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WWE NXT Live Results (4/3/2014)

WWE NXT Live Results (4/3/2014)
Live from Full Sail University
Results Reported by Gesus Oliver

Emma makes her way to the ring. We are accompanied by a full booth. Sasha is accompanied to the ring by Charlotte and Summer Rae on a stick.

Emma vs Sasha

A few games to start the match from Emma. Toying with Sasha. Emma with the hammer lock reversed to a scoop slam. Pin kick out at 2. Sasha puts Emma in the corner. Drags her out and stomps no Emma. Sasha now having fun taunting Emma. Sasha picks up Emma and slams her head into the turnbuckle repeatedly. Brings her out and scoop slams her again. Sasha throws the leg drop and misses. Both opponents slow to their feet. Emma plays possum and Sasha slams into the corner. Emma hits the spider on the outside. Goes for the pin and 2. charlotte on the apron. Emma ducks Sasha as she hits Charlotte. With the confusion Emma wraps Sasha into an Emma Lock for the submission victory.

Emma Wins via Submission

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Ascension vs. John Vandal and Jack

Opponents hesitant to get into the ring. John rushes out of the corner and eats a clothes line. Ascension dominating the tag team. Vandal in the ring receiving multiple slams. Crowd asking for one more slam and gets it. Running splash into the corner. Tag. Hits the the High/Low for the pin fall.

Winner via Pinfall: Ascension

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Tyler Breeze has entered the building.

Xavier Woods makes this way to the ring. Brodus Clay finally comes out of hiding with a new gimmick.

Xavier Woods vs Brodus

Match starts off hot. A variety of kicks from Xavier to trying and take down Brodus. Brodus reverses with a T-bone duplex. Brodus puts Xavier into the corner. Covers Xavier for a two count. Puts him back in a corner and splashes him. Puts Xavier woods in a submission. Xavier feeds off the crowd and fights back. Xavier using that speed and educated feet to get Brodus down on the Matt. Shizing wizard and a pin for two. Brodus Rams Xavier with his head. Hits Xavier with a massive power bomb. Goes to the second rope and hits Xavier with some elbows. Pins him for the victory.

Winner via Pinfall: Brodus Clay. (3:13)

Brodus cuts a promo. That he is back and is coming for the NXT championship.

Backstage with Adrian Nevil.

Adrian talks about Brodus Clay's promo. Asks him if he knows what NXT is about. The youth and next generation of this business. Telling him he needs to earn his opportunity. That he is a fighting champion and when he gets into the #1 contender spot he is right here and willing to fight.

Backstage segment with Tyler Breeze staring into a mirror and he is next.

we come back to Yoshi Tatsu already in the ring. Tyler's music hits and here he comes.

Tyler Breeze vs Yoshi

The match starts. The men lock up. The chain wrestle and Tyler comes out thhe better. Breeze puts Yoshi in the corner and is broken up by the ref. Irish whips into the opposite corner. Snapmare into a pin resulting in two. Breeze puts Yoshi into a headlock. Yoshi works his way back with chops. Yoshi hits the ropes and get hit with a flying elbow. Breeze then hits Yoshi with a spinning heel kick and for the pin.

Winner: Tyler Breeze via Pinfall

Backstage segment with Sami Zayn talking about his head injury. Reminding us that he is okay and Graves should be worried.

Graves gets his own segment. talks about a dog traveling too far into the woods. The dog gets trapped and attacks the wolves. "It won't be pretty."

Segment with Paige talking about being the first NXT woman's champion.

Corey Graves comes out first with his slow methodic pace. Sami Zayn is next out and showing the energy he is known for.

Sami Zayn vs Corey Graves

Before the match starts Sami talking trash to Graves in the corner. Bell rings. Sami yelling at Graves to come out of his corner and fight. Graves finally moves. Sami comes to lock up and Graves ducks in the ropes. Graves controlling the pace of this match. Sami rushes again, to the same result of Graves ducking in the ropes. Graves trying to create space between Zayn and the ropes. Sami tries to lock up again and Graves ducks to the outside. Taunts Sami to go outside. Sami chases and have an exchange outside the ring. Both men are inside and Sami giving Graves some chops for his troubles. Graves comes at Zayn and give shim a black drop. Zayn Clothes lines Graves to the outside. Zayn hits the ropes and suicide drives to the outside. Both men get up and a sami hits Graves with a few elbows. They both roll inside. Graves sneaks to the apron. Graves back in the ring. Gets the pin and hits a few elbows.


We come back to a suplex from graves. Puts him in a headlock. Graves has the headlock in tight and snug. Zayn is trying to get momentum from the crowd. Graves lets go and drops a fist on Zayn. Graves outs Sami in the corner and hits him with a series of punches to the head. Ref separates them. Sami on wobbly legs throws wild haymakers. Graves goes for the pin. Graves again with a headlock. Sami Zayn looking to have more concussion issues. Graves working the head with knee drops. Pin for two. Crowd chants Ole' to get Zayn back into the match. Graves again with repeated hits to the head. Same musters a small offense resulting in another headlock from Graves. Graves arching with the headlock for some extra torque on the hold. Zayn able to get out and is gaining some momentum on offense. Grave plants Sammi on the mat and pins him for two. Graves gets Sami up for a back breaker and another pin for two. Both men crawl to opposite corners. Graves waiting in the corner to clothesline Sami. Sami catches him and suplexes him into the corner. Sami sneaks a pin for two. Zayn pulls Graves out of the corner and gives him a Blue Thunder Bomb and pins for two. Sami trying to gain more momentum and sets up in the corner. Rushes Graves and gets reversed. Sami pushes Graves into the ropes and they butt heads. Both men stager to their feet. Sami climbs the top rope. Sami unable to balance and climbs down. Ref checks him. Graves rushes and eats and below. Ref checks on a wobbly Zayn again. Graves hits Sami in the head again. Knocks Sami to the matt and locks in the Lucky 13 for the submission victory.

Winner via Submission: Corey Graves.

Trainers are out to check on Sami. The show ends with a frustrated Sami Zayn.

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