WWE Needs An X-Division


How many of you have been concerned recently about the booking of up and coming stars like Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn? Maybe you are concerned about the high risk style being toned down once they hit the main roster. My point being, is that we have all come to see that what we see in NXT, is not always going to be what we see on Raw and Smackdown. I mean look at how The Ascension have been booked. They went from dominant and mysterious, to snobby self-entitled chumps. We want the guys from NXT to be able to shine and showcase their skill. I think the best way is for WWE to start their own version of an X-Division. Some of you are probably thinking, Zeppelin, they tried a Cruiserweight division and it didn't work out (aka Vince didn't see any money in it). As true as that may be, an X-Division is completely different and new from a Cruiserweight Division. I can explain why in a few easy bullet points.


1. Different Mindset

Before, the smaller guys were just thrown into the division and were given barely anytime or attention; especially, towards the end when the hook was that Hornswoggle was champion. With an X-Division, they would become their own separate breed of wrestling. One that favors innovation and crazy moments. It would be a new breath of air into wrestling that could be brought on by the new talent coming in. Think of Adrian Neville, Sami Zayn, and Kevin Owens as the Christopher Daniels, AJ Styles, and Samoa Joe of WWE. The pioneers that put this new division on the map. Add in WWE veterans like Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston, and you have a solid class of top tier talent set up. This doesn't mean these guys are stuck in this division their entire careers either. Just like in TNA, X-Division stars can break out and win the World Championship, but even if they do, fans would still see them as guys who are from the more extreme section of the product.

2. The Talent

I already briefly touched on the subject, but along with the guys I mentioned above, think of how this could propel the careers of other great talents. Kalisto for instance, will more likely called up soon to team with Sin Cara, and bring the Lucha Dragons to the tag division (I personally can't wait for that). But would either of these guys be very successful outside of that team? Kalisto might have a chance under the Rey Mysterio model, but even Mysterio didn't become a huge star overnight against the big dogs. He competed in the Cruiserweight Division of WCW. A division with a similar mindset of TNA's X-Division. Kalisto would need a division like that to showcase his talents without any main event pressure. Envision the unique match ups that would take place, where top talent could compete as equals, and not in ways to squash the NXT guys. It would be a wonderful sight to see.

3. Strengthens The Product

The best way to establish a unique division in the WWE is by giving that division a title to fight for. A new belt would bring some fresh look, and feel to Raw and Smackdown. But we don't need more useless props being strapped to people, so I say get rid of the United States Championship, and bring in this title. The Cena vs. Rusev scenario allows for the title to be retired without much fuse, and this new belt would strengthen the prestige of the Intercontinental Championship. With the United States title gone, only one title remains for the mid card and upper-mid to fight over. Thus, giving the more deserving guys the chance to carry the belt with honor, and rise up towards the main event. By bringing in this new division, you allow for that hardcore wrestling fan base to be attached to something. It also breaks up the monotony of the product every week, which we have seen develop intriguing television, as evidence from the snowed in episode of Raw. What do you guys think? Should WWE branch out and include a more high risk and wrestling based division within their product, or should we just have faith that NXT is enough to prepare talent for the big leagues. Let me know in your comments below, and have a good day.


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