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Does WWE Enjoy Sticking It To Their Fans?

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One of the most simple things we learn as we grow up is that it is okay to make mistakes just as long as we learn from them and do not replicate them. It would seem on the surface that this is something that WWE is all too often doing in continually making the same mistakes. This year's Royal Rumble would seem to be a perfect case in point as once again WWE refused to give their fans what they wanted and continued with the push of Roman Reigns. Much like last year where they decided to push Batista over Daniel Bryan once again WWE decided to tell the fans what they wanted rather than listen to them. The upshot of this was that once again a babyface Royal Rumble victory was met by a chorus of booing. However upon further reflection of the event I feel that more than just remaking simple mistakes I feel WWE motives were a little more arrogant and this was the event where Vince McMahon gave a real FU to the "WWE Universe." Anyone who listened to Vince on the Stone Cold podcast could see clearly that not only does he have a huge ego and talks crap but also that he has a great penchant for ignoring the obvious. The statement about Cesaro not connecting with fans was a perfect example as Cesaro had received the biggest pop at Wrestlemania 30, Daniel Bryan aside, yet Vince still went right ahead and said it.

So back to the Rumble and the PPV kicked off with three tag matches, the first of which was short and sour as The Ascension went over the Old Age Inlaws in a match that did nothing for either team aside from point out that a near 20 year old catchphrase is still over. Chants of "You've still got it" towards Billy Gunn made me chuckle as I can't remember when he had it, what I will say is he is as good as he ever was! The Ascension picked up the win in which they finally impressed JBL, yes the commentator thought a win over a team with a combined age of 96 was impressive.

Damien Mizdow was the only participant of the tag title match that was over with the fans and with that was never actually tagged into the match, of course not why would he be? After all it's only what the fans wanted. Same went for the next tag match as Paige was the only one who elicited any sort of reaction from the crowd and yes that includes the Bella mannequin dolls. Indeed unlike on SmackDown where the Bella's are always booed, on live shows they just enter to the sound of rats pissing on cotton, hmmmmm I'm sure it has nothing to do with the blue show being taped and some audio trickery, must be just different audiences I bet.

Have the Bella's improved? marginally I guess but when you was originally diabolically crap that doesn't mean you are now good. Still as long as one of them is knocking off John "Hustle, Loyalty and Bury" Cena they will ultimately be pushed. Unfortunately they absolutely buried Natalya and never tagged Paige into the match as the commentators just droned on about how amazing the Bella's are. Still I have said it before and it still stands true Nikki is the only wrestler ever to be promoted up the card after laying down for John Cena...............I'm sure there is a moral there.

It would be amiss of me to not mention how great the triple threat world title match was, Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins and John Cena had a cracking match which aside from a few things, the Cena STF which he either needs to stop using or be shown how to apply properly and the fact that Rollins went under. That's not to say that Brock shouldn't have won but by pinning Rollins that leaves no end to the Lesnar/Cena feud or as is more likely Rollins was put into the match so that Cena wouldn't have to do the job. Still the action was top class with a plethora of big moves and near falls which the fans rightly ate up.

That brought us to the Rumble itself and the chance for Vince to ram home the message that this was his house and he will do as he pleases. Putting Daniel Bryan in the match was always going to be a dangerous move as it raised fans hopes but to eliminate him after just 10 minutes in was downright ridiculous and a slap in the face of fans. The same went for Dolph Ziggler who was given less than three minutes in the match, in fact Bryan and Ziggler's Rumble time combined was equal/less to Stardust, Jack Swagger and Big E, if ever one wanted proof what WWE really thinks of its fans opinions there it was.

Two of the most popular acts in the whole company given less time combined than glorified jobbers or frivolous characters. On a night where WWE had a real chance to give fans what they wanted and potentially push network subscribers up Vince instead let his ego run wild and deliberately NOT gave fans what they clearly wanted. Fans cheer Mizdow so he doesn't get tagged in, fans cheer Paige so she doesn't get tagged in what was essentially a squash match. Cena was protected once again while Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler were treated like they had just come over from TNA.

All this while golden boy and Rumble winner Roman Reigns was booed out of the building, hell not even an endorsement from The Rock could persuade fans to cheer for him. Even towards the end of the Rumble fans were rooting for Rusev instead of Reigns, yes fans would have been more happier seeing an act that continually puts down America than see Roman Reigns win. Now what was it Vince said on that podcast about listening to fans?

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