WWE Wasted A Golden Opportunity With Stephen Amell


This Monday Night, Raw was hosted by the cast of Entourage. Which would have been great (ok it would have been average as most hosts are) except for one thing, actor Stephen Amell was in the audience and could have hosted instead. You might know Stephen Amell better as The Arrow from the extremely popular series Arrow on CW. Arrow is not only extremely successful, but it successful in the male 18-34 demographic, which is the same demographic that WWE primarily sees in their viewership. So why would Amell have made a better host? Hold on tight because I’m going to take you through exactly why WWE failed this Universe.

First, and most importantly, Stephen Amell gives a crap about wrestling! Amell is a well known fan of WWE and has actually gone on record several times on his personal Facebook account saying he would love to host Raw. It is always better to have a host who cares about your product because then they don’t have to remember a bunch of lines about the product and pretend like they know. For example, the last time the cast of Entourage hosted Raw, they called SummerSlam, SummerFest, and called Kofi Kingston, Kofi Johnson. It just ends up sounded terrible and forced on both the actors and the fans.

amell wants to host

Amell is also extremely well trained to stay in shape for Arrow. He could easily be inserted into a program for the evening. Similar to when Hugh Jackman hosted and ended up jacking the jaw of Dolph Ziggler. Amell may not be trained to wrestle a full match, he could definitely do a tag match, let his partner do most of the work and hit a “finisher” for the win. I’m mean come on, Neville’s finisher is called The Red Arrow. Come on! This stuff writes itself! You put Amell and Neville together against, Bo Dallas and Sheamus. Why Sheamus? Because on top of EVERYTHING ELSE, Amell is playing Casey Jones in TMNT 2, and who is playing a bad guy in that movie? Sheamus! You have Neville hit the Red Arrow and then have Amell do a move off the top rope he calls The Green Arrow. It doesn’t get any better, or any easier, than that set up. It’s actually mind boggling how easy it is to set that up.

Since usually the agreement is that whoever the actor is who hosts can plug some of their projects, Amell could plug one of many things. He could either plug Arrow, but since they just went on break, he likely wouldn’t plug Arrow, though they’d likely talk about him being the Arrow frequently. He could also plug TMNT 2, especially since, as I mentioned earlier, he is in the movie with Sheamus! Casey Jones as a good guy and Sheamus as Rocksteady a villain. Stephen could also mention one of many of his charity T-shirt campaigns that he has done in the last several months, including his F*ck Cancer campaign or Sinceriously campaign. Stephen has been known to revive old campaigns, and relaunching a campaign or starting a new one in an announcement on Raw would be absolutely fantastic and something Amell would likely do if given the opportunity.


The fact is that the cast of Entourage hosted once and did an alright job, the host again this week and it was a similar experience, decent. It just felt like they didn’t want to be there, and maybe I’m alone in not wanting them their either. When I saw that Stephen Amell was in the audience and they made a passing note about it was a tragedy to me. Amell is someone who WANTS to host Raw, and actually talks about it fairly frequently. There aren’t a ton of celebrities out there who are dying to host Raw just to do it, not to plug their own stuff. How do you pass that kind of passion over for guys who are there to plug their latest movie? It just gets under my skin the wasted golden opportunity WWE was handed, just so they could plug the Entourage movie instead. Personally I’m a big fan of Arrow the show, but I’m a big fan of Stephen Amell, the person, so to see him get shuffled into a passing moment felt like a waste. It is the same feeling I get when I see Damien Sandow return to the imitation gimmick with Macho Mandow, or hearing that Cesaro isn’t being pushed because “he just doesn’t connect with the crowd, maybe it’s because he’s Swiss.” It’s just a feeling as a fan that I’ve been disappointed by a wasted opportunity. That there is a ton of potential being wasted for absolutely no good reason. Hopefully Stephen Amell will get to host Raw one day, and I can only hope that when he does they take full advantage of the awesomeness that is Stephen Amell.

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