Are WWE On The Fast Lane To Making Things Right?


Last night, the world finally heard the huge announcement by Triple H that would shake the WWE Universe to its core; Triple H decided that Roman Reigns number one contendership for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship should be contested in a match at WWE Fast Lane, to make up for the outcome of the Royal Rumble. His opponent would either be Mr. Money in the Bank, Seth Rollins, or the fan favourite Daniel Bryan. Bryan and Rollins met in a match on Raw, and it was Daniel Bryan, who came out the victor, meaning he will meet Roman Reigns in a match at Fast Lane for the right to main event Wrestlemania, where the winner will go on to challenge Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. This will please many fans, especially those who think Bryan should have had his chance to main event Wrestlemania again. So will this help repair the damage WWE did at the Royal Rumble, where the WWE Universe voiced its displeasure with the booking of the match, Bryan not winning, and Reigns being the winner at the end of the night.


I'm going to be straight to the point on this; anyone who sees Bryan beating Reigns is living in a fantasy world. WWE would not put all this time and effort into Reigns, to pull the plug on him so soon after they had built him up for this position. WWE had to give the fans what they wanted last year, because they wanted Bryan to have his Wrestlemania moment, and I do not deny that he deserved it, nor do I deny that he deserves a rematch for the title he never actually lost. But this time there is not that same pressure to give the fans exactly what they want, and this scenario now gives WWE the chance to have Bryan lose to Reigns, all the while being able to say that Bryan had his chance and he lost out, and go down the whole B+ player route again.

The most likely outcome right now sees Bryan losing following interference from another superstar, with the most likely candidate being Dolph Ziggler, as there have been exchanges on Twitter between the two about having a match and stealing the show at Wrestlemania. If Dolph is going to do this, then he obviously needs a motive to cost Bryan the match. If I was booking this one way to play this one out would be to go down the route of Dolph feeling like Bryan gets all the adulation from the fans, they get him into main events via the back door. And even though Ziggler knows he steals the show night after night, the fans never did the same for him. So to get back at them the only way he knew how, he took what they wanted away from them. I'm sure WWE will find a more creative option than that, but I certainly see Dolph being the reason Bryan loses out, meaning the attention and heat from the loss is turned onto Ziggler, not Reigns or WWE, and the fans' attention towards Bryan is focused elsewhere in his bid to get revenge on Dolph.


There is a possibility we will see the match at Fast Lane end in a double disqualification, once again setting up a triple threat match for the Championship at Wrestlemania between Reigns, Bryan, and Brock Lesnar. But are WWE going to want to repeat this for a second year running? We saw the same situation last year with Bryan, Batista, and Randy Orton, and while Bryan had to wrestle twice in one night, he had such serious momentum last year that it was impossible for WWE to really deny him the opportunity to walk out as champion. But after being out with injury since April 2014, and only returning in January 2015, Bryan does not have that same momentum that makes him deserving of the opportunity. Yes, Reigns has been out injured too, but it has felt very obvious since last years Rumble, and even before, that Reigns was being built up to be WWE's next go to guy and was going to win the Rumble in 2015. We could even potentially see a Fatal Four Way if Seth Rollins chooses to announce he will cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase at Wrestlemania, making it a different scenario to last year's match. I'm not sure how the double disqualification scenario would play out, and if I'm honest I don't see that it will happen, but the possibility remains there for it to happen.

There is always the slight chance Bryan could walk out the winner, and while I don't see it happening, it has to be said it's not an impossibility. But what is that going to mean in the long term for the company? It's clear to me that WWE needs to listen more to its fans, rather than trying to tell the fans what they want to see. There has to be something WWE learnt from all this over the last two years, and we will see in the long run whether or not this changes things for the better. Maybe they will better gauge the fan reaction over the course of the year and this could influence the 2016 Rumble winner, but let's not kid ourselves. Any scenario seeing Bryan walk out the winner has to be a huge blow to Roman Reigns confidence, and for me would have to be seen as a failure on WWE's part to book what they see as their next top star in the right way.


I head into this match hoping that Bryan wins. I'm on that bandwagon, and I wish it was Bryan in the main event. However, I want to stress that I am not going to kid myself here, and I fully expect to see Roman Reigns walking out the winner, going on to Wrestlemania, and being the man to finally beat Brock Lesnar, which is a scenario I have no problem in seeing played out because I spent most of 2014 saying Reigns would win the Rumble, and go on to win the championship at Wrestlemania. WWE has put too much into Reigns for me to pull the plug on him now, and if they did, it would be a real confidence killer for Reigns, who has all the potential in the world to be a main event star, and just needs the chance to prove himself on the big stage. The moral of the story here; don't get your hopes up that WWE will give you what you want this time, because this, quite frankly would be a move that is not "best for business".

If you want to have your say on what you think will happen at Fast Lane, or on my thoughts about the impending match between Bryan and Reigns, then please use the comments section below and let the world know your thoughts.

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