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WNW Premium Newsletter - The Future Of The HHH Walk-Out Angle, WWE Network Programming, Another WWE Suspension, Major TNA Creative Team Change But Why Vince Russo Isn't Going Anywhere, Ask WNW Archive & All The Big News From This Past Week

Welcome to the Premium Newsletter. This is where you will find all of the big news and Ask WNW segments from the week neatly archived for your viewing pleasure.

This week's edition covers news from Saturday, October 1, 2011 to Friday, October 7, 2011 as well as all five Ask WNW segments from the week. Use this newsletter as your own personal tool to catch up on any of the news that you may have missed during the week. Below is a table of contents:

Note From Richard: For those that have asked, the Newsletter is organized with the news posted on Saturday at the top with the most recent stories at the bottom. We have it organized this way so you can read the news in the order in which it happened. Thanks for your support!

Table Of Contents
- WWE News
- TNA Impact Wrestling News
- Ask WNW

WWE News

- Dolph Ziggler wrote the following on Twitter last night on his way to Florida Championship Wrestling: off to tampa to make an IMPACT and SPIKE the ratings Friday night in Orlando for FCW!!! See the #HEEL LIVE

- Two months after rolling out of WWE, Gail Kim's profile has been removed from the official website.

- Wrestling News World reader Jesse sent in the following: Mick Foley has been heavily teasing his return to WWE recently. Yesterday, Foley hinted at a return at Hell In A Cell, ending a Q&A with fans on Reddit by saying: I'm going to have to end this AMA chat in about 15 minutes..have to e-mail Michael Cole, and make my flight reservations for New orleans for Sunday. Wait, I didn't mean to say that! Pay no attention to that man! In an interesting note, Wrestling News World reader Rich Conner sent word that Foley worked as a referee in a cage match last night for Dreamwave Wrestling. Click here to view Foley in the ring.

- Per Michael Cole's commentary on tonight's WWE Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, as the storyline goes, The Great Khali suffered a "fractured fibula" at the hands of Mark Henry on last week's Smackdown. The "injury" was done for storyline purposes to build up Henry. I will try and find out the legitimate reason for writing Khali off TV later in the week.

- The classic WWE Intercontinental Championship belt (white belt) was re-introduced to WWE by Cody Rhodes at tonight's WWE Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. He brought the classic belt out of a velvet case and threw the black belt in a brown paper bag. Rhodes named Ricky Steamboat, Bret Hart, the late "Macho Man" Randy Savage, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and others before saying he would defend it with more honor than they did. The impromptu Intercontinental Championship match against John Morrison was then announced by John Laurinaitis.

- Beth Phoenix beat Kelly Kelly to win the WWE Divas Championship at tonight's WWE Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. Beth got the win after Natalya hit Kelly Kelly with a microphone when the referee wasn't looking, allowing Beth to hit the Glam Slam.

- Alberto Del Rio won the WWE Championship in a Triple-Threat Hell in a Cell match at tonight's pay-per-view. The finish saw Del Rio pin CM Punk to win the title. John Cena was locked out of the structure.

- Chris Jericho wrote the following on Twitter:

Tremendous ending of the HIAC ppv last night! Reminded me of an old Bill Watts UWF tv taping... @JRsBBQ

Richard Reacts: As I mentioned last night on Facebook & Twitter, I loved the ending to WWE Hell in a Cell. I also feel the unsung hero was Jim Ross for his stellar work on commentary to sell it as legitimate. Well done!

- I was told some interesting information regarding the direction of the Triple H, John Laurinaitis, The Miz and R-Truth angle over the weekend. This was prior to last night's WWE Hell in a Cell pay-per-view and will probably change but there are enough interesting elements that it is worth posting, especially before angle continuation tonight on Raw Supershow. The latest plan this weekend was for the guy that Laurinaitis has been texting to be revealed as Vince McMahon. McMahon got very upset at Alberto Del Rio recently for mentioning his name in a promo as he doesn't want his name spoken on TV at all. The thinking is that McMahon wants fans to believe he is gone for good and eliminate any speculation that he is the person that Laurinaitis is in contact with. As the storyline goes, a lot of the "mistakes" Laurinaitis has been making is at the direction of Vince. It's believed The Miz and R-Truth finding their way into the building at last night's pay-per-view will be blamed on Laurinaitis (conjecture). The idea is Laurinaitis is in cahoots with The Miz and R-Truth and they're acting on behalf of Vince McMahon to help and take out Triple H. Kevin Nash is expected to also have a role in the angle although that role remains unclear. Some in creative want him aligned with The Miz & R-Truth in a bodyguard role while others have him teaming with Hunter to take on Miz & R-Truth.

- Santino Marella, who has been out with a separated left shoulder after a major car accident, provided the following update on his Twitter account: working on a great new show today it should debut in November, stay tuned for more detailsClick here to see more tweets from Marella.

- Jerry Lawler is expected to return to Raw tonight, after he posted the following update on his Twitter account: Just landed in Lafayette, LA... driving now to the Cajundome! I'm ready & excited to be back on #Raw tonight!!

- WWE posted footage of The Miz and R-Truth being "arrested" after last night's WWE Hell in a Cell pay-per-view on their official website. You can view the footage at this link.

- The December 12th Raw Supershow is scheduled to be a three-hour show from the Norfolk Scope Arena in Norfolk, Virginia. Tickets go on sale Saturday, October 14th at 10 AM. Click here for local event information.

- Big Show will return to WWE on this week's Smackdown to confront World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry. Show has been out on requested time off since July. This week's Smackdown will be taped tomorrow night from the Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Biloxi, Mississippi.

- SLAM! Wrestling is reporting that Devon "Hannibal" Nicholson has filed a wrongful dismissal/breach of contract lawsuit against WWE. Nicholson is seeking almost $6 million from the company. Nicholson made headlines this summer for filing a $6.5 million lawsuit against Abdullah The Butcher for allegedly giving him Hepatitis C. Nicholson based his suit against WWE on the fact they offered him a standard contract and later rescinded when it was discovered during a physical (required for employment) he had Hepatitis C. You can read a detailed summary of the lawsuit by SLAM! Wrestling at this link.

- Embedded in the video below is the "apology" of The Miz and R-Truth that aired on tonight's Raw Supershow courtesy of the official YouTube channel of The Miz:

- Santino Marella returned to Raw Supershow on tonight's show, beating Jinder Mahal in a quick singles match. Santino has been out of action since suffering a separated left shoulder in a major car accident on September 1st.

- Are you not convinced there are big plans for Brodus Clay in WWE? Embedded in the video below is a package that aired on last night's Raw Supershow that I mentioned in today's Ask WNW:

A special look at the monstrous Brodus Clay

- There continues to be a lot of chatter backstage about the upcoming WWE Network. One topic in particular that has got around many circles in the past week or so is the news of WWE developing a cooking show with Big Show's wife. The idea is for the show to be part of the non-wrestling programming on the network. Another name that has been thrown around is Mick Foley. I'm told company officials have pitched ideas to develop a show with him and have wanted to for quite some time. Ideas pitched include a possible sitcom about him or a show that stars a character loosely inspired by his life, highlighting the transition from "hardcore legend" to family man. Again, I'm told this is something the company has wanted to do for quite some time but the fact Foley is expected to return in some fashion and the network launching next year, it has been given more serious consideration of late.

- Rey Mysterio wrote the following on Twitter:First real therapy session today! Went great! Thx. 4 all the love!619 Mysterio underwent a second knee surgery last wwek to reinforce his torn PCL ligament.

- John Morrison, while playing up the "walk out" angle from last night's WWE Raw Supershow, got a little personal with his Tweets on Twitter. Below is a recap from Morrison himself:

Thoughts I had tonight during RAW tonight in Lafayette... Miz & Truth arrested- I wonder if #missionarymike learned any new moves in jail? Heh heh... ...D---, I just got my a-- kicked... ...I wonder if John Laurintis's current promo work is any indication of his aptitude as a wrestler during past in ring endeavors... ...HHH says we work for the WWE universe. Hmmm, yup, I agree with that... I wonder if he's going to mention my birthday... nope. ...If the WWE universe is paying our checks maybe the pay scale among us independent contractors should be a bit more evenly distributed... ...maybe forming a union is a good idea... all other entertainment and sporting entities have them... ...getting an individual health insurance policy after neck surgery is not easy... ...I wonder if HHH has an individual health insurance plan, or gets group coverage because he's classified as an employee... ...Wait a minute, when did we nominate @wadebarrett to speak on our behalf? ... haha, Barrett talks like a pirate... ...I think HHH may have over reached with this whole C.O.O. thing; he does do that from time to time- The Chaperone; Inside Out... offense but, I think the best actor in Inside Out was a pickle. (A-RY was too nervous to laugh at that comment)... C'mon A-RY, Garlic dill... you know, haha!... wait a minute... "no confidence" ... we're voting now? Everyone's walking out! I like chaos! If they all leave & I stay, maybe HHH & I could do 5 backstage segments, an in ring promo, and an hour match next week! who am I kidding, HHH is a narcissist. He doesn't think I'm at his level- His main concern is positioning himself as the center of attention ...maybe walking out will get HHH to realize he can't do this alone, the WWE Universe wants to see different people in the mix... ...there's a roster full of superstars that want chaos, that want the ball, that want to be on the road at every WWE event... ...the past is always afraid of the future...

HHH's ego is hungry. He's got a steak dinner every Monday night- but if he thinks his ego's gonna snack elsewhere; I'm gonna eat his lunch!

You can read Morrison's Tweets for yourself at this link.

- CM Punk posted a series of tweets explaining his absence from Raw's vote of no confidence angle. He also criticizes those that are critical of the angle. The tweets are compiled below:

"I think a lot of people are missing the point. Fans and coworkers alike. Walking out is a p---- move. There's a huge difference in what I did. I want change, and I can't change s--- from my couch. I'm in the fox hole. I'm getting it done. I stayed to fight and I'm fighting for change. You can protest, violently or peacefully without actually showing up. Walking out isn't a solution at least not one that I've ever seen work. Hold 'em up. Make them change. Don't just walk out, or lay down. Fight. This goes for fans as well. Bored? Don't like @johncena ? Want more @ZackRyder ? Show up and be heard. Don't be a p---- and just tweet about it." "I want change, and I'll stand and fight for it even if I'm alone. Popular or unpopular, I could care less. Take your voting and shove it. Actions speaks louder than words. Except mine. My words are pretty awesome. No think about all that, and hopefully you'll get it. #fight"

Too many tweets from me. Misspellings abound. You CAN'T protest without showing up. I am not Gandhi. I will kick your face. Don't like HHH as COO? Punch him in the face. I did. It's wrestling, not the NBA. #fight Next high kick to Johnny 'Funkhauser' Ace won't be an accident."

- I am still checking into the status of The Great Khali. I am aware there are reports out there he has an expiring WWE contract but I want to hear from my source before reporting anything further. As the storyline goes, WWE claims Khali suffered a "fractured fibula" on last week's Smackdown and provided no fictional timeline for his return.

- It was just announced on the official WWE website that NXT Redemption will now air online every Wednesday afternoon at 4 PM ET/1 PT.

- Jimmy Uso's DUI was alluded to in storyline at tonight's WWE NXT taping (spoilers) by Curt Hawkins. While everyone has been speculating about the future of Uso since WWE spokesman Kevin Hennessy told The Associated Press the company was "looking into the incident," some had thought perhaps his job was in jeopardy. I'm not saying Uso is safe but it sure doesn't appear the company is taking it very seriously by bringing it up in storyline (even though it's a show so sparsely watched, they quietly changed its United States air time at the same time it was scheduled to air tonight). This isn't anything new as I can think of WWE referring to the DUI's of Alex Riley and Santino Marella on TV in the past. Uso was arrested last Thursday in Tampa, Florida with a BAC of .180, more than double the legal limit of .08.

- Rey Mysterio posted the following video on his official YouTube channel where he discusses his injury and surgeries that followed:

Rey Mysterio talks about his injury and his road to recovery

- The Great Khali was booked on last week's Smackdown under the assumption that he is gone from the company, I am now able to confirm. From what I understand Khali's WWE contract was coming up and negotiations were ended. I am currently researching which party broke off the negotiations and why. While Khali has been widely criticized amongst many for his in-ring work and lack of improvement, WWE has remained high up on him because of his help in their expansion in India.

- Jerry Lawler has posted the following explanation of his walkout on Monday's Raw on his YouTube channel:

- Darren Young has been suspended for 30 days for his first violation of WWE's Talent Wellness Program. Young is one of the three remaining rookies on NXT: Redemption. Click here to view the announcement.

- There was a weird occurrence during the live stream (broadcast on YouTube) of the Rock in Rio 4 music festival that was held on September 23, 24, 25, 29 and 30, and October 1 and 2. During System of a Down's set Sunday night after WWE Hell in a Cell, the feed went out and the satellite error read "WWE HD STAMFORD." After a few minutes, the festival was back on the air live on YouTube from Rio de Janeiro. While I haven't been able to confirm it with anyone in WWE, it appears the festival used one of the company's satellites to transmit the show as the error was seen by viewers across the globe.

- WWE has added Triple H's profile to their Executive Officers listing on their corporate website. Hunter is listed under his real name, Paul Levesque, and is is the Executive Vice President of Talent in WWE. You can check it out at this link. While Hunter's role as "COO" on television is a gimmick, he was promoted to the company's Executive Team earlier this year.

- Wrestling News World reader Hiroaki Kawafuji sent word that WWE has announced Big Show will come to Japan soon for a promotional tour.

Impact Wrestling News

- inDEMAND has posted the official pay-per-view promotional poster for TNA Turning Point. The poster features Jeff Hardy and can be viewed below:

- Contrary to the words of Kurt Angle, UFC President Dana White said in last night's post-pay-per-view press conference that Angle was unable to pass a physical when he was in talks with the company.

- TNA Impact Wrestling posted the following on their official YouTube channel today:

- Jeff Hardy checked into a North Carolina jail first thing Monday morning to complete his ten-day jail sentence given to him on September 8, 2011. You can view Jeff's North Carolina Department Of Correction profile at this link. TMZ has a story on Hardy located at this link.

- Hulk Hogan is in Los Angeles this week with Dallas Cowboys legend Troy Aikman, filming more commercials for Rent-A-Center.

- The latest word going around regarding Hulk Hogan's contract status with TNA Impact Wrestling is that he has agreed to a new contract. While I haven't heard the length of the new deal, Hogan had been in negotiations for the past several weeks as he is still working on his original contract (set to expire in January). The last I heard (and reported last month on WNW Premium), Hogan was playing hardball and holding up the Bound For Glory match against Sting because of the negotiations. Since the match has been announced, it's likely a contract was agreed upon and we are just now hearing about it.

- Lucky Cannon wrote the following to Jeff Jarrett on Twitter:@JeffJarrettTNA .. Looking forward to speaking with u

- The buzz on the Internet over the last 24 hours has had to do with the creative team of TNA Impact Wrestling. Before posting anything, I put my ear to the wall and here's what I found out. Bruce Prichard leaked word to a pro wrestling website that he would be replacing Vince Russo as head of creative. I'm told Prichard wouldn't have leaked the news had it not been a done deal. Everything once again leads back to Hulk Hogan's negotiations for a new contract. One of my sources tells me that during Hogan's negotiations with TNA he was trying once again to see if he could get Russo pushed out. Prichard would be a logical replacement [as head of creative] as he's done a great job politically because he's gained a lot of power quickly. I'm told Russo is still writing television but not booking the overall direction so that may have been a compromise to keep him employed. I was re-assured Dixie Carter would not fire him so maybe the fact Russo was no longer booking the overall direction was enough to please Hogan. As for Hogan's mindset, he's suddenly very pro-TNA and is working hard to push Bound For Glory. Russo losing some power may have made him more optimistic about the company's chances of surviving. While a lot of people aren't talking about it, both Hogan and Bischoff privately set a goal to get the booking of the company out of Russo's hands by the end of their initial two years. Now it looks like that has happened as time was running out. The fact Russo has been pushed out as head of creative is seen as a big deal because people have tried for years but nobody has been able to do it.


With Alberto Del Rio winning the WWE Championship back last night, isn't it obvious that John Cena will just eventually win the title back soon so he can defend it at Wrestlemania XXVIII? Isn't this going to just make everyone angry again by having Cena get yet another title reign?

Frequent readers of this website know I am a fan of lengthy world title reigns; however, they seem to be a thing of the past in WWE. Both the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship have been known to frequently change hands, eliminating the old school mentality that a championship reign should last a couple months. I found it amusing WWE put the strap back on Del Rio after "Stone Cold" Steve Austin said Cena should keep the belt until there is a "viable" heel to chase him. As for Cena winning back the WWE Championship for Wrestlemania XXVIII, his match against The Rock does not require the title to be involved. In fact, I'd rather see someone else hold the title to create another main event. I will be recapping WWE Hell in a Cell on Richard's Backstage Blog later today.

What do you think of Cody Rhodes bringing back the white WWE Intercontinental Championship belt back? Does it really bring prestige back just for that? If not what will it take?

The prestige has to do with how the title is booked, not the physical title. Could WWE be reverting back to the old belt as a change in philosophy? It's possible, but I need to see more proof that the company is committed to making the change. With that being said I love the white belt and popped when Rhodes brought it out last night.

Whenever Rey Mysterio comes back from his knee injury do you see a possible match or even tag team partners between Mysterio & Sin Cara?

Rey Mysterio underwent more knee surgery last week and is going to be out for several months. I do not like to speculate on what will happen when he returns because it is so far out. However, I will say that WWE is clearly seeing they just can't put another Lucha Libre worker under a mask and expect them to be the next Mysterio, even though Cara was a big star in Mexico. The WWE style is completely different from the style in Mexico and WWE needs to realize it was Mysterio that made it work, not the style.

With his reactions lately do you think Sheamus is building up to a title run? And do you prefer his work as a heel or a face?

WWE is certainly building Sheamus back up but since he's already went under to Mark Henry, a title run doesn't appear to be in the immediate future (although it's certainly possible). Sheamus has proved he can work as both a heel and a babyface and I feel he's someone that can be a top guy for years to come. I prefer whatever is drawing the best crowd reactions and respect him for getting over as a hated heel and a loved babyface.

What did you think about the concluding segment of last night's Raw Supershow? I thought it was well-executed and got everyone wondering what will happen next. Your thoughts?

The conclusion of last night's Raw Supershow worked just how it was planned. It was something different that made many people wonder, what next? We've received a lot of questions asking where some top names were during the "vote of confidence" and I haven't heard as of this writing why they were not used. Interest was sparked and I am anxious to evaluate the ratings when they come out, however, the true test will be the audience for next week's show.

Besides Randy Orton, Mark Henry, Christian, and Sheamus; who else is left on Smackdown that could be elevated to the main event and become a possible World Heavyweight Champion contender? Other than Cody Rhodes, I can't see anyone else getting a push to the main event level, what are your thoughts?

You just named a large portion of the current main event scene on Smackdown. Remember only a handful of workers can be in the main event at one time but the obvious names that are currently out would include Kane and The Undertaker (both still technically Smackdown workers). Big Show, a Raw worker, is slated to return on this week's show and appears to be scheduled for something with Mark Henry. As for names outside of the obvious I don't think you can count out Wade Barrett, Brodus Clay (who they are even running promo videos for), Ezekiel Jackson and the long-lost Money in the Bank winner Daniel Bryan.

What do you think of the idea that WWE NXT should be a wrestling-only brand? Why not have a yearly amateur draft like the NFL and once a year only the most talented and established superstar will get drafted to the main roster?

While I respect your creativity I think WWE NXT should be scrapped altogether. It feels like WWE lost interest when they couldn't find new TV clearance [in the United States] for the show and have continued on a wacky course with the current season of NXT Redemption airing on their official website. What you have described sounds more like what the company is currently doing with Florida Championship Wrestling.

Why are the Divas matches on live WWE television so short? I believe that WWE house shows have better and longer matches featuring the Divas.

The WWE Divas are booked more based on looks to be ambassadors of the company rather than highlighting their skills in the ring. One may call this philosophy Vince McMahon's Diva philosophy. This is similar to how the company books male talent as they clearly do not highlight workers based on what they can do in the ring. TV time is limited because of this philosophy and the fact they only push a couple Divas at a time.

Did the babyface superstars that were included in the "vote of confidence" on Monday's Raw Supershow make a heel turn?

No, the storyline is the majority of the roster "refuses to work" on Monday nights until Triple H steps down as COO. This poses a goofy gap in logic as Hunter is the "COO of the company" not the Raw General Manager. Therefore it makes no sense why talent would refuse to work on Monday but show up on Smackdown but that is the direction they are going. As for the workers that did not appear in the "vote of confidence" on Monday, that was done for storyline purposes.

With The Rock and John Cena scheduled to team up at Survivor Series culminating with the fact it's being held at sold-out Madison Square Garden, will it be the pay-per-view of the year?

WWE Survivor Series 2011 is shaped to be a very big show for WWE and it will probably do a huge buyrate with The Rock returning to the ring. However, in terms of quality, it will have to beat the atmosphere of CM Punk in his hometown of Chicago that we saw in July with WWE Money in the Bank. I am not saying it's impossible because all the pieces are set for success but Money in the Bank was one of the best PPVs in recent memory.

Is Big Show now a Smackdown superstar given the fact he's returning on Smackdown?

Big Show is still considered a "Raw superstar," at least that's the way it's still listed on the WWE website. There are a couple reasons we can speculate WWE had him return on Smackdown. Mark Henry is the top superstar on Smackdown and is responsible for taking Big Show out so naturally they are programming them. Secondly, the "walk out" angle should be considered and by having him return on Smackdown it avoided any confusion based on what we saw Monday night.

Is WWE worried The Undertaker could retire before Wrestlemania XXVIII? Do they have a replacement?

While I expect The Undertaker to work Wrestlemania XXVIII next year, I do not think there is a guarantee. As for a "replacement" or a backup plan, WWE is banking on The Rock vs. John Cena to carry Wrestlemania next year so while The Undertaker provides a huge boost, no match is going to top Cena vs. Rock.

I was just wondering since I am in college, what would be the best field to get a degree in if I wanted to be a WWE show writer? I am very interested in becoming a WWE writer and I'm not sure if a degree in Sports Entertainment and Event Managing is the best field.

WWE is always looking to hire writers. In fact, you can check out what the job listing looks like at this link. The biggest thing that would prevent you from getting hired right out of college is they want people with experience. However, you may be interested in a job as an assistant to the Creative Team. They are looking for people that hold a BA/BS degree in Film/TV/Drama, Media Studies, Communications, English, or a related field. You would also have to live in the New York City/Stamford, CT area or be willing to relocate there.

Why would WWE have John Cena and The Rock wrestle at Survivor Series? Why wouldn't they hold that match as the big draw for Wrestlemania and just build it up like they were doing?

This is a good question and a point I've been trying to drive home. I am 100% against The Rock returning to the ring before Wrestlemania XXVIII unless he agrees to come back full-time (which has not happened). I wrote a lengthy editorial you will want to read at this link. I also filed a report here on Premium where I gave the reasons why WWE is using him before the show.

If Triple H steps down as COO what will his next position be in the company? Would he be an active superstar again?

Everything currently on television is 100% storyline. While Triple H does have an executive position backstage in WWE, he is not the COO. In fact, WWE does not have anyone that holds the position of Chief Operating Officer in real life. You can view Hunter's corporate profile at this link. As for Triple H being an active superstar, from what I understand he will wrestle only "when needed" (his words, not mine).

This whole thing with Triple H, mystery text messages, conspiracy theories, etc., has but one logical conclusion: Mr. McMahon. What say you?

As disappointed as some are going to be, I don't think there is any question that Vince McMahon will end up back on television at some point. I am well aware plans change and nothing is certain but I don't see how this storyline progresses without the McMahon family involved.

Do you think Linda McMahon again running for Senate will have an impact on WWE programming?

I absolutely think Linda McMahon running for Senate once again will be evident in WWE programming. While WWE is still PG, I don't have to tell anyone there has been a change in 2011 following McMahon's Senate run last year. Even though Linda McMahon no longer works for WWE she is still viewed as part of the company so she will not want anything done that her opponents can use against her. A lot of personal McMahon money has been spent to get Linda to Washington D.C. so I don't see WWE doing anything to blow it.

Why do WWE superstars continue to fail Wellness tests? Do they think they won't get caught or are they unaware?

There is no way I can explain someone else's mindset, however, it's important to consider the Wellness loophole. If a worker has a prescription for something they test positive for, they are spared the violation for the positive test (there are exceptions, such as Somas). Without making harsh accusations, it's easier for someone with a lot of money to get prescriptions. For example, Michael Jackson was able to get propofol (a strong intravenously administered hypnotic agent used in general anesthesia) which was part of what killed him. How many people do you know that can get drugs used for general anesthesia in the comfort of their own home? It is sad doctors will compromise their career for money but money talks. With that being said, it's important to remember it's not just "a few bad apples" and everyone else is 100% straight edge. I'm also not saying the Wellness Policy hasn't worked because the locker room is much cleaner than it was 10 years ago. All and all the WWE Wellness Policy has cleaned up the locker room but has not completely eliminated the use of banned supplements.

After Santino Marella's heralded return on Raw Supershow Monday night I'm wondering just what function WWE feels that he serves. I love the guy... his "comic relief" is priceless as far as I'm concerned and his presence on the roster tells me this is a good thing. Your thoughts?

WWE officials are high up on Santino Marella because of the comedy of his character. It keeps him the limelight and keeps him from getting buried even if he is asked to do a job. WWE began building him back up with a victory of Jinder Mahal Monday on Raw Supershow.

Does Vince McMahon travel everywhere with WWE talent?

Vince McMahon travels to weekly TVs on his private jet; however, this is not how the majority of the WWE roster travels. Workers are responsible for getting to shows on their own and have to pay their own way although WWE helps them with booking flights and managing travel arrangements. McMahon is always backstage at WWE Raw on Monday, Smackdown TVs on Tuesday and pay-per-views on Sundays. He does not usually go to house shows but producers report back to him anything noteworthy.

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