WWE Doesn't Need Samoa Joe And He Doesn't Need Them

Samoa Joe

Contrary to what some people are saying I fail to see how WWE needs the Samoa Joe of 2015 and equally I don't think he needs WWE. Make no mistake about it Joe in his day was one of the best wrestlers in the world with a believable style that seemed unmatched on US soil. However the sad reality is that was nearly a decade ago and Joe has not been the performer he once was for a long time now.

The news of Joe's departure doesn't come as a great shock under the circumstances as TNA are having to make a lot of cutbacks due to the difference in money they are receiving from Destination America to what Spike was paying them. Many talents have had to take pay cuts and this it seems is the reason for Joe's departure from TNA as he tweeted that they had decided to part ways and John Gaburick later tweeted "On expiration of @SamoaJoe contract, TNA and Joe have agreed to part ways. Joe will always be a member of our family & we wish him the best." While I have no doubt TNA offered Joe a new contract the likelihood is it would have been for less money than his previous contract which coupled with some of his friends like AJ Styles claiming to be making more money with New Japan and indie dates maybe Joe felt now was the time to try greener pastures.

The other fact to look at is that clearly Joe had been lacking motivation for sometime probably dating back to his TNA world title reign where he was paired with Kevin Nash and after a somewhat uninspiring run as champ dropped the belt to Sting. Joe never did get another run as champ and shortly after dropping the belt gained weight and was given a series of ridiculous gimmicks such as the Nation of Violence or the losing streak in 2011. By the time TNA returned to our screens on Destination America one would never have associated Samoa Joe with once being one of the best wrestlers in the world.

So the question now is what's next for Samoa Joe? Realistically at the age of nearly 36 a sabbatical would seem like a bad idea coupled with Joe, if he wants to get back to the performer he once was, needing to drop a few pounds in weight. While the likely destination for Joe is Ring of Honor or New Japan there are some fans who are hoping that WWE will make a move at long last.

Maybe if this was 2005-2007 I would be a tad more optimistic but WWE had a very different philosophy back then however even with the change in attitude in 2015 I doubt it will happen. The absolute best Joe could expect would be a try out at the performance center and then an offer to go NXT. Regardless of who you are, with the exception of a Sting for example, it seems everyone has to go through NXT before having a chance at getting onto Raw and SmackDown. Is the Samoa Joe of 2015 up to the standards of NXT and would Joe want to have a stint in, which for all the plaudits the show receives, developmental? On both accounts I would say no unless of course Joe got motivated and was desperate to give WWE a crack before time runs out if it hasn't already. Even then it has to be taken into consideration that NXT is about building for the future and at nearly 36 is that something one could say about Joe?

There is also something else to consider which is that even if all the stars aligned and Joe went to WWE he would have to shake off the TNA stigma and suffer being told that he doesn't know how to work. Both CM Punk and Daniel Bryan had to take it on the chin that their former accomplishments and matches were worthless, is that something Joe would be willing to hear and not answer back to? Considering his reputation for speaking out over the years it seems doubtful at best. While many top former wrestlers such as Mick Foley and Steve Austin have called for WWE to sign Joe in the past even they must know that it would be an uphill struggle from the beginning for him and WWE is a vastly different company now than when they were working there.

The good news for Joe is that he doesn't need a WWE offer and actually could make a very nice living working for ROH, New Japan and handpick indie dates that suit him. The complete opposite to WWE, where as said Joe would likely be mocked, Joe would be treated like a star in ROH and New Japan as well as topping most indie cards he appears on. Looking at it from that point of view it seems the best for everyone all round would be for Joe to do his own thing and maybe find enjoyment in what he does once more. Nearly every promotion in the UK would want to have Joe on one of their cards and while it seems unlikely there is always the possibility that Joe and TNA work something out a little down the line.

While it seemed like something fans wanted and hoped for the reality is not every wrestler is cut out for the WWE and Samoa Joe seems to fall into this category but as DDP would say that's not a bad thing that's a good thing.

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