Vote For Daniel Bryan As The Most Animal-Friendly Athlete

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Daniel Bryan has been nominated by PETA for the "Most Animal-Friendly Athlete" in the 6th annual Libby Awards. Bryan joins Chase Utley, Jake Shields and Willis McGahee as nominees.

You can vote for Bryan at this link.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Patrick Peralta for sending this in.

  • George

    I want to happy for Bryan, but I just hate PETA with a passion…

  • earl

    i dont care

  • Van

    I voted

  • Abe

    Seriously can we please keep Peta and Glaad and any other hate mongering group groups out of wrestling.

    BTW Peta uses "euthanasia" on more animals a year than every non peta shelter in america put together

  • AlanP

    DB is a PETA supporter? That curbs my like of him exponentially….

  • Billy

    Its his right to support whatever the heck he wants. I'm not all that partial to peta though.

  • Da KiDD

    Most animal friendly?.. Screw that, I want my superstars to be Michael Jackson BAD!

  • cristina

    What I don't like about Peta is the same thing I don't like about most outrageous, and extreme organizations including religious, political, and otherwise. To Peta the world is a very black and white place. If you eat meat you must be an outdated, knuckledragger that hates animals. That is so far from the truth. I love, and treat animals with humane respect. But I also like to eat cheeseburgers too. I don't like animal cruelty, and I treat my two dogs like my kids, but I also like fried chicken, and bacon. As a human it's ok to be omnivorous. Nobody ever tried to make a lion live on a diet of tofu, because it's not in his nature to be a vegetarian. He eats meat, it's his place on the food chain. So by that token humans are natural meat eaters as well. There's nothing immoral about doing what's natural. Peta is just too black and white on that. Besides not all vegetarians are animal lovers anyway. Being vegetarian could mean you have dietary or health conditions, or food allergies. It's not simply moral motivation. Peta fails to get that, and by being so extreme as they are they defeat their own purpose.

  • Bobby

    Wait, why do we hate PETA? What does PETA have against wrestling?

    • just a fan

      its not really a wrestling thing its more of a "a lot of meat eaters hate peta with a burning passion" thing… i could hate on peta for hours but im not going to do that here.

  • Whammaster

    i know PETA is a great organization, but when they do stupid crap like framing mario of animal abuse, it just makes them look like children.

    Despite my desire to support Bryan as much as possible, having him as the figure in the PETA group, would be a bad thing.

    • just a fan

      a great organization my meat eating butt

  • ZackPack

    If you listen to Colt Cabana’s podcast, Bryan said that he’s only a vegan because of some skin problems, not a love of animals. He then talks about how he used to love catching and eating clams. Not the most animal friendly!

    • just a fan

      oh thank god… i like him agian… go D-bryan…holy crap booker is fubbing off on me

  • Da KiDD

    Cut the crap. The Vick jokes ain't funny or trendy anymore. You must be a saint