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WWE Thinks We Are Stupid - Why Last Night's Raw Supershow Completely Defied Logic & Destroyed Months Of Build

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A good professional wrestling storyline is one that follows along with the laws of logic. Without logic, a storyline is destined for failure. Regardless of who or what is involved, a storyline is bound to fail when it is inconsistent and insults the intelligence of the viewer. My jaw dropped last night as I watched WWE take dynamite to an angle they have been building the past few months and blow it to oblivion. Let's take a look:

Blown Up
  • Triple H is the WWE "COO" not the "Raw General Manager." I was very interested to see how WWE would handle Smackdown last week given the "walkout" cliffhanger that ended last week's Raw Supershow. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that walkout featured a walkout of talent from both brands, not just the Raw roster. I was left scratching my head when WWE taped an angle with Teddy Long to open last week's Smackdown saying Raw's loss would be Smackdown's gain. The show went on to highlight talent from both brands because Triple H was not in charge. They even taped a promo with Air Boom saying they would only appear on Smackdown until Hunter was removed. Wait a minute. Hunter had been appearing on both Raw and Smackdown, pushing his authority around on both shows. Now there's a walkout on Raw and all of the sudden he's not longer in charge of the company? Doesn't COO stand for Chief Operating Officer? Isn't the COO in charge of the operations of the COMPANY? Since when did his authority get reduced?
  • Mr. McMahon was "fired." Last night's Raw Supershow opened with only the employees that didn't walkout. I could ignore the fact there were cameramen working despite the fact they too walked out last Monday, but who shows up to save the day? Vince McMahon. Again, correct me if I'm wrong but as the storyline goes, the WWE Board of Directors "relieved" Vince McMahon of all of his duties within the company. If this is the case, then how did he get backstage? How does he have the authority to inform Triple H of the board's decision to relieve him of his duties? Shouldn't he be treated like The Miz and R-Truth in that he is no longer with company?
  • The Anonymous Raw General Manager. Remember this guy? For months speculation ran rampant as to who was behind the decision-making process on WWE Raw with WWE even bringing the laptop and podium out despite it not being used with Triple H "in charge." Now all of the sudden John Laurinaitis is named Interim Raw GM. So the Anonymous Raw GM was fired? Are they just going to quietly forget about an angle that dominated TV for a year? If Laurinaitis is "replacing" Triple H shouldn't he be Interim COO?
  • High school jock mentality. It's no secret that WWE is ran by the high school jock mentality so just for good measure they made sure to insult Jim Ross in his hometown of Oklahoma City. How many times has JR been fired and then re-hired? Since JR was "fired" by the Raw GM is he eligible to be hired by Smackdown? JR was hired by the company COO but fired by the Raw GM. How does that make sense and why do they continue to treat the best play-by-play man of all-time like he's a dime a dozen? They've tried for years to replace him and haven't been able to do it.

In conclusion, last night's Raw Supershow was a train wreck. They had a hot angle and blew it up with as many gaps in logic as I can ever recall. It's almost like the show was being written as it aired, defying everything that has been built over the last few months. McMahon was never reinstated, Hunter was never the Raw GM and what about that stupid computer? Something had to have happened to make McMahon go this direction but this is going to take awhile for me to get over. If I were just a normal viewer and didn't do this for a living, I'd have to stop watching for a couple weeks just to forget about how bad my intelligence had been insulted. It's almost like watching your favorite team come out and get beat 28-0 after coming in previously unbeaten. It makes no sense and makes one thing clear - WWE thinks we are stupid.

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