Vince McMahon Featured On Mitt Romney Attack Ad

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The Democratic National Committee has released an advertisement directed at United States politician Mitt Romney, using clips of various famous people saying "You're fired!" Among them is Vince McMahon. On an interesting note, Linda McMahon has endorsed Romney for President. McMahon can be seen near the end of the advertisement, embedded below:

  • Arav

    well that was weird

  • Leg on the bottom rope, again

    Anything that has Vince’s influence utilized is MONEY! Obama step up, maybe you can use the limo blowing up with Vince in it as part of your campaign!!!!

  • Abe

    lol politics

  • Captain Booger

    If that's all the DNC can come up with, then Barack Obunghole will be looking for a new job about this time next year.

    • sonny morrell

      i love the clip myself.