestling, which was the Impact following the biggest pay-per-view of the year for TNA Wrestling, Bound for Glory, scored a 0.99 cable rating with an average audience of 1,250,000. The show rebounded from last week's year low. On an interesting note, last year's post Bound for Glory show scored a 1.4 cable rating with over 2,000,000 viewers. The 2010 post show got a 1.4 cable rating with an average of 1,900,000 viewers.


Is there any specific route to take if I want to apply to WWE as a creative writer?

I actually cannot remember a time where WWE was not looking to hire a new Creative Writer. The job listing is posted at this link. The following requirements are expected to get hired:

  • BA/BS in Film, TV, Drama, Media Studies, Communications or equivalent
  • Minimum of three to five years writing and production experience in network television
  • Professional TV staff experience in drama and comedy a plus
  • Writing and directing reality television a plus
  • Experience in all aspects of live TV production a plus
  • Highly creative (a prolific idea generator)
  • Plugged into pop culture and trends
  • Able to work closely and effectively with talent, writers, and producers throughout the creative process
  • Strong understanding of WWE's audience (demographic and psychographic) a plus
  • Must live in New York City/Stamford, CT area or be willing to relocate there
  • Knowledge of WWE shows, talent, and storylines
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to work in a team environment
  • Flexible travel schedule (extensive travel required)

Rey Mysterio's character is completely stale even for a babyface. I would love to see Mysterio turn heel. What are your thoughts?

Rey Mysterio's character has almost been as untouchable as that of John Cena because the fact he is a character that can be marketed towards children. Mysterio masks sell very well to the company's younger audience and that is one of the reasons for teaming him with Sin Cara. The team of Mysterio and Cara gives them two kid-friendly masked characters to market towards children.

Can you give any reason for Mark Henry being absent this long. I know he suffered an injury a while back, but hasn't he recuperated fully by now? Also, do you know of any plans they might have for him upon his return? (heel or face)

Mark Henry underwent shoulder surgery last summer and has been recuperating from it. I don't know the specifics but Henry has said he is the healthiest he has been in years yet has cautioned in his recovery he wasn't "out of the woods yet." Mark has done WWE promotional work during his time off and even spent time in London at the Olympics. Recently, Henry was in the news for serving as a pallbearer at the funeral of Michael Clarke Duncan. I haven't heard new plans for his return, however, his contract is coming up and WWE was looking to re-sign him. So far, the two sides haven't reached a new agreement. We have more on Henry's contract negotiations at this link.

With Sting's latest comments about wanting "one cool thing" with The Undertaker, what will it take for Vince McMahon to realize that this match could possibly be the BIGGEST draw in company history until that point and get a possible small contract done? I personally think Sting could possible draw more in a 6-month span than Lesnar will do for the 1-year span and they gave Lesnar a huge payday!

This isn't on WWE or Vince McMahon, they've tried to sign Sting, including getting very close a couple years ago for Wrestlemania XXVII, however, it was Sting that chose to remain loyal to TNA and Dixie Carter. Given the success of Wrestlemania XXVIII with The Rock and SummerSlam with Brock Lesnar, Vince is very high up on part-time talent but the window is closing on a WWE dream match for Sting. With that being said, Sting is under TNA contract and even if he chose to explore his options, there is currently a hiring freeze of TNA talent to WWE because of ongoing litigation.

Why did Christian not make a second appearance for TNA at Bound for Glory weekend? Wasn't this the reason WWE was holding him off television?

We reported here on last Monday that Christian's scheduled appearance at the inaugural TNA Hall of Fame Ceremony was "in doubt." He ended up not appearing and while we haven't heard the reason why, it would be naive to assume it didn't have to do with TNA's ongoing litigation against WWE. Vince McMahon had issued a directive that Christian was not to be featured prominently on WWE programming until after he appeared with TNA. After we ran the report, word got out that Christian had shoulder surgery. We believe this was done to show WWE wasn't acting in bad faith and it was actually an injury that had sidelined Christian. The procedure was outpatient and generally seen as a scapegoat.

It's set. CM Punk vs. Ryback for the WWE Championship at Hell in a Cell. What are your thoughts?

This match is impossible to book. If CM Punk goes over, the entire "feed me more" gimmick is dead on arrival. If Ryback goes over, CM Punk is no longer a viable opponent for The Rock [at Royal Rumble] and Ryback is unproven as a main eventer, much less the WWE Champion. I heard there was talk of utilizing Brock Lesnar to program against Ryback if they went with this match but this would create a similar problem, as Lesnar vs. Ryback would be impossible to book. Just as Ryback has begun to turn the corner, WWE has backed into one that is going to be hard to get out of.

With WWE Saturday Morning Slam being marketed towards a younger audience, and many kid-friendly fast-paced superstars, do you think WWE could bring back the cruiserweight title, restricting it only to the show?

As we reported here on, there was actually a plan pitched to revamp WWE Saturday Morning Slam into the "cruiserweight show" originally tapped for the WWE Network. The show would be built around Sin Cara as the top name and feature the return of the Cruiserweight Championship. Whether or not it happens depends on the program's success and the ability to expand to a full hour on the CW Network.

How is Sin Cara seen backstage now? Obviously, he has had his fair share of botches, but he is one of the guys that really draws me to the show. Is he still considered a pet project to Triple H? Surely the projected match between him and Rey Mysterio at Wrestlemania must signify some sort of confidence in him?

Despite all of the Sin Cara detractors, he has a spot in the company because of his marketability towards WWE's younger audience. Read the question above and you can all but see Vince McMahon considers masked workers as a marketing paradise on a show geared towards children. So while there is and has been considerable heat on Cara, the PG initiative has clearly benefitted him.

Since The Great Khali worked this week's Saturday Morning Slam tapings, does that mean he is fully recovered and ready to return on the ring full time?

Yes, The Great Khali is medically-cleared to return to the ring after having surgery to remove a tumor from his pituitary gland. Any time someone has surgery it is serious but brain surgery is especially serious and Khali did return ahead of schedule. There is no way WWE would allow him to work without complete assurance from his physician he was healthy. Khali had the surgery performed by Dr. Joseph Maroon, who also serves as WWE's Medical Director, so the company has overseen the entire process.

Why would WWE book Ryback vs. CM Punk instead of John Cena? Isn't this lose-lose?

I don't have 100% confirmation but it would appear that John Cena is not ready to return following his elbow surgery. I gave my reasons here in Ask WNW why I felt Ryback vs. Punk is impossible to book and talked even more about it here in the Premium Mailbag. Booking Ryback period is going to be difficult, which is one reason I don't like "undefeated streaks," but it's especially hard with him being unproven as a main event talent.

It seems that WWE is always looking for new stars to build up. Every now and then, the creative team comes up with good gimmicks such as Ted DiBiase Jr.'s trust fund gimmick or even Kaval debuting as The One World Warrior, an old nemesis of Rey Mysterio. However, the creative team seems to drop the ball before the gimmick scratches its potential. What are your thoughts?

If there is one job I would never want it would be working as a member of a wrestling creative team. They never get enough credit yet are the first to take criticism for just about anything. The writers and producers can only do so much in terms of scripting a gimmick and planning out a match. It's up to the worker to take advantage of the opportunity and get over to the point where they will be in demand. Ted DiBiase has had some opportunities but none have resonated to the point he probably would have liked. Kaval is a different situation as he hated life on the road and didn't feel he was going anywhere in WWE. In short, I look at the writers and producers as catalysts to good gimmicks but not the sole focal point of their success.

Is there any chance that WWE will run a break up angle between Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara where one turns heel on the other which would lead to a match between the two at Wrestlemania?

Initial plans for the team of Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara were to book them together only to end up feuding them as your questions suggests, however, I do not know where those plans stand as of this writing. There was a lot of hope, especially from Triple H, that Cara would be the heir apparent to Mysterio but it was quickly realized that's much easier said than done.

When a WWE worker makes a non-wrestling appearance (e.g. autograph signing, media appearances, etc.) does the company instruct them to appear in or out of character?

WWE workers have a lot of freedom in media interviews but there are directives that come down from the office. Obviously the company doesn't want stars leaking storylines and generally speaking, they want the focal point of the interview to promote the product. We've seen it all - from Randy Orton completely shooting on Kelly Kelly to Sheamus constantly remaining in-character during media appearances. John Cena is known for focusing on the product in-character and is seen as the best promotional mouthpiece they have. Speaking from experience, when I've done interviews with workers alongside radio anchors, the radio station has met with company officials to let them know to keep it clean. My biggest pet peeve with interviews (and why I don't do many of them) is workers using them to put themselves over rather than actually answering the questions. Kind of like what we saw with the Presidential debate on Tuesday night, where the candidates would be asked a question, but skirt around it to get to their approved campaign rhetoric.

What are the creative plans for Dolph Ziggler? It seems since winning the Money in the Bank briefcase, he's been forgotten.

Dolph Ziggler gets Ryback after beating Zack Ryder on this week's WWE Main Event. I hate the way he is being booked, especially in the match with David Otunga against Ryback on this week's Raw. Ziggler's in-ring work has been as good as anyone in the company and it's unfortunate to see him being used to put Ryback over. I'm hoping WWE wants him "under the radar" before surprising the audience by "cashing in" his Money in the Bank briefcase.

What's the latest on Velvet Sky?

As we noted on Sunday, Velvet Sky is believed to be close to agreeing to a new contract with TNA Wrestling. The company worked hard to keep her from walking this summer and it appears they are close to getting a deal done.

I've read that you (along with others) feel WWE is making a mistake pushing Ryback in the main event for the WWE Championship this soon. But didn't WWE do the same thing with Sheamus? My question is if it worked for him then why don't you believe that it could work with Ryback as well?

I am diametrically opposed to the notion that Sheamus over John Cena for the WWE Championship at WWE TLC in December 2009 worked. Sheamus ended up developing into a main event talent but his title win was one of the most underwhelming in WWE history. The move received positive marks because it was over John Cena but I didn't like it. I'm all for the element of surprise but strapping an unproven worker is a risky proposition that I'm not sure the reward outweighs the risk. I didn't buy Ryback at all when he debuted but the character has grown on me as he "turns the corner" in terms of getting over. However, to take him from working indy call-ins to the WWE Champion and expecting the audience to be interested, seems a bit much. The gimmick needs more time and Ryback needs more seasoning. Neither of which are going to happen as Vince is hell bound on pushing him at the top but I fear the long-term outlook is not being considered.

Why does WWE Raw still run past 11:00 PM with it being three hours?

The time that Raw runs over is called the "overrun." This is time WWE is allotted from the USA Network to allow final segments to play out. The length of the overrun varies but is done for a multitude of reasons but there wasn't a plan to cut it by moving to three hours.

Does TNA actually know who is going to be revealed as the later of Aces & 8s or is this an anonymous GM situation [like we saw in WWE]?

The plan earlier this month was for Bully Ray to turn on Sting at Bound for Glory and be revealed as the leader of Aces & 8's and go on to challenge Jeff Hardy for the TNA Championship. With Devon returning, plans have changed, however, I can confirm that was the talk at the beginning of the month. It seems TNA wants to keep people guessing to keep intrigue in the angle.

Now that the match has been set, is it a possible storyline that CM Punk could lose the title to Ryback but have Dolph Ziggler "cash in" his Money in the Bank briefcase and win the title?

Dolph Ziggler's Money in the Bank briefcase is for the World Heavyweight Championship, remember John Cena won the briefcase for the WWE Championship title shot (that he lost on the 1000th episode of WWE Raw). As I noted here in Ask WNW, I have been less than pleased with the booking of Ziggler.

Why did WWE put Kofi Kingston over The Miz for the IC title on Main Event?

As we spoiled here on Richard's Backstage Blog, WWE put Kofi over The Miz for the title on Main Event to draw attention to the show. This is also why the company put it out on dot com before the match aired, to show their viewers that "anything could happen" on the new series. We were the first and only publication to provide the match outcome four days before it was taped.

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