Velvet Sky On Who Brought Her Back To TNA, Wants To Reunite The Beautiful People

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Velvet Sky was interviewed by the Big WrestleShark Show. In the interview she credited Madison Rayne for talking her into returning to TNA Wrestling and claimed she never "considered the competition." She said she's going to push TNA to bring back Angelina Love and reunite The Beautiful People until "they get tired" of her asking.

Click here to check out the interview in its entirety.

  • lll

    Madison Rayne brought you back? Interesting
    I hope angelina comes back too, Velvet. .

  • SoulFool

    You go , Girlfriend…keep on Dixie and TNA management till they finally give in…and push to have The Hog-on’s and Bischoff removed too !!!

  • Snitch

    Oh that would be really nice, I miss watching the girls. Seems they have no air time anymore.