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WrestleMania Punked Out, Or Taking The Sting Out Of WrestleMania

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I was commenting on Ask WNW today when I realized that I had more to say about WrestleMania and Punk than I could put into one comment. I'm going to try to keep this as cohesive as possible, but my brain is going in many directions right now. It seems as though many fans – fair weather, hardcore, and IWC – are banking on certain things to happen in the WWE, especially at WrestleMania XXX, even though the WWE hasn't advertised these things, or even mentioned these things as a possibility. In writing RAW Is Blogged I have learned to pin the WWE down for all the daft moves they make, but I can't blame most, or any, of this on them.

While it has taken too long, it seems as though the WWE has pulled together a solid and diverse card for WrestleMania, while making sure as many Superstars as possible get a bonus for the biggest PPV of the year. The Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal had me worried that too many Superstars would be there, and not in smaller matches where they could both shine and continue on with their growing pushes, but things seem to be coming together. It might not be the best card, but it's much stronger than it was two weeks ago.

All that is great, but it seems as though the fans are expecting more, so much more, even though the WWE hasn't even hinted at more. We have Hogan hosting WrestleMania, but not working the ring, to bring in the big name star power that The Rock did for the past two years. Add in the big names being inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame this year. We know that Stone Cold Steve Austin will be around for the shows even if we don't see him at WrestleMania. There's little chance that other big name former Superstars will be stepping in to take spots away from the Superstars scheduled to work the ring. Yet fans are still expecting so much more.

The two big things that people are wanting to see at WrestleMania this year are Sting and Punk. Neither of them have been advertised, or even mentioned in connection to WrestleMania. Punk isn't talking, and Sting is working another event that weekend – though it is in New Orleans. I understand always wanting bigger and better for shows like WrestleMania, but to expect these two men to be there just seems like fans are setting themselves up for a fall. Or they're going to use Sting and Punk not being there live as reasons to complain about why WrestleMania wasn't as great of a PPV as it should have been. Always looking for a reason to bash the WWE, so why not use the lack of Sting and Punk as ammo if the rest of the show is stellar?

Now, I'm all for the WWE bringing in Sting for that last big match he wants with Taker. Does it make sense to have a year to build this, the way they did with Cena and The Rock? In some ways, it does, in other ways making us wonder for nine months could also be fun. To me Taker vs Sting would be a much bigger match, even at their ages, than the first Cena vs The Rock. These two men were huge in their day, and both played very creative and mysterious character, one on each side of the Monday Night War. They are two of only a couple who are still working the ring from that era, and they both leave it all in the ring for the fans, no matter who they're facing. They may not be as young as they used to be, but they both do all they can to make the fans happy with each match they have. I'm hopeful and excited to see this happen, but I don't expect Sting to show up at WrestleMania to start the feud, because nothing has been mentioned by the WWE in any way, shape, or form.

Then there's Punk. It seems the fans are really split on this. Some really want to see Punk gone, while others want Punk back to save the day. Save the day from what? I don't know! It seems to me that things have been going just fine in the WWE since he left. They were bending over backward to get Punk back, yet no go. I understand Punk being terribly unhappy, but his position was no different from half of the roster wanting bigger and better matches at WM. I can understand Punk thinking he should be in the main event, but the wrestling industry is all ebb and flow. Cena is top dog on the roster, and he's not in the main event at WM this year. It happens! What I really don't like is the unprofessional way Punk handled everything. Rather than talking things out, he lived up to his name, punked out and left. Personally I think he's acting like a spoiled brat who needs to put up or shut up. If he's done, he needs to say he's done and not leave the fans hanging. If he's not done, it's time for Punk to man up and get back to work. I don't see Punk returning for WrestleMania, and I don't see as it will benefit anyone other than Punk. Either way, some professionalism from Punk would be a refreshing change of pace.

If, for some reason, Sting makes a surprise appearance at WrestleMania, I will mark out with the rest, but if he doesn't it won't hurt my expectations for WrestleMania. On the other hand, if Punk shows, it might hurt my impression of the PPV as a whole. He couldn't be bothered to be there for the build, so I don't think he should get a bonus for finally deciding to come back to the fans, many of which are still holding strong for his return. Sting and Punk are questions for WrestleMania that people keep asking, but without even a mention from the WWE, I don't understand why the questions are even being asked.

Queen of WNW

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