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WWE Rosters Set, Real Fight Breaks Out In Locker Room, What Lesnar Tested Positive For (WWE Also Considers It A Banned Substance), Much More

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John Cena and Roman Reigns

- The 2016 WWE Draft is in the books and the rosters for Raw and Smackdown are set. There’s a lot to discuss but we’re told the rosters weren’t finalized until the latter part of Tuesday evening just prior to going live on the USA Network. Roman Reigns (Raw) and John Cena (Smackdown) are on different brands but note that Dean Ambrose (Smackdown) and Seth Rollins (Raw) are as well.

- It’s interesting to see AJ Styles (Smackdown) and Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows (Raw) have been split so quickly but we’re told once the call was made not to split The New Day or Big Cass & Enzo Amore, they had to be split. Braun Strowman (Raw) was split from Bray Wyatt (Smackdown) & Erick Rowan (Smackdown).

- Finn Balor is officially a main roster Superstar and is one of the top names we’ll be heavily monitoring from this point forward. For those that missed it, he was drafted to Raw.

- The plan for Enzo Amore & Big Cass and The New Day to remain on the same show (Raw) is a change from a plan last week that had them going to different shows. Remember, it was believed Amore and Cass were going to usher in the second set of tag titles. Maybe WWE got cold feet on introducing a second set of title belts but that was definitely changed.

- Once again you can recap all of the draft moves at this link. For reader reaction and complete Smackdown Live results, including Dean Ambrose retaining the WWE Championship over Seth Rollins, click here.

- Sin Cara and Simon Gotch were involved in a real-life altercation backstage at catering at Smackdown Live in Worcester, MA. I’ve heard varying details as to what exactly happened but we’re being told Cara “won the fight handily.” The PWInsider website was first to report and they deserve credit for breaking it.

- The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Brock Lesnar’s drug tests on June 28 and July 9 identified the banned substance clomiphene. Our readers should be familiar with this by now as it is one of two drugs found in the samples of Jon Jones, who was pulled from UFC 200, due to the anti-doping violation. Clomiphene is an estrogen-blocking substance and is also banned by WWE under their Wellness Policy. Lesnar was drafted to Raw on tonight’s episode of Smackdown Live and received heat from the live crowd.

- The next WWE Network paid subscribers count will come on July 28, 2016 when WWE reports its 2016 second quarter results prior to market open.

- WWE actually held a Draft party at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL, where the NXT roster watched the live Smackdown broadcast.

- Ryback noted on social media that his WWE Performer's Contract is up on August 8, 2016 or October 17, 2016, depending on certain circumstances.

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