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WWE Fantasy Draft

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Hello WNW people, Mitch “Big M” Adams here and it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the first edition of the wrestling news world fantasy WWE draft.

Since the news first broke of Smackdown going live Tuesday nights (Wednesday afternoons here in Australia) and the impending return of the brand separation I thought I’d have a little fun and try to figure out which superstars will wind up where after July 11 when the draft takes place and why. Now obviously I’m not going to try and work out the fate of EVERY WWE superstar as that would result in an article the size of a small novel. So I thought I’d limit myself to who I believe will be the top five stars of each brand. Now obviously not everyone will agree with me so please feel free to list your top five picks for each brand in the comments section. Ok so let's get this draft underway shall we?

No.1 Raw draft pick -Roman Reigns

This pick should come to no surprise to anyone. Despite the majority of the audience rejecting him in such a colossal and vocal way, Roman Reigns is still penciled in as the next face of the company. And despite fan reaction to him reaching new levels of heat never before seen in WWE at times, WWE’s higher-ups have stubbornly said: “He’s the guy whether they want him or not”. And whether we like it or not, Roman Reigns will be the man leading the red brand going forward. Now honestly, I’m not keen on this idea either as I feel the Reigns experiment has well and truly flopped, and I don’t think there is much WWE can do to turn it around. BUT with that being said the brand separation could wind up being a blessing in disguise for poor old Roman. With Smackdown going live and presumably having their own World Champion, WWE could negate some of the heat going Roman’s way by making someone who is a fan favourite (not an office favourite) the World Champion of Smackdown (More on that later). Both World Titles would have to be seen as equal in worth for this to be accomplished, of course (Something WWE abandoned by 2010 when the World Heavyweight Championship was relegated to a Mid-Card Title behind the WWE Championship), but I believe it would be WWE’s way of saying “We know you don’t like Reigns, But we do, so he’s staying….However will give you this guy as well to make up for it, deal”.

No.1 Smackdown draft pick - John Cena

Now, while Roman Reigns has been penciled in as the new face of the company…the old face John Cena isn’t ready to leave just yet. Although I, and a few others, think he maybe should, on the grounds that working a program with “Super-Cena” will cause a new worker’s career to go nowhere, but down resulting in a long, hard slog back up. But it doesn’t change the fact that Cena still draws from a lucrative demographic (women and kids) that WWE goes out of its way to please. And since the efforts of WWE to sell Roman Reigns to this demo has been less successful than they would’ve hoped, I expect Cena to continue to come out every Tuesday in order for WWE to sell some more of his bloody ugly T-shirts. However, on a personal level, I hope the now veteran Cena will have enough sense to go against higher ups from time to time and insist on putting a few people over ensuring the future of the industry.

No.2 Raw draft pick - Kevin Owens.

This one is a no-brainer.

Kevin Owens, in my humble opinion, is the best heel in the business today, bar none. Everything he does illicit’s a reaction from the audience, from playing dirty, to insulting the crowd, to threatening Michael Cole on commentary. He’s the guy so bad he’s good. WWE as a whole is in desperate need of strong heel’s and KO fits that bill to a tee.

No.2 Smackdown draft pick - Dean Ambrose

I expect people are tired of hearing me say this…BUT I must ask again, HOW has Dean Ambrose not been World Champion yet? HOW is Dean Ambrose not the new face of the company? WHY do WWE higher ups fail to see what the rest of us see in Dean Ambrose. These are the questions that have been racking my brain for the last 18 months. For, in my opinion, Dean Ambrose was always the standout of The Shield. Now if WWE’s plan to negate some of the heat going Roman Reigns way is to give fans an alternative Superstar to cheer for on Smackdown…then they should look no further than DEAN F*****G AMBROSE. While John Cena would possibly be considered the top star for Smackdown, I fully expect Ambrose will be the blue brand's World Champion. WWE would be bloody stupid to not go through with strapping him.

No.3 Raw draft pick - Seth Rollins

Even though many fans feel this man should be the one currently filling Roman Reigns spot as the new “chosen one” we may have to settle for him being the Lex Luther to Roman’s Superman, much like Orton was to Cena…But that's not necessarily a bad thing. We may believe Orton vs Cena was the most overused program in pro wrestling history (because it was) but it doesn’t change the fact that they had countless classic matches against one another, both getting each other over and both making a TON of money in the process. So really how can that be a bad thing for them, us and for Raw.

No.3 Smackdown draft pick - The Miz

This one may come as a shock to some (myself included) but I’ve come to realise that The Miz would give Smackdown something it needs…a classic egotistical, cowardly heel. And even though Smackdown will most likely end up having their own World Title at some point…I would have hoped that the Intercontinental Title could be Smackdown's top prize re-elevating it to its rightful spot as the No.2 title in the industry like it used to be. Such an event could still happen, and if that were the case, Smackdown would need strong heels with proven IC Title success. And Miz as a five-time and current IC Champion could fill that role nicely. But if the IC Title is not made into Smackdowns top prize (more’s the pity) he could still easily be the top heel of the blue brand.

No.4 Raw draft pick - Sasha Banks

Rumours suggest that the Women’s Division will be brand exclusive, and as such I believe it will be exclusive to Raw. Now while WWE may see Charlotte as the face of the revamped Women’s Division, I think most fans know the real star of the Four Horsewomen has been and always will be The BO$$. For weeks now WWE has kept Sasha Banks of TV to the confusion of many (myself included) but I think I’ve finally figured it out…they don’t want Sasha anywhere near The Women’s Championship, the same way they didn’t want Daniel Bryan anywhere near the World Title while Reigns was beginning his ascent. But, even with a recent concussion suffered at a house show, I don’t think WWE’s higher-ups can hold off on having her chasing for the Women’s Championship forever (the same thing would’ve happened with Bryan had injuries had not forced him into early retirement). Expect Sasha Banks to win the Women’s Championship by the end of the year and leading the division to new heights.

No.4 Smackdown draft pick - AJ Styles

Through his time in Japan and his incredible run so far in WWE, AJ Styles has long done away with the “TNA Guy” label some WWE higher ups I’m sure tried to stick on him. I mean the man’s been on WWE TV for less than six months and is already considered by fans as one of WWE’s best assets, and rumours suggest Vince McMahon feels the same way too. Now while many feel AJ should have gotten over with his feud with Roman Reigns (we can all agree AJ’s earned a World Title run in WWE before his career winds up) it didn’t come to pass because WWE still wants Roman to be “the Guy”. However, AJ did everything humanly (and inhumanly) possible to get Roman over, something not lost on WWE’s higher-ups. Expect AJ to have a great deal of success on the blue brand, especially with The Club being back together.

No.5 Raw draft pick - Becky Lynch

If you read my posts on WNW Comments section you’ll know this about me…I am in love with Becky Lynch (REALLY hope that doesn’t come off as creepy LOL) and as such I would like to see her lead the Women’s Division. But alas my beloved is not meant to hold that honour, no that honour belongs to none other than Sasha Banks. However, that doesn’t mean Becky couldn’t be the Lita to Sasha’s Trish Stratus. In fact, I fully expect this to be the case. While it may not happen in 2016, I foresee the greatest Women’s Division feud of all time to be between Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks.

No. 5 Smackdown draft pick - Fin Balor

It may be a surprise to some that I haven’t included more NXT call-ups on this fantasy draft, but there is a reason for it. WWE can’t go nuts and raid NXT’s roster for the brand separation and not have NXT suffer for it.
Don’t get me wrong I’m sure both brands will see a few call-ups from NXT, but I just don’t expect names like Nakamura or Samoa Joe to be among them (not for a while at least). But one name I definitely expect to be on Smackdown is none other than Fin Balor. One thing I REALLY hope WWE does is to have Fin feud with AJ Styles with the writing team building the storyline around how AJ kicked Fin out of The Bullet Club (The MEGA popular stable in Japan and ROH that Fin started) and assumed its leadership. All that aside, I have no doubt that “The Demon” will feel right at home on Tuesday nights.

Well, there you have it WNW People this was the first edition of the wrestling news world fantasy WWE Draft.

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