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Zack Books WWE Payback (Through SummerSlam)

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Hello, boys and girls! WWE Payback is this Sunday and I’m sure they’ve got their plans in order, but I’m going to tell you how I’d do it better. In fact, I started just booking Payback, but I found it easier to show how to book the main event scene all the way until SummerSlam. I know, I’m an overachiever and you’re welcome. Let’s get right into it starting with…


Roman Reigns takes on AJ Styles in the main event for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The real story, though, is the Bullet Club and whether or not AJ is a part of their group. Spoilers: he’s not. Roman Reigns and AJ battle it out with Gallows and Anderson at ringside watching. Gallows and Anderson try to help AJ win aka cheat and AJ wants no part of it. He yells at his friends to go away! He doesn’t need their help! Gallows and Anderson start to slowly back away, and as AJ turns around BOOM Spear! Roman Reigns beats AJ off the distraction. AJ doesn’t look weak because he was distracted and Roman wins so he also doesn’t look week. AJ clears out of the ring and Roman poses with his title until Anderson and Gallows attack him from behind. Roman does a decent enough job of fighting them off until the lights go down and out comes The Demon...Kane. Sike. Finn Balor comes out and joins his brothers in attacking Roman Reigns. The beat him down to end the show. Simple right? Easily predicted you say? Just wait. This leads to…

Monday Night Raw

On Raw Roman comes out and says that he’s not a bad guy, he’s not a good guy, he’s THE guy. Because we all love that line so damn much. (Can you hear my eyes rolling?) He says this is why Finn Balor and his buddies attacked him at Payback. Before he can continue the Bullet Club comes out and attacks Roman. The Usos run out to save Roman and Shane comes out to announce tonight will be Roman Reigns and the Usos vs. The Bullet Club in the main event. The match starts and the Bullet Club wins by pinning Jimmy or Jey. After the match Finn, Gallows and Anderson continue to attack the Usos. Roman runs in to make the save but gets beat down, too. Dean Ambrose runs down to help his best friend. Dean and Roman are able to fight a bit, but they eventually get beat by the numbers game until...Seth Rollins’ music hits. Rollins sprints down and Seth, Roman and Dean clear the ring. The stand together and look at each other and all three put their fists in to close out the show. A match is set at Extreme Rules…

Extreme Rules

Extreme Rules main event features The Shield vs. The Bullet Club in a 6-man Tag Match. The two teams go to war with each other. They battle in an epic main event. WWE can even throw in a stipulation to the match if they want to since it’ll be at Extreme Rules. The match ends in a no-contest after both teams beat the bloody piss out of one another. Making neither team look weak but still delivering an epic match. Cut to...

Money in the Bank & The Weeks Leading Up

The weeks leading up to Money in the Bank will still be very Bullet Club vs. Shield. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose face Gallows and Anderson in a tag match to qualify for the match. Balor also qualifies for the match, along with a bunch of other guys. Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, and Cesaro probably. Meanwhile, Roman takes on a throwaway opponent who won a #1 contender match.

At Money in the Bank, Roman beats his throwaway opponent. Meanwhile, in the Money in the Bank match, Gallows and Anderson help Balor to win the Money in the Bank contract. They do so by throwing Ambrose and Rollins off of a ladder, clearing the way for Balor.

Battleground & The Weeks Leading Up

After Money in the Bank, the tension between the Bullet Club and The Shield are at an all time high. The teams are attacking each other in the ring, before matches, after matches, backstage, everywhere. Shane decides it’s time for these two teams to end it so at Battleground it’s going to be The Shield vs. The Bullet Club inside an Elimination Chamber match.

Inside the Elimination Chamber, the two teams absolutely destroy each other. It comes down to Finn and Roman in the Chamber and Roman manages to barely beat Balor.

SummerSlam & The Weeks Leading Up

WWE sets up a match a SummerSlam, Finn Balor vs. Roman Reigns. Balor can either be named #1 contender after Elimination Chamber or he can win a qualifying match. The 1 on 1 match is set and a stipulation is added that both the Balor Club and The Shield are banned from ringside. Anyone who interferes in the match gets fired. WWE could even do Rollins and Ambrose vs. Gallows and Anderson in another match at SummerSlam to keep the teams battling.

SummerSlam main event rolls around and it’s epic. Roman and Balor have an extremely good match and it ends with Roman hitting not 1 but 2 Spears on Balor before finally beating him. Roman is on the verge of tears, he grabs his WWE World Heavyweight Championship and holds it high, celebrating while posing to the crowd until….Balor blasts Roman in the back with the Money in the Bank briefcase. Balor beats him over and over with the briefcase. Finn hands the case to the ref and tells him he is cashing in RIGHT NOW! The bell rings, again, and Balor hits the Coup De Gras and pins Roman 1-2-3 and becomes the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Obviously, this rivalry can continue after SummerSlam, but that’s up to WWE. This storyline that I’ve made accomplishes several things. It makes the Bullet Club look incredibly strong to fans who don’t know them because they’re holding their own against The Shield. It also makes Finn Balor look like an instant main eventer (as if he wouldn’t anyway) and ends with him as WWE Champion. Most importantly to Vince, it helps get Roman over with the fans without needing to turn him heel. Roman was at the peak of his popularity when he was the beast of The Shield. This would be WWE’s chance to hit the reset button with Roman, getting him back to his roots. This would also be the big summer angle we all know WWE likes to do.

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