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WrestleTalk TV Interviews Sabu - Part 2

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Last week I covered part one of Sabu's exclusive sit down interview with Ben Spindler from Wrestle Talk TV, with the second part airing on Challenge TV in the UK this past Sunday. Topics covered last week included Paul Heyman, the success and failure of the original ECW, and Sabu's time with the company. While Sabu made some pretty controversial comments in the first part of the interview he really didn't hold back any in the second part either. This time Sabu spoke on several subjects including his thoughts on the WWE's version of ECW, his thoughts on John Cena, the One Night Stand Pay Per Views, Vince McMahon wanting Sabu to be a baby face, his gimmick, the fans of today, the WWE Hall of Fame, and his legacy in wrestling. Sabu rarely ever grants interviews so this has been a unique and exciting glimpse into the mind of the man known as the homicidal, suicidal, genocidal, death defying maniac that I have thoroughly enjoyed hearing.


The first topic covered during the interview were the 2005 and 2006 One Night Stand Pay Per Views. Sabu stated that he thought the 2005 show was great because most of the talent still had 'it', could still go in the ring, and it bought the talent back together to give that real feeling of nostalgia. Whereas with the 2006 version of the show Sabu felt he liked his match but he didn't like the card because it was more diluted with WWE talent and felt the product suffered because of it. While the 2006 version probably felt more exciting to watch in terms of the matches I do tend to agree with Sabu here because the 2005 version was literally all about the ECW talent from the original company with the spotlight on them. It was ECW in Paul Heyman's vision still and had not been diluted down into the vision that Vince McMahon and WWE had for it.

Sabu gave his thoughts on WWE's weekly version of ECW and his experience with the company during that time. Sabu said he found the grind of the weekly shows hard, and spoke about how the company broker promises to him about how they would use his character, how they wouldn't change him, and how he would have creative control over his character and matches to give the Sabu character that feeling of being an old school ECW star. Three months down the line the company tried to change his character by making him talk, something Sabu revealed he was not a fan of doing. Sabu also revealed how he felt used by WWE for the company to get their guys over and revealed that had they been up front and told him this before he signed he would have refused to join. Sabu also later revealed in the interview he didn't really like talking and felt uncomfortable in those types of situations. It's a shame that Sabu had to experience such deceit and that he felt lied to by the company and I believe WWE really did more damage than good to the Sabu character in the long run with the way they used him during his run with the company and could have used him better overall but I guess a character like Sabu, with the style he wrestled it was always going to be a mismatch between two parties in the end.


The question of heroes and villains was raised and what Sabu thought about this. Sabu felt that the heroes of today are seen more as the villains by 'smarter' fans, and used the example of John Cena, who is very much the top star in WWE, but gets booed by fans for the sake of it. Sabu revealed he actually enjoyed working with Cena, and feels that he is a good wrestler to work with. We can debate the whole booing and cheering of John Cena situation all we want because there really is no right or wrong answer when it comes to who fans should cheer for and boo but Sabu is right in that fans really seem to like to boo the guys WWE want us to get behind, and the company has to take some responsibility for that in the way they often just shove stars down our throats rather than build them slowly and get the fan support in the right way. However with the faster pace of today's product and the feeling of a need to produce the next top household name I can understand why the company sometimes rush to put stars into the spotlight sooner than later.

Sabu's legacy was talked about which he felt would be determined by whatever happens during his career. He bought up a great quote which was "a true artist isn't appreciated until they are dead so I guess we'll find out when I die". He also spoke candidly about the WWE Hall of Fame and that he cares nothing at all for it, that it is the fakest Hall of Fame ever, and would rather be inducted into the pro wrestling Hall of Fame. Sabu sees the WWE Hall of Fame as simply a money making scheme for the company and it is not there to honor the wrestlers especially as they put in who they want not who deserves to be. His quote about artists not being appreciated till they are dead is spot on. Let's look at Randy Savage; WWE refused to acknowledge him at times until after his death and it took until then for him to finally get his rightful place in the Hall of Fame. Sabu's comment son the Hall of Fame were interesting considering he inducted his uncle, the Original Sheik back in 2007. However rumors at that time were WWE were only keeping Sabu in the company to induct the Sheik, and the fact he was indeed released so soon after probably made him feel more disgruntled toward the company and what the Hall of Fame stood for.


Sabu is very much in my mind one of the most under appreciated and valued wrestlers of his generation. He possesses an innovative style that many have attempted to copy but have failed to succeed at while he has also become a pioneer and face for the original ECW. I doubt there will ever be another superstar who lives and breaths his gimmick again as much as Sabu, and you can tell how much he believes in and loves what he does and has accomplished from the way he spoke. It's a great shame we don't get to hear more from Sabu, but at the same time I think that adds some uniqueness to him granting this interview and makes the man seem more interesting. Is this the last we have heard from Sabu vocally? I really hope not as Sabu has an incredible story and has had an incredible journey over the last thirty years with matches being racked up around the world against some of the industries biggest names. It's great to see Sabu enjoying what he does still and I hope that when he finally hangs up those boots he gets the true appreciation, and spots in the pro wrestling Hall of Fame that he deserves.

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