WrestleMania; My Best And Worst

It may have been one of the worst build ups, if not the worst build up ever to WrestleMania but thankfully everything was alright on the night. Although I think some of the initial reaction I saw on social media was maybe a little over the top, it was certainly a great event with plenty more high-points than low-points. You know something is pretty good when only hours later you start watching it again which is exactly what I did. There are plenty of people who have already dissected the card match by match and plenty will continue to do so over the coming weeks. Instead I just want to pick out my best and worst moment and then do something a little different in my next article.

Seth Rollins

Best Moment: Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns - WWE Title Match

Yes for once the main event was without a doubt the main event. This was always going to cause controversy at some point, I wanted Brock to keep the title and I know I was in the minority. However the majority who wanted it off him also didn't want it on the challenger Roman Reigns so for most people this match was always going to be a no-win. As soon as Seth Rollins lost to Randy Orton however it did make me immediately wonder if that meant he was going over later which of course was the final outcome. What came in-between though was a fantastic WrestleMania main event, possibly one of the very best ever. Reigns, the supposed face, was greeted by a chorus of boos when the two were introduced and in contrast the crowd chanted along enthusiastically with Paul Heyman as he once again battered his vocal cords announcing the arrival of "The Beast Incarnate". Minutes in to this extremely stiff encounter and Reigns, like Cena before him, had immediately taken a handful of German suplexes and an F5 which had somehow caused Lesnar to be bleeding under his eye. A phrase was then uttered, oddly by a man who has most of his talking done for him, which will I'm sure adorn a million t-shirts in the near future, "Suplex city bitch" indeed!

Brock Lesnar Blood

It was mostly Lesnar domination, which many were not expecting after the way WWE had to try to hype Reigns, although Roman did attempt the odd bit of offence in-between taking suplexes. After he was sent head first into the ring post Lesnar was bleeding Attitude-era amounts of blood and after multiple Superman punches and a couple of spears he eventually went down, as did Reigns after a third F5. Then Rollins' music kicked in, cash-in happened, triple threat started and the excitement hit new levels. The final segment of Lesnar about to F5 Rollins but being speared by Reigns who was then curb stomped by Rollins was poetry in motion. We then had the WrestleMania rarity of a heel winner in the 'Mania main event. Lesnar's monster status is left in tact, Reigns has main event experience and put in a good performance and we have a surprise new champion who has had an amazing year and deserves his place at the top of the card. Not bad, not bad at all.

Worst Moment: The Rock and Ronda Rousey vs The Authority

"That is the biggest WrestleMania moment of the night, The Rock and Ronda Rousey laying the smack down on your candy asses." The fact that Dwayne, Paul and Stephanie all probably believe that final statement made by The Rock following their 25 minute ego show is the most worrying thing of all for WWE. The segment was far longer than any of the matches on the card and the clowns in charge obviously believe it was more important.

The Rock & Ronda Rousey

Not happy enough with booking himself to beat "The Icon" Sting in his WWE début, Triple H decided that WrestleMania wouldn't be complete without the section of Raw everyone hates the most, the 20-30 mins of The Authority babbling on about one thing or another which they insist on doing every single show. Intercontinental title match aside which I felt could have done with a little more time, I felt the matches were getting just enough time and the show didn't feel rushed which can sometimes be an issue. There was a good momentum and atmosphere built and then they had to try and ruin it with an overblown promo.

Ok I accept that 4 hours (more if you count the kick off show) is probably too much to not expect a promo, musical interlude, comedy skit etc. and that WrestleMania is an entertainment show, not just a "wrasslin" show, but this could have been done in ten mins with the exact same message conveyed. Believe me there is nothing I like seeing more than the more irritating and obnoxious by the minute Stephanie McMahon getting her ass kicked, kayfabe or not. But it all took far too long and that ridiculous comment at the end was way too much and disrespectful to all the performers on the roster who really made it the great show it was.

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