WWE's Big Summer Angle, Hefty Contracts For Tough Enough Winners, Why No One Comes Close To John Cena

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As you know, WWE usually does a big angle during the summer months. Have you heard what’s in store for this year?

I haven’t heard but we’re not far from it. Traditionally, WWE blows off the Wrestlemania feuds, introduces some new talent and then runs a summer angle that culminates at SummerSlam. The first Raw in June is a good starting point. But again, I have not heard.

I hope to see more between Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. I think there would be a lot of money in a triple threat for the title featuring the former Shield members. Obviously, some could argue they would be better suited working current top talent but these guys know each other so well, it would be compelling.

It’ll be interesting to see how Sunday’s Fatal 4-Way including Randy Orton will go and how things break off from there. It’s about time WWE did something with Dean Ambrose, I just hope he wasn’t brought in to do the honors.

Is there any truth to The Shield reforming at WWE Payback on Sunday?

I haven’t heard this rumor but speaking of a summer angle, could they put them back together only to break them back up? It’s possible and could be entertaining if done correctly. However, my concern with putting The Shield back together would be losing the separate identities that have been established.

Seth Rollins is WWE’s top heel when Brock Lesnar isn’t around, Roman Reigns has carved out a great niche as a babyface and Dean Ambrose is just begging for some support to break out in a big way. And I’m not talking a small break out either, I’m talking on the level of someone like Steve Austin.

At this point it’s probably too early to put The Shield back together, especially at the time when all three are still gaining momentum.

Is WWE really going to give the winners of Tough Enough a 1-year/$250,000 contact? Is that high?

WWE claims the winners of Tough Enough — one man and one woman — will earn 1 year contracts worth $250,000. Yes, that is a HUGE contract and blows most Performer’s contracts out of the water. It’s important to remember the structure isn’t mentioned so it could be for publicity purposes but that’s what the company is saying.

Tough Enough has always been an entertaining reality series, however, it’s never really created a future Superstar. Fans should temper their expectations and enjoy the show for what it is. If it happens to create a new Superstar (or Diva), that’s great but that’s far from a guarantee.

Is there anything to John Cena showing a little more attitude or are they just trying to make him more palatable to older fans?

I honestly believe WWE just wants to make John Cena more palatable and I don’t see anything that would suggest a heel turn. Cena has such a massive PG following that I understand why they’ve been reluctant to turn him. I’ll give you an example.

This weekend, WWE held a show in my home state of West Virginia. My 7-year-old nephew went with some of his friends, all decked out in Cena gear, only to be disappointed to find out John wasn’t on the show.

I told them Roman Reigns would be there and they all responded with a collective - “who’s that?” I told them Randy Orton would be there, which generated a small pop, but there is no other Cena.

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