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WrestleMania 32's Biggest Issues and How To Fix Them

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WrestleMania 32 is supposed to be one of the biggest of all time. WWE will be attempting to fill AT&T stadium in Dallas, TX and break their attendance record of 108,713. If WWE can break that record, not only will they have set the record for largest WrestleMania attendance, but it will break the all time indoor attendance record, as well. Not only that, but WWE is always trying to boost the number of WWE network subscribers they have. As a result of trying to accomplish such a massive goal, they’re obviously setting their best foot forward in terms of booking, right? HA-HA not quite! WrestleMania 32 is suffering from two major problems: Injuries and poor booking. WWE’s injured list is longer than Terry Bollea thinks Hulk Hogan’s shlong is. Including names like John Cena, Sting, Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, Cesaro, Tyson Kidd, Neville, possibly Luke Harper, and Nikki Bella. This isn’t including NXT injuries either. While I think something needs to change to help prevent injuries, for right now, we will consider this as something WWE can’t control. What they can control, however, is the ghastly booking that has gone into this year’s WrestleMania planning. There has been more up in the air and last minute scrambling for this WrestleMania than I’ve ever seen before. There are a lot of people wondering how WWE is going to pull off a successful show. The main event matches are set up in such a way that we could see fans revolt or even worse, be completely apathetic. There is nothing scarier to the WWE than a silent WrestleMania. Here are the two biggest problems WWE is facing at WrestleMania and how they can save themselves from total disaster.

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Triple H vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

The Problem: This one has disaster written all over it. No matter how hard WWE is pushing Roman Reigns, he’s just not getting over with the crowd. Now the fans are starting to feel like Reigns is being forced on them and they’re rejecting it. Reigns has been getting a significant amount of heat from the audience. Even worse, when WWE was in Philadelphia, a town well known for being a “wrestling crowd”, they were dead silent for Roman Reigns. There is nothing worse for a wrestler than getting NO reaction. Triple H also made the mistake of taking on Roman Reigns as The Game instead of as The Authority’s leader. People loved Triple H when he was the badass. To add gas to the fire, Triple H insists on doing the DX crotch chops. People love Degeneration X with a passion. Why remind them of something they love while trying to get heat? Right now it’s looking like the fans are going to cheer Hunter and boo Roman. If they aren’t careful and Roman wins, they’re going to end up with Roman getting booed out of the arena.

The Solution: This one is tricky, really tricky. WWE had a chance to save things, or give themselves an out, a dozen times and didn’t. The only way to pull this off without having the crowd turn on not only Roman but the whole show, is to pull off the very rare double turn. Double turns are extremely difficult, especially during the course of a match. It’s easier when it’s one person turning, but it’s much harder when it’s both. They are going to need some assistance. They’re going to need...The Rock.

Have Roman win a match letting him pick the special guest ref. He wins and picks his cousin, who is already planning on being at WrestleMania, to help him. The match starts and The Rock is calling things down the middle. Roman starts to get frustrated with the fact that Rocky is calling things so evenly. Roman wants him to speed up the pinfall counts. The Rock tells Roman no, he’s going to count things right down the middle. Roman hits a Superman Punch and a spear, he goes for the cover but Triple H kicks out at the very last possible millisecond. Roman gets up, furious, and gets in The Rock’s face. Rock pushes Roman out of his face and points to his referee shirt, saying he’s in charge. Roman jumps up and hits a Superman Punch on Rock and follows up with a spear. Roman gets on top of Rock and starts hammering away at him. Triple H pulls Roman off The Rock and ask him what the hell he’s doing, but Roman blasts Hunter and goes back to attacking Rock. The Usos run out to confront and stop Roman’s attack. Roman tells them to stay out of it, and when they don’t he attacks them, too. Roman picks up a sledgehammer that Hunter tried to use earlier and blasts Triple H in the face with it. Another referee runs out and counts the pinfall for Roman. Roman is WWE Champion again, but this time, he is a full blown heel. The Rock doesn’t lose any momentum as a huge babyface. Triple H goes back to being a tweener/babyface.

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The Undertaker vs. Shane McMahon. If Shane wins he controls Raw and The Undertaker never wrestles at WrestleMania again.

The Problem: Shane McMahon’s return to WWE was nothing short of epic. The reaction he received from the crowd was incredible and I haven’t seen anything like it in years. Shane returned and he wanted control of Monday Night Raw! Fans loved it! They were eating out of the palm of WWE’s hand. That overwhelming momentum was crushed, however, within about 2 minutes. Shortly after Shane returned to a thunderous ovation, Vince announced Shane would be fighting for control of Raw, and who was he facing? The Undertaker! Wait, that doesn’t make sense. Shane is a massive babyface and The Undertaker is a...massive babyface. It’s ok it’s not like The Undertaker has a precious 22-1 record that should go untouched...oh wait! It’s not like it would massively undermine Brock Lesnar if Shane McMahon went over Undertaker...oh wait! The fans will never EVER turn on The Undertaker, but they also hate The Authority with everything they have. Why would you ever put these two things on SEPARATE sides?! Shouldn’t Vince have Sheamus or someone else who is a huge heel *cough Triple H* be battling on behalf of the heel Authority? WWE attempted to piece things together, but it’s almost like the booking was done backwards to tie up loose ends. What’s going to happen when the two actually meet inside a ring? My guess would be mostly OHing and AHing at the big spots and confusion otherwise. "I love The Undertaker and don’t want him to lose, so I’ll cheer for him. Oh but wait, I hate The Authority and want Shane in control of Monday Night Raw, so I’ll cheer him." These things end up canceling each other out and when a winner is finally crowned, people be unhappy either way.

The Solution: Let’s be clear here, there is no win-win scenario here that I have thought of that leaves people walking out of WrestleMania saying, “Oh that works for me!” WWE has booked themselves into a corner and I still have no idea what they were thinking. There is either something coming that is so smart that I can’t comprehend it, or more likely, they booked first and asked questions later. That said, here is the best idea I can come up with that will satisfy in the long run. The Undertaker and Shane battle things out inside (and out) of Hell in a Cell. The match comes down to one final spot, Undertaker throwing Shane off the Hell in a Cell cage, much like he did to Mick Foley back in the day. Only, unlike Mick, Shane won’t be getting up. The match is ruled in The Undertaker’s favor, but only because the medical staff won’t let Shane continue.
The next night on Raw, Shane comes out and say that he wasn’t beaten, he was forced to stop the match by the medical staff. Vince comes out and tells him sorry about your luck, but that’s business. Shane says Vince is right, business is business so he’s going to do business for himself and reveal what he has over Vince. The reason that Vince has been pushing the idea that he was “disowning Shane” wasn’t just to hurt Shane’s feelings. It was because Shane found out that in Vincent J. McMahon’s Last Will and Testament the WWE was left to Vince McMahon Jr. under the stipulation that at 65 years old he would have to retire and pass the whole company over to his first born child, Shane. When Shane found out his father didn’t want to step down, he confronted Vince about it. Vince paid off Shane and Shane left the company to go do other things. The timing on it is PERFECT. Shane left the company in January of 2010, so Vince would have been 64 years old with a birthday in August, leaving him with just about 7 months before he would have been forced to retire. Shane would then say since he lost anyway, he has nothing to lose announcing this to everyone! This leads to Vince having to step down and Shane in control. Shane would tell his sister that he’s not totally heartless, she can run Smackdown while he runs Raw. This leads to a brand split and competition between the Raw Brand and the Smackdown brand. We could even see Triple H take over NXT and make it a three-way split.

Tell me what you guys think! Does this booking save WrestleMania or would you like to see something else? What would you do to save WrestleMania? Does WrestleMania even need saving? Let me know in the comments below!

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