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Hello WNW People, it's your old mate Mitch “Big M” Adams here, welcoming you to another edition of…THE HOUSE OF “M.”

Well, WNW People I have just one question for you all! How amazingly good were Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair at Roadblock: End of the Line? Just when we thought these two incredible athletes had shown us everything, they put on yet another five-star match. They told a great story on December 18 (not the first one they’ve told either) and completely showed up the boys in the main even match (not the first time that’s happened as well).

And while, like the rest of you, I feel Sasha should have been the person booked to go over for several reasons, I still don’t think it takes away from how special the match was. Vince just sadly still values aesthetics above everything else when it comes to who he pushes as his top stars. And while Charlotte and Sasha are without a doubt equals in the ring, Charlotte has Vince’s preferred “look” unfortunately. But Sasha didn’t leave Roadblock looking like a loser to anyone! She left looking like a true legend in the business. A legend who will be champion several more times before she hangs up the boots.

I don't think future fans will ever fully grasp how the social media hashtag #GiveDivasAChance changed the entire business forever. It's this simple expression of fan dissatisfaction which led to the Women’s Revolution in WWE! As well as all the incredible matches and moments it's brought us.

Not that we still don’t have to put up with some remnants of the long despised Diva’s Division in WWE (Eva Marie and Nikki Bella immediately spring to mind). But the days of Women in WWE only having matches lasting less than a minute and mostly being used as eye candy are well and truly over!

To me, this incredible match between Sasha and Charlotte and several others put on by the AMAZING athletes in all three Women’s Divisions of WWE (Raw, Smackdown, and NXT) is proof that Women’s Wrestling deserves its own co-branded show on the WWE Network. I have raised this idea on more than one occasion and have even written past articles about it. But even after all the amazing work, the Women of WWE put in week in and week out, I think it may be up to us, WWE’s fan base to make it happen. Hence the reason why the Title of this piece has a hashtag.

After you read this article, I want you, the WNW readership to post it on all forms of social media along with the hashtag #WomensWrestlingWWENetworkShow (I know it's a little long, and I’m open to suggestions for a shorter one).

I even have a few format ideas if you would indulge me. How about something along the lines of the original format of WWE Main Event?
Opening the show with the assigned commentary team hyping the matches fans are going to see. With video packages highlighting the participants as well as the general awesomeness that is WWE’s current Women’s Division.

Another thing I would like to see is perhaps a new two-person commentary team featuring the unbelievably talented (and woefully under-utilised) Renee Young doing play by play. And the colour commentator? Well, how about a great former champion from the past giving their expert analysis of what's going on in the ring? Filling in the audience on details that only someone who has been in the ring would know as is the tradition. What would be so different about that you may ask? Simple…the great former champion providing colour commentary would be a former Women or Divas Champion…Like Lita for example.

And as something extra special how about WWE Hall of Famer (and long time on-screen horndog) Jerry “The King” Lawler playing the role of backstage interviewer. That way the Women he interviews constantly flip the script on poor Jerry (e.g. like AJ Lee’s hilarious reaction to Jerry trying to hug her at the 2014 Slammy Awards).

The only thing that remains is what to call this amazing new show only on the WWE Network for…$9.99 a month. Well I have a few ideas, but I think I’ll leave the naming of the show to WWE’s marketing department. (What I have to think of everything?)

So come one WNW People, let's get off our arses and change WWE for the better once again. Let's let Vince, Stephanie, Triple H and even Shane know that this is something we want to see!

Oh, and feel free to follow me on Twitter as well @TheBigM91

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