Update On Ric Flair's Contract Status

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I am able to confirm that Ric Flair has not signed a WWE contract. He, like many other returning stars, worked a per shot on this week's Raw.

  • brenna01

    Perhaps this is the “creative” way to bring Flair back. Just pay him on a per shot type deal and have him appear week in week out without a contract.

  • John


  • mm

    Is the boogyman coming back

    • John

      Please no Boogeyman. Hated that gimmick.

    • kbunyon

      He's friends with Booker, so while I doubt he'll be back, his cameo last night during Booker's segment made some sort of sense.


      • KingKongBrody

        I hope he comes back.

      • The Big Organ

        Boogey seemed in great shape as usual. He should have a job with WWE. I know I know he can’t wrestle but why does John Cena have a job then?