Update On CM Punk's WWE Hell In A Cell Opponent, John Cena's Status; Punk Incident On HLN

We received word from readers that attended Friday night's WWE Supershow live event in Jonesboro, Arkansas that WWE Champion CM Punk announced his Hell in a Cell opponent as John Cena.

As far as I know, Cena hasn't given the office the OK he'll be able to work the pay-per-view and was scheduled to meet with Vince McMahon after undergoing medical evaluation on Monday.

Speaking of Punk, Wrestling News World reader Jake sent in the following:

Showbiz Tonight on HLN showed the CM Punk attack [from Raw] video in their "Top 5 Must See Videos" section Friday night at #2 and also discussed it after reading a WWE statement.

  • From what Ive read, Punk “chooses” Cena at hiac…..that doesnt mean he will face him.

  • Spike westphal

    Cena in the main event again boring

    • DeJaun

      Punk as champion is even more boring

      • Your Favorite Heel

        Little Jimmy said he agrees.

      • JasonGaza

        Thats not true, he is the most entertaining champ yet apart from Batista and edge. The boring champs are Orton, Jericho and Cena

  • justaguy

    my money is on a triple threat Punk v Ryback v Cena

    • Anand

      I am not sure if Cena can make it at a full 100% health for the HIAC match. So, if it is triple threat he does not have to work as hard as in a one on one. moreover Cena vs Punk matches have always been awesome and the expectations inside the cell will be too much if he is not a 100%.

      If he isnt a 100% WWE should probably wait till he is fully recovered and go with plan B a.k.a Ryback.

      • XKonn247

        I agree. As soon as I saw the end of RAW I was leaning towards triple threat. Even McMahon must be aware that Ryback won’t sell a PPV alone. So have Cena in there, just go alleviate his work level.

    • Allen

      It makes the most sense to do a triple threat it extends the feud between Cena and Punk while giving Ryback an out by having punk pin Cena while he's injured.

  • James

    CM Punk vs. Chick Donovan at Hell in the Cel

  • Mike

    Hell, at least with Cena in the main event the WWE Championship will finally be in the main event again. Nothing against Cena, but the WWE Championship, regardless of who holds it, should be the main event of PPVs, not the face of the company unless he happens to be involved in the match.

  • The Breaker

    If they go with a Triple Threat for the WWE Championship (Punk vs Cena vs Ryback), it makes the booking easier while still protecting a less than 100 percent Cena. Punk can retain, pinning Cena. That way, Ryback can lose the match but not take the pin.

    • Anand

      Plus if required, punk can kayfabe attack Cena's arm so that Cena can take a few more weeks off to recuperate and come back at a 100%.

      Ryback Vs Punk will be awesome. The only concern I have is – Can Ryback go a 20 min main event match with one of the best in ring competitors in WWE today? If it is a slugfest with someone like Sheamus or Big Show, that wuld be a different story. But, punk is an amazing technician in the ring and can ryback keep up with him?

      Only time will tell!!!

      • Stoneman

        Ryback had no difficulty going 20 minutes with Punk at the Jonesboro AR house show. The man is in excellent condition.

        • Anand

          I dont live in the states and nor can I follow house/indy shows. So, had that doubt because the longest Ryback has gone in the WWE is 3-4 mins with mid-card guys who dont win matches even against the mid card faces… Punk is the WWE champ and probably one of the best performers in WWE right now.

          If he can put on an entertaining match with Punk am all eyes and ears 🙂

          What more do we expect from a match…

  • ThisGuy

    The fact that Vince is kinda pushing Cena to compete right after having surgery should be ridiculous. Obviously this isn’t the smart thing to do. Especially the match being Hell in a Cell? Yea, it might sell a bit more, but think about your talent. Now what if Cena reinjures his arm? Then instead of being out 6 weeks, he’ll be out 4 months. Then they’ll really be hurt. Ryback vs. Punk is a safe bet. Gives Ryback a main event shot AND gives Cena some rest. Survivor Series is coming up too. Have Cena rest til then.

    • Anand

      I agree and am glad that Vince dint push for Cena to compete. Hopefully Cena will be ready and can be part of survivor series..

      can you imagine – survivor series – Team punk vs Team cena??? with guys like Lesnar or Triple H or Rock involved??? Wooohoooo!!!

  • Ray

    What ever match draws the most should be in the Main Event. If that isn't the World Title Match, so be it.

  • Btb

    Be interesting to have a triple threat where Ryback turns on Cena and joins a heyman stable.

    With Rybacks size and looks he could easily be a monster heel.

    • Topherrulez

      Likely the idea!

    • Synyster

      But the real question is how will RyBack do on the mic?

      • Anand

        If you have guys like Heyman and Punk in the stable, who cares if Ryback can be good on the mic?

        See Lesnar? The guy is an amazing competitor but do you even want me to get started about his mic skills??? The difference maker here is Heyman.

        Punk/Ryback/Lesnar in one awesome stable with Heyman will be one killer combination…

  • Enforcer

    Do Punk vs Ryback and have Lesnar interfere and give Punk a dirty finish. Punk keeps title, Ryback doesn’t take a clean pin and Cena can heal some more.

  • Evon Reese

    I don't care if its Cena or Ryback. As long as Punk drops the title.

    • Anand

      Really??? Really??? (In Miz Stlye)

      The guy (Punk) has held the title for 300+ days and you expect him to drop the title to someone in his first ever title/main event match?

      If WWE ever tried this, that would be the biggest mistake they ever did (Maybe 2nd only to the Montreal Screwjob)

  • Miles

    Don’t want to see Ryback do long matches, takes a bit away from his character, rather see him no sell a beating and monster his way through matches. He’s got to be the most believable character created in a long time

  • ChrisH

    Really don’t care either way, but would prefer to see Ryback. Can’t progress his story and character if you don’t give him the matches.

  • Raven

    Really don’t care either way, but would prefer to see Ryback. Can’t progress his story and character if you don’t give him the matches.