Ziggler's Creative Direction?


If I were to ask you who the best all-around in-ring performer in the WWE was, what would your answer be, probably Daniel Bryan right? However a close second in my opinion is Dolph Ziggler. When Ziggler says he "steals the show" it’s so much more than a catchphrase, he really does go out there on a nightly basis and steals the show but yet he is a guy who has to constantly fight to stay relevant. Ziggler is a two time World Champion but yet both championship reigns are covered in controversy and that leaves me and a lot of other fans wondering when and if there is ever going to be a time where Ziggler gets to be at the top of the card.

Recently it seemed like Dolph was set for a push after knocking of the authority, he went on to regain the IC Championship and I was very optimistic about him heading towards the Rumble, but we all know how that went so I’m not even going to bother talking about it but needless to say it didn’t do Dolph any favors and afterwards my optimism towards his character direction quickly turned to worry as he dropped the IC Title and really had no creative direction and still really doesn’t. In recent weeks we have seen great matches out of Ziggler against Wyatt and Rollins among others but it feels like WWE is just using Ziggler’s talent to throw him into matches with other top talent where most of the time he goes under in the hopes to get a good match on Raw. Then there is this whole angle with Ryback and Rowan and while I like both of these guys I don’t really understand why Ziggler is constantly fighting beside them, I understand they were all fired together but is there really any creative direction for the group as a whole?

So when is Ziggler going to get the recognition he deserves? Are we going to see him put into a program for WrestleMania? Personally I would love to see a heel turn at Fast Lane costing Daniel Bryan his match and setting up an epic battle between the two at Mania as both men hinted at on Twitter but honestly I have this gut feeling that WWE is going to screw things up and we aren’t going to get to see Bryan vs. Ziggler. It wouldn’t be the first time that the company missed out on a chance with Dolph; I honestly do wonder what he doesn’t have that other top talent does. He has all the in-ring skill in the world to be champion and he is doing great on the microphone, his promo work now is the best he has had in years. Some people worried in the past about him being “injury prone” but I think it’s been a while since we have seen a serious Ziggler injury. So what reason does the company have not to go forward with Ziggler as a top guy? Unless Vince doesn’t think Dolph can connect to the crowd like he thinks Cesaro can’t than there is no reason and if you ask me Dolph is as much over as anyone else in the locker room. If pushed properly Dolph could be positioned as the top underdog and I honestly hope I see him on the WrestleMania card in a good match or at least winning the Andre Battle Royal but unfortunately I wouldn’t be surprised if the WWE drops the ball on him like they have many times before, where Dolph has been sent back into the mid-card with no direction and have to claw his way back toward that glass ceiling that is the Main Eventers. Personally I think 2015 should be the year of Ziggler and I hope eventually he gets his well-deserved shot at the World Championship. Maybe Ziggler will once again win the Money in the Bank contract, by the way MITB will emanate from Columbus, Ohio this year, I say that because it’s my hometown and I can’t wait to be in attendance, hopefully to see Ziggler victorious.

Who knows maybe the writers are drawing up some awesome angle for Ziggler as I write this and maybe they really do have big plans for him but I know without a doubt that Dolph has what it takes to be a top star in the WWE and deserves to see gold. What do you guys think, does Dolph Ziggler have what it takes to hang with the best of WWE.

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