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Note From Richard: For those that have asked, the Newsletter is organized with the news posted on Saturday at the top with the most recent stories at the bottom. We have it organized this way so you can read the news in the order in which it happened. Thanks for your support!

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- WWE News
- Impact Wrestling News
- Ask WNW

WWE News

- Moviefone recently conducted an interview with Triple H in which he discusses his new film, Inside Out, the future of WWE Studios, bad guest hosts, and more. He also manages to get in a verbal jab at Hulk Hogan and Goldberg. Click here to read the full interview.

- The official WWE has a new interview with Zack Ryder in which he discusses the Internet Championship, his connection with the fans, and more. Click here to read the full interview.

- Wrestling News World reader Jesse sent this in... I just watched the new Randy Orton DVD and in it they interviewed John Cena and John made the following comment about Randy Orton. "I always joke around there's old Randy and then there's new Randy. Old Randy was an a--hole."

- Wrestling News World reader Shannon Sylvia sent this in... "Freefall" by Two Steps From Hell is not only Daniel Bryan's new theme that debuted last month, it is also the same song that was used as the theme song to last year's WWE Night of Champions PPV.

- "Rowdy" Roddy Piper suffered a broken neck earlier this year and didn't know it. Piper is currently in surgery to repair the injury as he was immediately scheduled for surgery when it was discovered his neck was indeed broken. You can follow the latest from Piper on Twitter at this link.

- Maryse wrote the following on her official website regarding her recent surgery to repair an abdominal hernia:Hey planet sexy, I met with my surgeon today and she said everything is perfect. There's a little bit of fluid inside by the incision and where the repairs were done, but its totally normal apparently. The scar healed really good and there is no infection. So the surgery was a total success. I'm sooooooo happy!!! Be Sexy!!!Click here to read the original post.

- It appears the information we received regarding last week's Smackdown taping from the Huntington Center in Toledo, Ohio was incorrect. Officials from the venue tell me the show actually did 3,889 paid. I apologize for the error and have removed the original report.

- Wrestling News World reader Hiroaki Kawafuji sent word that WWE has announced two Raw brand house shows in Japan from the Yokohama Arena on November 30th and December 1st.

- Jerry Lawler suffered a cut to the face during his tag team match with Sheamus against David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty on last night's WWE Raw. The ring canvas was changed after the bout due to blood from the cut.

- WWE has announced shows at the Zenith Arena in Toulouse, France on April 19, 2012 and the Bercy Sports Palace in Paris, France on April 20, 2012.

- Edge is advertised locally for next week's Smackdown taping from the Nutter Center in Dayton, Ohio.

- The Wellness Policy suspension of WWE senior referee Mike Chioda expires on Thursday, making him eligible to return to the company at this weekend's house shows.

- I am happy to report that "Rowdy" Roddy Piper's surgery to repair his broken neck was a success. Piper was under the knife for six and half hours and awoke at 1 AM this morning. He noted on Twitter he was able to walk half of the hospital hallway only two hours later by himself. Piper will remain hospitalized for the next ten days.

- WWE honored Edge with "Edge Appreciation Night" after tonight's television tapings from the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Below is a recap that I wrote with the help of Wrestling News World reader A-ROB, who was in attendance: Trish Stratus comes out and introduces Edge. They talk about when they first met at an autograph signing. Trish showed two photos of Edge. The first was a photo of the first time he cashed in the Money in the Bank briefcase and the other was his entrance from Wrestlemania XXVII this year. They ran an Edge tribute video package that brought him to tears. After the video, Christian comes out and says there are many people here to pay tribute to him. Christian introduces Edge's mom, Judy, Ron Huchison, two of his college buddies and Rhyno. They go to the ring and hug him. Edge thanks them all for coming. Trish introduces Bret Hart who comes down to the ring with Sweet Daddy Siki. Bret Hart puts over Edge as the best there is, was and ever will be and then hugs him. Edge thanks the crowd for coming and says he couldn't do this anywhere else. The entire roster comes out clapping and goes to the ring to greet him. Edge fools around with R-Truth and takes a camera from a cameraman and walks around the ring with it. Edge gives back the camera and does the five second pose with Christian. He leaves the ring and gives high fives to audience members. Edge goes to the stage with his mom and they do his rocker pose then wave goodbye. Justin Roberts thanks the crowd for coming.

- Heavyweight boxer Monte Barrett appears to be pursuing a future career in WWE, as Barrett says he's heading to Florida Championship Wrestling by the end of next month. Barrett has a 39-5-2 boxing record. Barrett teased an involvement with WWE earlier this month when asked by The Jersey Journal about a possible third boxing match with rival David Tua. He said he would be open to facing Tua at WrestleMania XXVIII. He was also quoted as saying "I have been talking to WWE Champion John Cena lately about assisting me in the matchup. He'll aid us with the professional wrestling moves and rules." Click here to read more.

- Linda McMahon is expected to officially announce her candidacy for the 2012 race for the retiring Joe Lieberman's Senate seat next Tuesday. The location of the announcement has not been decided yet, but it will likely be at a manufacturing plant. The timing of the announcement is strategic, as probable opponent Christopher Shays will be unable to campaign until the end of the month, due to his involvement with the Commission of Wartime Contracting. Click here to read more.

- A line from one of CM Punk's promos has been sampled in a new hip-hop single by rapper Papoose. In the song, aptly titled "Pipe Bomb," Papoose raps over Punk's line, "In anybody else's hands, this is a microphone. In my hands, it's a pipe bomb." Click here to listen to the song.

- Claudio Castagnoli, part of the Kings of Wrestling in Ring of Honor along with Chris Hero, has changed his Twitter handle to Antonio Cesaro and announced that he is now a superstar of Florida Championship Wrestling. In what may be a hint at his new FCW gimmick, his Twitter bio now reads: The official twitter of Very European Antonio Cesaro. Swiss world traveler, FCW Superstar and coffee connoisseur. Universal European Uppercut Master

- Along with photos, a video of CM Punk in a Sabres jersey has been posted on the official Buffalo SabresFacebook page, in which Punk addresses the fans and wishes the team luck in the upcoming season. Click here to watch Punk's message.

- The official WWE website has been redesigned. Click here to see the renovations.

- WWEhas confirmedThe Rock and John Cena will be part of a Traditional 5-on-5 Survivor Series Tag Team Match at the pay-per-view in November. The news was spoiled yesterday with a new pay-per-view promotional poster advertising The Rock and John Cena to join forces. WWE Survivor Series 2011 will take place Sunday, November 20, 2011 from Madison Square Garden in New York City. We'll have full coverage here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com.

Impact Wrestling News

- Spike TV is no longer listing the October 6th edition of Impact Wrestling as a three-hour program. The show is back to its normal 9-11 PM timeslot on the Spike TV schedule.

- Winter beat Mickie James at tonight's TNA No Surrender pay-per-view to win the TNA Knockout Women's Championship. The news of Winter's win was spoiled earlier today here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com.

- Austin Aries beat Brian Kendrick at tonight's TNA No Surrender pay-per-view to win the TNA X Division Championship. The news of Aries' win was spoiled earlier today here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com.

- Following last night's TNA No Surrender pay-per-view, Kurt Angle will defend the TNA Championship against Bobby Roode at Bound For Glory next month. Bound For Glory will take place Sunday, October 16, 2011 from the Liacouras Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

- Jerry Jarrett, the father of Jeff Jarrett and founder of TNA Wrestling, has been in meetings lately about opening up a new regional wrestling territory. The interesting thing about it is Jerry wants to tape television in Orlando, Florida and syndicate it throughout the south. I'm told Jerry is bored and financially secure so he is looking to do something at a reasonable scale that is something he loves. One observer also tells me that Jerry is clearly taking a little jab at TNA by wanting to tape TV in Orlando. While some may consider this move surprising, Jerry has actually considered similar ideas in the past few years. He even met with WWP officials last year about running that company when it was trying to get off the ground.

- Eric Youngwrote on Twitter he isn't booked for this week's Impact Wrestling tapings. The company taped tonight and will also tape Tuesday and Wednesday.

- Embedded in the video below, Mike Straka interviews Kurt Angle at the "Warrior" premiere last week:

- I am able to confirm that Matt Hardy was arrested once again for Driving While Impaired in Wake County, North Carolina. The only thing I can confirm about the arrest is the arresting officer was M Larson and he is scheduled for a morning court date on November 30, 2011 to respond to the charges. Hardy is already due in court on September 28th to respond to an earlier Driving While Impaired charge and Exceeding Safe Speed in Moore County, North Carolina that led to his release from Impact Wrestling in August. Last but not least, Hardy also is scheduled for a October 11th court date in Wake County, North Carolina on charges of reckless driving. You can view Hardy's arrest records at this link.

- The Jeff Hardy backstage promo that aired on last night'sImpact Wrestling was taped backstage in Huntsville, Alabama.


Will we ever see Bully Ray and Devon make another run as a tag team?

One of the things Bully Ray and Devon wanted to try before they both decided to hang up their boots was to split and have respective runs in singles competition. It's very possible they will be teamed together again in the future but competing in singles is something they wanted to do to test their respective success.

What are your thoughts on Justin Gabriel? Do you think if groomed well, he can fill in the spot vacated in the company by Jeff Hardy since John Morrison is not getting much support from the WWE?

I am high up on the work of Justin Gabriel but I do not see him as more than a mid-card talent right now. He has to draw more reactions to get that "Jeff Hardy type" spot in the main event but it is possible. The difference between Gabriel as a mid-card worker and a main eventer is a commitment from the WWE creative team and the proper angle that draws reactions. As for John Morrison, he has been teetering for awhile now and still hasn't been able to break through.

What do WWE officials think of Jinder Mahal?

WWE officials are high up on Jinder Mahal because they are looking to push international names to expand in their respective markets. The Great Khali has made WWE a success in India so bringing Mahal along is part of the company expanding in the country. The same goes for a worker like Justin Gabriel who WWE officials want to use as part of the plan to expand in South Africa.

If you had to choose between John Cena and The Rock who would win at Wrestlemania XXVIII and why?

This might get me some heat but the best outcome would be for John Cena to beat The Rock in a "passing of the torch." I would consider making a tremendous change to the Cena character at the match next year, perhaps a full-fledged heel turn. I do not see the logic in putting The Rock over unless he agrees to return to WWE on a full-time basis.

I was happy when WWE turned Christian into a heel main eventer. However, now it seems his character is more of a "crybaby" and all he does is cry for a match. I think his gimmick needs refreshed. What are your thoughts?

I like Christian's work although I feel WWE has overdone his feud with Randy Orton. Some people love long drawn out feuds but I feel multiple pay-per-view matches with the same opponent are anticlimactic. Christian was being pushed as the number one heel on Smackdown for the majority of the summer but that spot has now been given to Mark Henry.

Any update on Kharma's return to WWE?

Kharma is pregnant in real life and made the announcement live on WWE Raw. She will not be back until later into 2012.

How much longer will Cody Rhodes wear that mask, didn't he break his nose back in January?

Cody Rhodes' mask is now part of his gimmick as WWE transitioned his character from "dashing" to "disturbed." Last night's WWE Raw showed how much confidence the company has in him as he rolled Randy Orton up for a pinfall victory. I heard some people saying the win did nothing to help Rhodes and while it might not have helped him in terms of getting over it certainly was telling as to what WWE thinks about him.

What is the reason for the continued Raw SuperShows and what type of content will we see on the WWE Network?

These are two questions that we received multiple times for today and I answered them both last week in our Backstage News section. For information on the change in format to WWE Raw, click here. For details on the WWE Network, click here. If you are not yet a WNW Premium Member you can sign-up now at this link. You can enter the Coupon Code CDC0 and use with a WNW Premium Six Months subscription to get $10 off (deal available today only).

Is Edge really retired? Or is it a storyline?

Edge is legitimately retired from the ring due to a serious neck injury. When I spoke with Edge last month he gave an update on his injury, saying when he flies, his neck hurts. Edge has been having problems for awhile but after getting it checked out further following Wrestlemania XXVII earlier this year, it was determined he had too much damage to continue wrestling. WWE did a great tribute to him last night after the Smackdown taping as you can read our recap at this link.

Did WWE have to pay Living Color for "Cult of Personality" as CM Punk's theme song?

WWE had to pay a substantial fee for the rights use the song as CM Punk's theme music. Punk commented on the fee in an interview in July with Bill Simmons that you can listen to at this link.

Why do top WWE superstars work dark matches that are not see on television?

The pre-show dark matches are done for a couple reasons. WWE wants to get the crowd hot before they start taping and it gives them an opportunity to evaluate a worker in front of a live TV audience. Often times you will see a developmental worker or a call-in against an established worker so WWE officials can get an accurate evaluation. There are dark match main events that follow shows that are done to give the fans that purchase tickets a little bit extra. They are usually abbreviated and done to make sure everyone goes home happy.

Why was CM Punk's microphone cut off on Monday's WWE Raw?

This was part of the storyline to make it look more legitimate. I thought it was overdone as it was a great touch when they did it back in July but as with a lot of things in WWE, they wore it out.

By this point, everyone knows that for CM Punk's current gimmick he's basically been cleared to rant about anything he wants. But in those face-to-face segments, are the other opinions from John Cena, Triple H and the like legit as well? Is it one-half kayfabe, or perhaps comments like how 7-11 should beg Punk for a collectors cup are aimed not at Punk but at businesses and the media itself?

The idea behind the CM Punk vs. Triple H program is to continue where Punk vs. John Cena left off by blurring what is a work and what is a shoot. WWE has allowed Punk to voice a lot of criticism of the company usually reserved for the Internet (which is funny because Vince McMahon claims to pay no attention to it). The comments of Triple H have included legitimate comments as well, including the 7-Eleven comment that was made on Monday's WWE Raw.

Is it likely Christian will turn face again after Edge Appreciation Night?

I would be against turning Christian babyface because I feel his heel character still has a tremendous amount of momentum from his extended program with Randy Orton. Mark Henry has been rotated in as the top heel on Smackdown but Christian is still considered a main event heel.

I cannot understand how Eric Bischoff & Hulk Hogan lived through the disaster that was WCW and saw all the mistakes that were made by not pushing young talents and creating logical storylines. Yet ten years later both of them are in TNA and are making the same mistakes by not pushing young stars and creating horrible storylines that do not make any sense. Have they not learned from their mistakes? Why do you think this is happening when they have full creative control?

Eric Bischoff's view of the fall of WCW is much different than the view held by many. Bischoff felt the destruction of WCW had more to do with the stress of a second live program (Thunder) and the creative team work of Vince Russo. Russo is still with TNA because of his close ties with Jeff Jarrett and he does have creative input in addition to Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. We can debate the problems of WCW and in those of TNA for hours but I'll focus more on what I feel is wrong with TNA. TNA has "too many cooks in the kitchen" and because of the confusing chain of command they have no vision. Without a vision they struggle to grow. TNA has all the elements for success - a strong talent roster, a significant financial backer and a national TV deal. However, they must work to put all these together with interest-drawing storylines to progress as a company.

When is Rey Mysterio scheduled to return to the ring?

Rey Mysterio had surgery late last month for torn PCL and ACL ligaments in his knee. The injury is serious and should keep him out at least six months as I do not expect him back until around time for Wrestlemania XXVIII. I posted more on his injury earlier this week here on my Backstage Blog.

How legitimate is the beef between CM Punk and Triple H?

The stuff you see on WWE television is all kayfabe, however, there are a lot of realistic feelings wrapped up in this storyline. Punk has a lot of haters because of his opinionated personality. You would not believe the amount of negative stories about Punk that have gone around over the years yet he has withstood the heat from colleagues because he has the support of the right people. I thoroughly enjoyed the promo work between Hunter and Punk Monday on WWE Raw because of the legitimate beef wrapped in the kayfabe storyline.

Is Kevin Nash's release legitimate?

Kevin Nash was "released" not released. Everything that has happened has been storyline to keep the fans guessing in the kayfabe storyline filled with legitimate elements. I would be surprised if either Punk or Hunter got a clean win on Sunday and would not be one bit surprised to see Nash return.

Why is Cody Rhodes not defending the WWE Intercontinental Championship at Night of Champions? I thought all titles were supposed to be defended.

Six matches have been announced for WWE Night of Champions so there is still room to announce the WWE Intercontinental Championship Match prior to the show or even the night of the show. If I had to speculate I would assume Rhodes will defend the belt against Ted DiBiase but that is just speculation.

Do you ever see The Rock returning to the ring full-time?

When The Rock agreed to return to WWE for Wrestlemania XXVII early this year one of the things he said was that he didn't want to wrestle again. However, it didn't take The Rock long to get back around the WWE locker room and change his mind. Vince McMahon didn't waste any time announcing the match (a year early) to make sure he couldn't back out. The most obvious answer to this question is "no" because The Rock has accomplished everything in WWE, made a lot of money and has secured a new career as a successful actor. However, he clearly still loves the business and I would be crazy to rule it out 100%.

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