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Worst Wrestling Video Games

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For wrestling fans, wrestling video games are super additions to their game collections, as they allow them to relive wrestling match ups and even fulfil fantasy matchups. Wresting games are also a great way to enjoy wrestling and all it has to offer without paying big PPV TV fees every week. Unfortunately, some of these games that didn’t last beyond a week in the hands of many wrestling fans. This piece takes a look at some of worst below.

Seth Rollins

WCW Backstage Assault

Although the name suggested what we should expect of it, it was still very annoying. Backstage fights are fun when they happen once in a while as a sideshow, but not when they are the focus of the game. Wrestling matchups should only be held in a ring. Add the fact that players couldn’t defend championship belts after winning them, and the terrible gameplay, and it is no surprise that this game only sold around 200,000 copies worldwide. If you want to take a break from playing games on one of the PayPal casinos, as found here, this is definitely not the game you want to be turning to; stick with the slots.

Royal Rumble Dreamcast

This game was released on the Sega Dreamcast and arcades by the WWE. The selling point for the game was the ability to have 8 characters on screen at one time. However, gamers could only play in two modes: Royal Rumble and Exhibition. Additionally, the game had only 22 characters. This is odd for a game named Royal Rumble when you consider the fact that Royal Rumble matchups required 30 men. So while playing the Royal Rumble mode of this game, it was common to see one wrestler appear severally during the match, or clones all over the place; what a disappointment.

WWE Crush Hour

This was a massive failure, as the idea was ridiculous. In the game, wrestlers were forced by Vince McMahon to take part in a racing game with different cars representing the wrestlers driving them. Who buys a wrestling game to drive cars around? And no, the racing in Crush Hour doesn’t hold a candle to the standard racing games of its time. It wasn’t funny to wrestling fans then, it is still not funny to us now.

WCW Mayhem

EA had no experience making wrestling games before they jumped on this one, so it was destined to fail. It was the first wrestling game to feature audio commentary, but it had several structural issues. Some of these included lack of the create-a-wrestler system, a severely outdated roster and severely limited move-sets for wrestlers.

WrestleMania: The Arcade Game

This is yet another failed attempt at bringing variation to a wrestling game. Mortal Kombat was the buzz of the moment at the time so the WWE deemed it reasonable to create something close to it. Instead of wrestling characters using traditional moves, they were made to mimic Mortal Kombat characters. Imagine Undertaker not using The Choke Slam but instead firing ghosts at people! Absolutely terrible!

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