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Women’s Wrestling Deserves Its Own Show

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Hello WNW People Mitch “Big M” Adams here welcoming you once again to….THE HOUSE OF “M”.
Now let me start off this article by admitting something I am greatly ashamed of…I used to ignore, women’s wrestling. I am ashamed to admit that after what some inside and outside the industry claimed was the golden age of women’s wrestling, which contained such AMAZING athletes like Trish Stratus, Lita, Mickie James and Melina had ended with all those women entering a well-deserved retirement, I stopped watching women’s wrestling entirely. I am ashamed to admit that for a long time I honestly held the quite possibly sexist view that women’s wrestling was “Not as good as the guy’s.”

However in my defense, I do believe that WWE was mostly responsible for me losing interest in women’s wrestling. WWE had not invested much time or effort into the now defunct Divas Division (hiring models instead of athletes was never going to result in great matches).
And I may cop some flak for writing this but I do honestly believe “backstage politics” played a part in Nikki Bella having a less than thrilling 9-month reign with the now defunct Divas Championship.

However, one match changed my perspective entirely.

One match between two women who put on such an amazing show that it got me invested in women’s wrestling once again. And that match happened at Payback 2013 between AJ Lee and Kaitlyn for the now defunct Women’s Championship. That was the match that encouraged me to #GiveDivasAChance LONG before the hashtag took off on social media.

Three years later and a lot has changed in regards to women’s wrestling in WWE. The Divas tagline (and archaic term that had seen its day) has been replaced by the Women’s Division with a magnificent new championship belt to match. And WWE has some of the greatest performers representing this new Women’s Division. Names like the current Women’s Champion Charlotte, and the likes of Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch (my favourite performer right now), Paige, Naomi, my fellow Australian Emma, and much more.

NXT had a lot to do with the new Women’s Division (and will continue to do so). I mean I've said it before, and I’ll say it again, Bayley and Sasha Banks put on not just one of the greatest women’s wrestling matches ever at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn…They put on one of the greatest wrestling matches of all time period male or female. And with many more women from NXT (Bayley, Asuka, Nia Jax) whom fans can’t wait to see be called up to the main roster, the future of women’s wrestling looks very bright…Or so it would seem.

Here is where the reality of the situation comes crashing down on us.
Because even though the women are putting on these amazing matches (in many cases completely showing up the guys), there remains still one big problem…there is only ever 1 women’s wrestling match on Monday Night Raw and one on Friday Night Smackdown every week.
That's right, even though the women in WWE are killing it, many are being left off television every single week. And that ladies and gentlemen is an absolute bloody crime. I mean think about it? How can someone like Sasha Banks, who steals the show every time she goes out there, be left off Raw and Smackdown for three weeks in a row is beyond me.

Now, obviously, the WWE can, and should, put more women on more televised cards (that's a given), but the problem is that said matches will almost always be a part of the current Women’s Championship storyline.
There is literally no Women’s Division storylines that don’t involve the title and therein lies the problem.

However, the problem can be easily fixed in my opinion. All WWE need to do is replace either Superstars or Main Event (since both are essentially now the same show anyway) with a one-hour show on the WWE Network, featuring ONLY women’s wrestling. That's right, a WWE Network show exclusively featuring the best that women’s wrestling has to offer today. Just think about it, it would help showcase women’s wrestling more in WWE, it would give more women a chance to work for the television audience, it would feature exclusive competitive matches you would only see on the WWE Network, and we would get more Women’s Division storylines that don’t have to involve the Women’s Championship.

Now obviously not everyone will agree on how said show should be formatted, but if you’ll indulge me I do have a few ideas.

How about something along the lines of the original format of WWE Main Event? Opening the show with the assigned commentary team hyping the matches fans are going to see and video packages highlighting the participants as well as the general awesomeness that is WWE’s current Women’s Division. Another thing I would like to see is perhaps a new two-person commentary team featuring the unbelievably talented (and woefully under-utilised) Renee Young doing play-by-play.
And the colour commentator? Well, how about a great former champion from the past giving their expert analysis of what's going on in the ring? Filling in the audience on details that only someone who’s been in the ring would know as is the tradition. What would be so different about that you may ask? Simple…the great former champion providing colour commentary would be a former Women or Divas Champion…Like Lita for example. Has there ever been a female colour commentator in WWE (or any promotion - other than Lita on MTV's Heat when she was coming back from her neck injury) before? I don’t know the answer to that, but I know how cool would it be to hear a women’s in ring analysis for a change.

And as something special how about WWE Hall of Famer (and long time on-screen horndog) Jerry “The King” Lawler playing the role of backstage interviewer and have the women he interviews constantly flipping the script on poor Jerry (e.g. AJ Lee’s hilarious reaction to Jerry trying to hug her at the 2014 Slammy awards).

The only thing that remains is what to call this amazing new show only on the WWE Network for…$9.99 a month. Well, I have a few ideas, but I think I’ll leave the naming of the show to WWE’s marketing department (What I have to think of everything?)

In closing, the WWE currently has arguably the strongest Women’s Division in the company's entire history, and the amazingly talented women who comprise it deserve their own show highlighting this. I mean really, WWE, how hard can it be? These women deserve it! The industry deserves it! And you know what? I think the fans deserve it too!

What do you think WNW People?

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