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WWE Star Injured, Return Of Reigns, Cena Working Less, When WWE Brand Extension Was Planned, Lesnar Fallout, CWC Stars Signing

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Heath Slater

- We have a lot more online today regarding the situation with Brock Lesnar and his potential anti-doping violation. Everything from what he faces in fines, his future in UFC and if he could potentially miss SummerSlam. That article is exclusive and available now in our Members content.

- Heath Slater was injured at last night’s WWE live event in Bangor, Maine. The injury, a six centimeter laceration above his right eye, occurred during a match against Titus O’Neil. Slater required 18 sutures to close the laceration and the match was stopped. Dot com has official details at this link.

- Roman Reigns is due back from suspension (Wellness violation) next Saturday at WWE’s live event in Wildwood, New Jersey. This will give him a chance to knock off the ring rust before the triple threat WWE Championship match next Sunday at Battleground.

- WWE has cut back John Cena’s live event dates this summer, something we’ve mentioned previously and John himself has addressed. He worked last night in New York City and is scheduled to work tonight in Glens Falls, NY. He’s also scheduled for the company’s upcoming tours of China and Australia but won’t be working as many live event dates as usual, at least for the remainder of 2016.

- Stephanie McMahon stated on the Wrestling Compadres Podcast the WWE brand split has been planned for quite some time by Vince McMahon but they didn’t fully develop it until it got closer to Smackdown going live. Stephanie stated that Shane McMahon’s return storyline gives them a platform to promote it.

- Austin Aries was at Wednesday’s WWE NXT television tapings, despite not being used. Apparently him not working there or this weekend’s live events left fans speculating so he used Twitter to address it.

- UFC fighter Chris Weidman was backstage at last night’s WWE live event at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

- Some of the talent from WWE’s Cruiserweight Classic are signing deals. The Pro Wrestling Torch reports both Kota Ibushi and Gran Metalik have agreed to contracts and several others are on the radar. The CWC is something WWE has looked at doing for many years now and has received rave reviews from everyone involved.

- If you’re looking for something fun to watch tonight, “Ballers” starring The Rock returns on HBO at 10 PM ET. This is the premiere episode of season two, which will run for ten episodes. Season one also featured ten 30-minute episodes.

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