WWE Attempting To Block Concussion Lawsuits, Koko B Ware & Others Intend To Sue


The Associated Press is reporting that WWE filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Connecticut on Monday, asking a federal judge to block lawsuits by former wrestlers who claim they have suffered long-term health problems from concussions they received in the ring. WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt claims the company is being targeted by a lawyer who is improperly shopping lawsuits to former WWE talent across the country.

McDevitt claims the targeted talent are being led to believe they can get money like former NFL players that filed similar litigation. The NFL paid out $1 billion to 20,000 players under a settlement.

"Before this guy started trolling around looking for people to sue, we didn't have one person, none, claiming they had any kind of traumatic brain injuries, or dementia or ALS or any of the kind of stuff you seek associated with the NFL," McDevitt said in an article published by The Associated Press.

WWE issued this statement:

"It is unfortunate that some former performers have been improperly recruited under the guise of a big `pay day', and we feel badly that these individuals are being misled and exploited,”

Konstantine Kyros is the lawyer in question and he backs the claims as legitimate. "What the WWE lawsuit is doing is trying to do is prevent some of the most storied performers in the history of the organization from having their day in court," he said.

Blackjack Mulligan (Robert Windham), Koko B. Ware (James Ware) and The Dynamite Kid (Thomas Billington) have all sent letters to WWE indicating an intent to sue.

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