Vince McMahon's Opinion Of Alberto Del Rio, The Future Of Randy Orton's Character, Who Was Praised At Raw, Why Ric Flair Was Paired With The Miz, Eve Torres Leaves Early, CM Punk's Stock Still On The Rise

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- We're told Alberto Del Rio opened the 20th Anniversary of WWE Raw with Vince McMahon as a sign of endorsement. Vince was very happy with the way Del Rio got over with the crowd. One observer says it's no coincidence Randy Orton went on after Del Rio as Vince wanted to compare both reactions and also send a message to Orton.

- Speaking of which, we're told Orton went under to Wade Barrett as part of a possible heel turn. Tension between Vince and Orton remains regarding the direction of Randy's character and McMahon isn't completely happy with his attitude. Ultimately it's believed that Orton will get a run as a top heel later this year.

- The usage of Ric Flair in the Antonio Cesaro/The Miz program further shows how high Cesaro is on the WWE radar. We're told Cesaro was praised for his mic work against Flair as Ric was paired with Miz to help his "failing" babyface turn.

- The original plan was for Eve Torres to work through January although as we first reported here on Premium, the plan going back to last week was Kaitlyn going over for the belt. As it turns out, Eve is leaving early and will be working with the Gracie family as the face of their women's line.

- One observer commented on CM Punk's reactions from WWE Raw and how even in a program with The Rock he still gets a babyface pop. Like with Punk merchandise, his fans stay loyal and everyone has accepted he's extremely over.

  • Win

    I heard baby face pops during his match versus Brodus Clay. But I heard nothing but boo’s when he returned for The Rock’s segment. Just another observation.

    • Boogie

      Better than no reaction

    • Josh

      As someone who was there, he still got plenty of cheers during the rock segmant, even from some kids.

  • John

    CM Punk should never have been turned face, & he should never be 100% heel. Punk should be sort of neutral like Austin was, where he has an edge to his character. Hate seeing Punk trying to insult the crowd in order to get heat.


    I’ve been saying since his promo in July 2011 that CM Punk is the second coming of Stone Cold Steve Austin. He’s the guy fans love even when they’re supposed to hate him. Fans need to be reminded nightly that he’s the bad guy. He comes out, gets a baby face pop and then literally needs to goad the crowd into giving him heat and he does it masterfully night in and night out. It’s a great thing to watch.

    • Pluto

      Punk isn’t nowhere near what Austin was. Punk isn’t the top draw that Austin was nor is the brand build around Punk like it was built around Austin. Punk got booed out of the building last night when he came out too interupt Rock. And Punk & Austin’s characters are the complete opposite.

      • sir-rusty82

        Punk didnt interupt Rock, Rock called him out

  • Miz and his “failing” babyface turn? Why are you on this train Richard? Miz is NOT failing as a face. Do you have wax in your ears? Did you not here the great reactions he got on the Tribute to Troops show and the fans chanting “Awesome” on a recent SD match against Heath Slater? I’m beginning to think your issues with Miz are nothing more than blind hate because you are such a fanboy of CM Punk. CM Punk hates Miz, thus you must hate him as well. I love your reporting Richard, but it’s painfully obvious that you can’t hide your favorable bias of the likes of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan out of your reporting.

    CM Punk is not getting baby face pops; he’s getting cheered from the same people that boo John Cena. Nothing special about that. Those type of fans will always root for the heel in a big feud because they love going against want WWE presents.

    • GODSENT68

      It was in quotations which leads me to think he was quoting what his source said, probably how the turn has been perceived internally in the company

      • Those sources could be people that hate Miz for no good reason — just like CM Punk hated him for no good reason. Miz will be just fine as a face. People need to remember he’s going from be one of the most hated heels to a face. It takes time.

        • GODSENT68

          Now I’m not saying I don’t agree with you on the Miz I’m just saying that I don’t think Richard is a hater or anything though. I agree Miz is good at his craft, I personally enjoy him and wish he’d get a proper push again soon

          • I love the work Richard does. I want to make that clear. But I wouldn’t be shocked if he has his favorites/non-favorites when reporting. In the world of journalism it’s very hard not be biased in some capacity. I personally feel Richard has his stories skewed favorable to CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. So you ask what does this have to do with Miz? Well Miz is loathed by CM Punk. If CM Punk hates Miz chances are Punk’s fan will do the same.

        • Gary Robert

          Seems you’re just as biased in the other direction. Do you have a secret crush, perhaps? 😉

          • No I swing on the right side of the plate. If Miz was “failing” as a face he would be getting little to no reaction. That’s not the case.

    • Pluto

      Agreed It’s nice too see educated Wrestling fans who can look at things objectively

    • Winnipeg

      Yeah! We want neutral reporting, not bias reporting!

    • Josh

      I don’t think Punk hates Miz, Miz was on his dvd and they mentioned they used to travel together, Punk just thought he was better than Miz when he main evented Wrestlemania. Also, there were plenty of kids who cheered Punk, trust me, I went.

  • Vic Jose

    Another diva gone, what is that, 10 divas gone now in like 12 months? They should dump the division already or try to revive it somehow.