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Now that we’ve gotten the official announcement of the WWE brand split and WWE Draft, I figured it was a good time to do what I do best! That is to say, book WWE’s product better than they do. It’s both a blessing and a curse to be this talented. This will be broken into two parts, one part will be the build up to the draft and the booking decisions around it and the second will be which Superstars go where and why. Some wrestlers like Seth Rollins, John Cena, Dean Ambrose, etc are going to get more detail into why they’re being drafted to each show. Whereas guys like Heath Slater are going to get descriptions like “Need jobbers on Smackdown.” As always I love feedback from my readers if you disagree with my booking or draft picks and want to tell me (aka explain why you’re wrong) then feel free to tell me in the comments.

Build Up

One of the most popular questions I hear going into the draft is, “Will each show have their own champion or will the current champions float between shows?” I don’t have an official answer, but my gut says each show will get their own champion and WWE seems to be strongly hinting at it by reverting to calling the championship the “WWE Championship” and dropping the “World Heavyweight” from it. The way things are being set up, each show is getting an entirely individual identity. They are getting their own roster, their own PPVs, it only makes sense to have their own champion. I honestly think Vince is pitting his kids against each other to see who should inherit the position of WWE Chairman. It’s great for fans because it will create honest to God competition between Raw and Smackdown and everyone knows that competition makes the WWE stronger. With the Draft being on the July 19th episode of Smackdown, the first to be live, I think we will also get an announcement that night about new championships for whichever show ends up World Championship-less. Steph and Shane will argue that it’s unfair that one show will end up without a World title and that will lead to a new World Championship. They will begin to hype up the new championship as much as possible because it’s “new” and they’re going to want it to gain momentum early. Honestly, I think it’ll be Smackdown’s championship. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did something similar to what they did with the Women’s Championship. Smackdown gets a WWE title with blue and white coloring and Raw keeps the Red and Black WWE Title. They are going to want to give each brand it’s own identity but also keep things as balanced on each side as possible.

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Monday Night Raw

  1. Alberto Del Rio- Raw will need some strong upper mid-carders and while I don’t personally view him as one, Vince McMahon does.
  1. Alicia Fox- Raw will need Women to fill the card.
  1. Apollo Crews- Crews would work on either show honestly but I think in an effort to not make one show more or less “NXT” or “IWC” they will leave him on Raw.

4/5. Enzo and Cass- As a certified Gs and a bonafide studs Enzo and Cass are going to remain on Raw and become the faces of the Raw Tag Team Division.

  1. Big Show- Both shows are going to need reliable veterans to show the newbies the ropes and put them over. Big Show has been doing this for a while now and I’m guessing we’ll see more of him as we see more young talent coming in.
  1. Bo Dallas- Raw will need lower mid-carders! Sadly this will be the end of Social Outcasts, I’d wager.
  1. Bray Wyatt- I think the Wyatt Family will be one of the factions that will split up. Bray needs a fresh start and I think WWE will do their best to do so by splitting up the family. Besides Bray needs to get off the bench and get in the game. It’s very rare for him to actually wrestle and that’s got to change. Putting him on his own will help.
  1. Brock Lesnar- Not surprising to keep the Beast on the flagship show, but it will be a “big name” draft pick to say the least. Especially with Lesnar fighting at UFC 200, WWE will make a big deal out of his appearance.

10/11. The Dudley Boyz- Both shows are going to need a decent amount of tag teams and veterans. The Dudleyz are both!

  1. Byron Saxton- Byron has moved up the ranks to working both Raw and Smackdown through his career and I think they’ll leave him on Raw as he fits well there. This will be interesting because it’ll mean having to work less for Byron. Mazel Tov Bryon!
  1. Cesaro- He just feels like a Raw guy to me. Cesaro will start to climb from the mid-card to the main event over the next year or so.
  1. Charlotte- Charlotte will lead up the Women’s division on her side. I’m thinking we’re going to continue to see Dana and Charlotte be a team after the Draft.
  1. Chris Jericho- Raw is going to need a good amount of heels as well, so Jericho goes to Raw.
  1. Dana Brooke- Dana still needs some work because she looks green as grass right now. Honestly, I’m surprised she got called up when she did. She has potential but she needs to some more guidance before I’m sold. Put her on Raw with some other talented ladies and let them help her grow.
  1. Dean Ambrose- That’s right the Lunatic WWE Champion is drafted to Raw, meaning the WWE Championship is the Raw World Championship. Make Ambrose the face of Raw (pun intended on “face”) and let him show WWE he can carry things. Ambrose is getting the babyface reaction that WWE wanted out of Reigns, not to mention he does the “anti-authority” angle far better than Roman did.
  1. Dolph Ziggler- As much as it goes against all of my instincts I am going to put Ziggler and on Raw. My instincts tell me he’d have a better shot at becoming World Champion again on Smackdown, but sadly I think the chances of Ziggler reclaiming a World title are slim. That said, I think he could thrive in the mid-card and win several more secondary titles.

19/20. Fandango & Tyler Breeze- I don’t know if these guys will be drafted literally as a team or both will make it onto Raw individually but I think WWE is going to want to keep as many tag teams together as possible with the exception of a very few. Breeze and Fandango should eventually split and let Breeze get a good run in the mid-card.

21. Jack Swagger- Raw will need jobbers. Sorry Jack.

22. JBL- Let me start with this question; Why are you still allowed to have this job when so many others are so much better!? Ok now that I’ve gotten that out of my system. JBL will stay on Raw as the “heel” announcer.

23/24- Jimmy and Jey Uso- I think we’re going to see the Usos drafted to Raw to help head up the Tag Division on Raw.

25/26. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows- Gallows and Anderson will be drafted to Raw and will be leaderless without AJ Styles….or will they?

  1. Mauro- Boom! Big ole surprise draft pick! I think Mauro and Cole are going to swap places as lead commentators for their respective shows. It keeps things fresh and it shows that “no one is safe.”
  1. Paige- With there being very few face women right now I think they’re going to spread them out as evenly as possible. I think Paige is going to stay on Raw with her new boo Alberto Del Rio. Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if that really was part of the reason she stayed on Raw because Vince wants to keep Del Rio happy.
  1. Randy Orton- Randy is due back any day now and I think they might be waiting until the Draft to bring back the Viper. WWE will want another top guy on Raw and Orton is a main event player for sure.
  1. Roman Reigns- I think Roman should stay on Raw and become the top heel. It wouldn’t take much to get Roman to quickly become the most hated heel in WWE. WWE should get on board and let him feud with Dean Ambrose in the summer months.
  1. Rusev- Last time we had a brand split we had the Intercontinental Championship on Raw and the United States Title on Smackdown. This time, I want to see it flipped. Rusev leads the mid-card division on Raw with his championship.
  1. Titus O’Neil- I think the big man is going to stick to Raw so that he can continue his rivalry with Rusev. I think Titus has a promising singles career ahead of him if he can keep the intensity turned up to 10 like it has been.

Possible Off Roster Raw Draft Picks

  1. Finn Balor- That’s right, we’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting but the time will finally come for Finn Balor to debut on the main roster. The Club will be leaderless when AJ is drafted to Smackdown and just when we think there is no future for them the lights will go down and the demon will debut!
  1. MVP- I would LOVE to see this prediction come true. I was a huge MVP fan when he was in WWE and think he was wasted toward the end of his run. He came very close to getting a big push and it fell through. Now that MVP has honed his craft around the world hopefully it’ll spell success for him.
  1. Samoa Joe- The NXT champion is getting his call up. He is too large a name to get passed over. It will be interesting to see if they keep him away from Balor or not. I would guess it’s likely their paths won’t cross again for a while.
  1. Bayley- I think we’ve all been dying for a Bayley call-up. She is the perfect person to take the strap off of Charlotte.
  1. Eva Marie- Eva has made a few appearances on the main roster. She may not be the most “worthy” of a call-up, but it’s time they just pulled the trigger and brought her up. Her involvement in Total Divas is enough to justify it to management.
  1. Carmella- This right here is Carmella, and she’s hot as hell and you can’t teach that! I know Carmella is focusing on being a wrestler and not a manager, but come on. Pair her up with Enzo and Cass again so that she can stand out among the other women in her division. Plus, who here would like to see a Lana/Rusev Carmella/Big Cass rivalry? I know I would!
  1. Austin Aries- I have no idea what they’d do with him right off the bat, but we can all agree he deserves the call-up, yes?

Tuesday Night Smackdown

1/2. Aiden English & Simon Gotch- Smackdown will need a good amount of Tag Teams and I think Vince will want them off “his” show and Triple H and Steph will want to work more with them since they are NXT Originals and have potential.

  1. AJ Styles- I think that WWE is going to want to stick with AJ vs. Cena for a while longer and I actually think they’re going to strap AJ very, VERY soon. I actually think they’ll strap AJ at Summerslam and beat Cena to do it. That’s right the FIRST EVER Smackdown WWE World Heavyweight Champion will be AJ Styles.
  1. Baron Corbin- I don’t think Corbin has been a flop since his debut, but I don’t think he’s doing very well either. I can see him being a member of the “New Smackdown” hype group. He might become the secondary champion somewhat soon.
  1. Becky Lynch- I think Becky is going to be the main face of the Smackdown division. She is one of the very few faces in the Women’s Division and I think WWE will capitalize on that. As much as I’m trying not to think of Smackdown as the “B” show, it does seep into my head sometimes and I think WWE views Becky as a “B player” unfortunately. Luckily, their lack of faith in her to lead the “A show” might be her gain. She becomes the Smackdown Women’s Champion in time and can lead the division into this new era of Smackdown.

6/7/8- New Day- Smackdown is going to need some heavy hitters and who better than New Day to lead the pack of strong Smackdown talent? These guys take the WWE Tag Team Championships to Smackdown and stay together to lead Smackdown into a new era.

  1. Braun Strowman- I think they’re going to let the big man stand on his own two feet. I think he’ll probably fail, but I think WWE is going to try.
  1. Curtis Axel- Smackdown will need guys who are lower mid-card. I will say, though, Axel is a guy who if they got behind might go somewhere. Maybe he’ll never be a world champion but he sure could be a solid secondary title guy.
  1. Darren Young- Put these terrible “Make Darren Great Again!” vignettes go to use and put Darren into the mid card title picture right away after the draft. Let him be part of the “new era” of Smackdown mid-card.

13.Erick Rowan- Rowan isn’t GREAT but he isn’t bad either. He could have had a somewhat decent singles push if he hadn’t gotten hurt. He will be a good mid-card talent when he goes solo.

14/15. Goldust & R-Truth- The tag team divisions will need to be balanced so these guys will work on Smackdown and probably work with younger talent to help get them used to the main roster.

  1. Heath Slater- SD will need jobbers. Sorry Heath.
  1. John Cena- That’s right the franchise is going back to Smackdown! This time, Cena is the veteran on the show. Smackdown needs at least a few big names to its show and Cena is about a big a star as you can get in the WWE. Love him or hate him, he is THE name in WWE. Drafting him to Smackdown allows a big name on the show, it allows them to keep his rivalry with AJ Styles alive, and it allows him to build up some younger names who come in. I think Cena will battle Styles a 3rd time at Summerslam for the Smackdown World title and he will LOSE.
  1. Kalisto- I don’t know why but I associate cruiserweight talents with Smackdown. Maybe that had to do with Rey Mysterio being a big name on Smackdown for so long, but either way, I’m feeling Kalisto to Smackdown. Kalisto is a guy I see benefiting from the brand split because they’ll have more energy devoted towards mid-card guys.
  1. Kane- Smackdown is going to need reliable veterans.

19. Kevin Owens- Owens is a guy who should already be in the main event picture, but the brand split could be very good for KO. More room at the top means more room for his extreme talent to move up. The cream always rises to the top, as they say. I will make a prediction the Kevin will be a World Champion by this time next year.

20. The Ascension- We’re gonna need teams on Smackdown even jobber teams like the Ascension.

  1. Luke Harper- It will be interesting to see if they want Luke to team up with Rowan again or if they’ll want him to go solo. Either way, Harper is an asset to either show he goes to. He is extremely underrated by management.
  1. Michael Cole- Boom! Big ole surprise draft pick! Karma, what goes around comes around. I think Cole is going to end up back in his old spot on Smackdown as lead commentator. I think WWE is going to use the draft as a way to restructure their announce teams.
  1. Naomi- The Women’s division on Smackdown is going to need some strong players and Naomi is damn good at her job. It sucks that she’ll be separated from her husband but I’m sure if it means a shot at the championship she’ll deal with it.
  1. Neville- Hopefully with the brand split we’ll see a boost in Neville’s career. He got stuck in the role as “small but talented guy” who never really wins unless it’s off of a distraction. Neville deserves better and I’m hoping Smackdown will give it to him.

25/26. The Shining Stars- I think part of the reasons The Shining Stars debuted and then were pulled off TV again was due, in part, to the draft. They’ll be drafted as a team to Smackdown and “debut” there. Maybe with a third man....

  1. Sami Zayn- Let Sami switch over to Smackdown where he can get in a run as Intercontinental Champion and get built up as the awesome talent that he is.
  1. Sasha Banks- I think Sasha is going to end up on Smackdown which is why they rushed the Charlotte/Sasha match. I think most people saw that match happening at SummerSlam and now we’re getting it at Battleground because of the Draft.
  1. Seth Rollins- That’s right, the finally “big name” to go to Smackdown is going to be THE MAN! Seth Rollins will become one of the lead names on Smackdown. He’ll be the final piece of the puzzle for making Smackdown seem as balanced with Raw as possible. The same reason we are getting Sasha vs. Charlotte early is the same reason we’re getting the Shield triple threat early. After the brand split, we won’t have all three members of the Shield on the same show.
  1. Sheamus- Sheamus is a solid worker and a borderline “reliable veteran” at this point. He can really help some of the younger guys get their foot in the door at this point and I think Smackdown will be a good place for him.
  1. Sin Cara- Much like Kalisto, I see Sin Cara being most at home on Smackdown. I don’t know whether WWE will want to keep Lucha Dragons together or not. My best guess is that they will team them together when they can, and utilize them separately when they want to.
  1. Summer Rae- Smackdown will need Women wrestlers.
  1. Tamina- Smackdown will need Women wrestlers and I think Tamina will be put on her own even though she’ll be on the same show as her Team Bad partner.
  1. The Miz- Intercontinental Championship will go to Smackdown and United States will go to Raw. That means The Miz (and Maryse) are going to Smackdown.
  1. Zack Ryder- I mean they don’t call it Zackdown! For nothing! Ok maybe Zack and I have both just adopted the phrase but that’s not the point. A less crowded card means that Zack will hopefully be able to thrive in the mid-card.

Possible Off Roster SmackdownDraft Picks

  1. Renee Young- This may just be my heart speaking over my head. I truly believe that Renee should be on the announce team instead of doing interviews and that she’s the right person to fill the open spots on Smackdown commentary.
  1. Corey Graves- Graves is also very good at commentary and deserves a call-up to the main roster commentary team. With Byron being exclusive to Raw in the draft and Jerry Lawler being suspended indefinitely, this is a great chance for fresh voices.
  1. Carlito- I think we’re going to see the return of Mr. Cool himself. I think Carlito will pair up with the Shining Stars to create a Caribbean faction.
  1. Rey Mysterio- There is a good chance we see a return of Rey Mysterio. It wasn’t long after Rey left WWE that he wanted back in. With WWE trying to pack their rosters as much as possible I think Rey is a likely option to help pass the torch to Kalisto.
  1. Kurt Angle- Oh it’s true! It’s DAMN true! There are reports WWE and Kurt Angle have been in talks. Now we’ve heard word that talks between the two parties have soured, but I think that’s a false report. I think WWE is leaking that report so that when Angle appears it’s a bigger shock to fans. Here’s an interesting twist, I don’t think he’ll debut alone. I think he’ll debut with….

6/7. American Alphas- Who better to debut with the All-American Kurt Angle than a NEW Team Angle in the American Alphas. It gives Kurt more of a boost and it allows him to teach and train the American Alphas and help guide their careers towards success.

  1. Nia Jax- Nia Jax could be a fresh new face to the Women’s roster. She’s got skill and she’s a great heel.
  1. Shinsuke Nakamura- I mean come on...King of strong style. Dude deserves his call up.

Things I’d like to see as a result of the Draft:

Separate Title for each brand. That means World Titles, Secondary Titles, Tag Titles and Women’s World Titles. For those who say that the new World Title will become a “glorified Intercontinental championship” don’t understand how WWE is going to go at this brand split.

New Tag Team Championship Design- The current design is garbage in my opinion. I hate those penny-style championships. I’d like to see actual GOLD return to the tag team championship belts.

Some fresh new rivalries- WWE has a long of possibilities with the brand split. They can do some rivalries that we wouldn’t otherwise see. If they build up the people who deserve it we could see some truly epic new rivalries. We’re in a potentially golden era of wrestling. I mean think about it. We could see AJ Styles vs. Finn Balor, Samoa Joe vs. John Cena, Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Dean Ambrose, Kevin Owens vs. Austin Aries. Those are all REAL possibilities and that’s not even including guys that could re-sign with the WWE! I want to see some real fresh stories told.

Well, that wraps it up, my beloved readers. Like I said above, do you think I put someone on the wrong show? Is there an NXT call-up I missed? Is there a wrestler outside the company you think will be brought in? Let me know in the comments below or just feel free to tell me what a great job a did. As always, I recommend my readers tweet my articles at WWE and Triple H so they can finally realize what an amazing talent I am and hire me!

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