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WrestleMania 31 Fantasy Card Part 1


It has come full circle. One of the very first article series I wrote one year ago, and I am back to write my fantasy card again for WrestleMania 31. To be honest, this year's road to WrestleMania has sucked, and I mean really sucked. The card isn't bad, it's just okay, because there is no story we want to follow. The point of this card is to conclude story lines, and push talent. Not to mention adding a little nostalgia into the mix. Now I can't change anything that happened since the last pay per view, but I can make adjustments since then such as build and title changes if it works for the best. I also can't use any injured superstars either. So let's get booking.

Pre-Show: #1 Contenders Battle Royal

Since the pre-show is going to be 2 hours for WrestleMania. I figured why not book two pre-show matches. Very similar to the actual card, a battle royal would take place during the pre-show. Unlike the Andre The Giant Battle Royal being switched to the pre-show last minute, this #1 Contenders Battle Royal would be scheduled during that time. The winner would get to challenge the Intercontinental Champion on the actual card later that night. The only person worth winning the match would be Dolph Ziggler. He is talented, under appreciated, and a guaranteed spot for him in the title match would almost instantly turn it into a classic.

Winner - Dolph Ziggler

Pre-Show: Tag Team Championship Match - The Usos vs. Cesaro & Tyson Kidd (c)

The second pre-show contest would be a rematch between the Usos and the new tag champs. This would be a great match to lead into the main card. Both teams would put on great performances, and pull out all the stops in a fast paced rematch. The outcome would see the champions retain their titles, and continue to develop as a tag team.

Winners - Cesaro & Tyson Kidd (Retains)

Match #1: Intercontinental Championship Match - Dolph Ziggler vs. Dean Ambrose (c)

In my version, you see that I have Dean Ambrose holding the title. That is because he would have won it from Bad News Barrett on Raw. Barrett’s title reign has been a joke and if Ambrose had the title, I feel the booking would be a different story from Barrett’s. Add in Ziggler as the challenger, and you have one hell of an opener. Give these men the time and they will bring the house down. Of course Ambrose would retain, as he would be the guy who will finally bring prestige back to the Intercontinental Championship.

Winner - Dean Ambrose (Retains)

Match #2: The Miz vs. Damien Sandow

This match is what the audience is wanting. The build has been amazing, and the time to make the turn is now. With these two in a match, we would get to see Damien Sandow elevated as a face, and The Miz elevated as a heel. As long as Damien Sandow gets the win, the future looks bright for him.

Winner - Damien Sandow

Match #3: Triple Threat Match - Erick Rowan vs. Luke Harper vs. Bray Wyatt

This was set up at the Royal Rumble, and it would also give all three men something meaningful to go after. Granted this is a drop for Bray Wyatt’s real program with Undertaker, but this would be an interesting story as well. Former family members battling it out to see who is the true star. Bray Wyatt would get the victory over his disciples in a brutal face off between the three talented superstars.

Winner - Bray Wyatt

Match #4: Rhodes Family Handicap Match - Stardust vs. Goldust & Dusty Rhodes

Another programmed dropped for no reason is the Rhodes brother feud. One match with a questionable ending is not enough. Closure that sees a rise in the stock of the younger guy is what was needed. Why not continue the journey to recover Cody’s soul. Have Dusty and Cody’s brother Goldust team up to try and bring Cody back. Stardust would reign supreme when it was all said and done. An added kick to his father’s head would then place him as a top heel to see rise up the ranks. It also provides a shocking WrestleMania moment.

Winner - Stardust

Well that is the first part of my two part fantasy card. Let me know what you think in the comments below and if you want a quick link to the second part, click here. Thank you, and have a good day.

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