WWE: What Is Wrong With You?

Ok. So I have been thinking a lot lately about the WWE product and have been watching for years. Ever since I could remember, I really enjoyed the WWE. That is until recently. I know there are a million and one articles on why the product is so bad or for those that think it is good, that is all well and dandy, but this article is to express why I feel the WWE product is stale and quite frankly, absolutely horrid.

First off, the writing is terrible. It seem like we are getting the same thing force-fed to us week after week. I don't blame the writers because it is not their fault that they put out this garbage on a weekly basis. How many times can we see Randy Orton or John Cena at the top of the food chain? Seriously? I just don't get why, with all the good talent in NXT and on the main roster are they still feeding us the same Superstars over and over again?

Guys like Ryback and Dolph Ziggler or Finn Balor and Sami Zayn prove week in and week out on the Main roster or on NXT that they are more deserving of a top spot, heck even Roman Reigns got to main event WrestleMania against Brock Lesnar and, in what I assume was a late audible no doubt called by Vince himself, had Seth Rollins cash in when he had no business doing so, yet people hate on Roman because they wanted Daniel Bryan in that spot when Roman worked hard to get that spot just to have it ripped from him.

Vince is so myopic when it come to doing the one thing he should be in this era of the WWE Universe and actually listen to the people that pour money into his company. How is it that when his top guys on RAW and SmackDown are upset over being outshined by the talent in NXT that Vince turns a blind eye to the fact that Triple H is doing a better job at keep morale high in NXT but Vince can't do the same on the main roster?

Also, who's idea is it to change a Superstar's name and gimmick upon call up to the main roster? Neville as a superhero? Does The Hurricane come to anyone else's mind when seeing that? Big E drops Langston and is now relegated to a faction with Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods? New Day? More like Lame Ducks!

Vince is 60 plus years old and still thinks like a high school freshman. Fans like me who are smart and know that there are alternatives out there, yet still watch faithfully deserve so much better. We know that the Diva's can wrestle, yet Vince holds them back because he thinks we see the Diva's as eye candy but young girls and women see the Diva's as role models and they work hard to show that anyone can strive to be great if they work hard and believe in themselves but Vince does not give them a real chance, no. He sticks the Diva's on a terrible scripted reality show that portrays them as something similar to Real Housewives.

I can't stand the fact that we forced them to push Daniel Bryan to the moon with multiple world title wins, yet Vince and Triple H did not see him as a guy that could carry the company yet he is still over with fans. Does Vince not get it? I fear that Triple H and Stephanie taking over will not be bad for business, but I hope they actually listen to the people.

Also, why does Vince spend millions to keep part timers around. You all know the ones, The Rock, Chris Jericho, Hulk Hogan, et cetera when he could use that money to get the younger guys who want the opportunity to ply their craft in front of thousands of people, millions that watch on TV and yet he could care less about what the people want. It is all about making a buck over signing real talent.

Anyone remember the failed attempt that Vince made years ago? What was it called? Oh yeah, XFL. There was money well spent. Now he puts money into his own network, which is doing well, so that is not really a big issue. However, the content needs to be more diverse. Vince wants people to really get behind The WWE Network, here is an idea, make it legit. Put more non wrestling content on there, like what Oprah did with her channel, or what MTV did when they took music videos and put on shows like Teen Mom or Real World.

In closing, I really hate the content we are getting every week. It makes me sick when I watch RAW or SmackDown and I am completely bored and fall asleep. With all the other wrestling companies to choose from, What is WWE offering us to keep us coming back. I don't even watch NXT anymore. I have the network just for the PPV's that they put on. Vince, get your head out of your butt and do the right thing, let the fans make the stars and structure your storylines based on that and for the love of all that is good and holy, pull the trigger on things that need to happen, like end the Authority angle and turn John Cena heel. Enough is enough. It is time for a change and that time is now. I could do a better job coming up with fresh angles and storylines and put out a product that is so much better.

If you think I am wrong, go ahead and tell me. I don't mind you guys hating on me. I want to see who agrees with me and who doesn't. Leave comments or write articles if you work for WNW or WWENews whether you agree or not and why. Till then this is what I feel about the WWE.

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