Video Of Roman Reigns On Conan, Vince Reacts To Lesnar

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Roman Reigns on Conan

Roman Reigns was on Conan on Tuesday night. The show sent us the following videos from the appearance:

Vince Reacts to Lesnar Deal

Vince McMahon got a deal done with Brock Lesnar when everyone else thought Brock was out the door and that Vince was delusional. The hashtag #CongratsToUs was Tweeted from McMahon’s verified Twitter account. You can view it below:

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  • The Blue Blazer

    Richard (and some of the regulars like Xavier) – Why hasn’t anyone proposed the possibility that WWE is well aware of the Roman Reigns haters (aka John Cena haters, aka former CM Punk marks, aka current Daniel Bryan marks) and doesn’t feel that Reigns has enough mainstream support (like Cena) to overcome the haters … and therefore has scripted Reigns to heel up in the main event. While Lesnar is no actor, that look on his face when Heyman initially suggested that Reigns wanted to steal from Lesnar’s kids plates (before reversing it onto Reigns) was clearly intentional. The question is why. IWC can say never all it wants, but why can’t Heyman turn on Lesnar? All of Heyman’s heated rhetoric (constantly acknowledging Reigns as a tough guy) could be seen as a way of building him up as a strong face (most likely)… OR it could be seen as a subtle justification to anoint Reigns as tougher than Lesnar. The only way that the heel turn would work is if Heyman’s turn leads to a more vicious Reigns in the go-home sequence (“foreign object” and subsequent beatdown). It would easily work and satisfy multiple needs — shocking the mainstream, silencing/intriguing the petulant Reigns haters (thanks to the classy Philly fans), rebooting Lesnar (who can’t be a heel forever), bringing out a new dimension in Heyman, and of course skyrocketing Reigns as a legitimate heel.

    • Pedro Moreno Pacheco

      that could be awesome but it has 2 problems.
      1 wwe needs a new “face of the company” or a “new cena” and thats was reings is supposed to be. you can say bryan can be that but…
      2 wwe (vince) wants a guy with the “looks” of reings as his face.

    • Snap

      I know I’ve said it numerous times in the past, but I’ll say it again, just because someone isn’t a fan of a particular wrestler does not make them a “hater” just as not everybody who are fans of Daniel Bryan, CM Punk or whomever are fans because they were products of the indies. Hell, I never once saw CM Punk or Daniel Bryan before they appeared in WWE.

      Sure, had Daniel Bryan not returned when he did, I doubt there would be as much backlash against Reigns as there currently is, but I don’t think that is the sole reason. I think stuff like Reigns using nursery rhymes as promos hasn’t helped him and it seems like WWE got that particular message (I think, as I haven’t seen much of RAW)

      Personally, I don’t have a problem with Reigns. I don’t know if I would put the belt on him at this point, but it IS refreshing to have fresher people in the title picture.

    • Xavier

      Actually that possibility has been proposed a lot on here and on various other sites. Personally I’m not a fan of the double turn scenario for a number of reasons nor do I think it solves anything going forward. Reigns IMO has been doing well/ He is right were he should be at this point in time. He’s #2 behind Cena in merch sales at live events and #4 in online sales, is getting good reviews on the house show circuit and has the support of his peers and agents alike in the locker room. So I think the support for Reigns is there by the non-IWC community. Secondly, Heyman isn’t anywhere near as good at getting younger guys over as people think, Lesnar is pretty much it for Brock. Heidenreich, Axel, Ryback & Cesaro did worse under Heyman then they did without him. As far as Brock being a face goes, well the guy just isn’t around enough and uite frankly never was a good face to begin with. His run in late 02/early 03 proves that. A double turn at this point would lead to Cena being the #1 guy again and I know a good portion of fans don’t want that. WWE should let Reigns do his thing for a bit and see if he can swim on his own before closing the door on him.