Vince McMahon Announces Both Shane & Stephanie Will Run Raw

At WWE Payback, Vince McMahon announced that both of his children, Shane and Stephanie, will run Monday Night Raw together for the time being.

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  • Avalanchian

    You know they could go a ton of ways with this. I think it would be funny if they went back in time and work to overthrow their father towards the end.

    • Patrick

      if that happen they could play it off as that was the plan the entire time since Shane’s return.. only this time succeed in doing so to get Vince off TV and at least out of character working back stage…

      Vince has stated he will never retire and will work untill the day he dies. and you would find him behind his desk. when that happens.

      if you want to go back to that time might as well go back to the time when there was no on screen athority figure just announcements of matches by Vince when he was announceing.

      only this time use Cole and JBL saying what matches were for that night on RAW and only use a Jack Tunny type person for special announcments.

    • AMDunn21

      It could also go the way of the Raw General manager storyline from 2003 which might lead to a Shane vs HHH match down the road