Wale Releases Razor (Bad Guy) Freestyle, Don't Count Scott Hall Out

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Wale did a freestyle to Scott Hall's Razor Ramon theme song that was completely pro wrestling related. You can listen at this link or embedded in the video below:

Speaking of Hall, while everyone wants to watch his downfall, here's what he was doing on Thursday:

Wale was in attendance at Monday Night Raw in Washington, DC last month, where he was involved in an altercation in the crowd.

  • Craig

    That song is crap.

    • Venom

      Not sure why u think that maybe its not your taste. I wish they used more of the best part of his theme which they started using half way “hey Chico you’re talking to the bad guy” part. That part is what’s unique about Razors theme. I remember wrestlemania they arcade game on super Nintendo didn’t have that part in his theme which disappointed me.

  • Mike McCarthy


  • Steveactiv

    Nobody WANTS to wach Scott Halls downfall

  • Lebron James

    This is so awesome! Wale went in!

  • DW

    You know I wouldn’t care for this song IF! It didn’t reference everything correctly. Idk if it was a ghost writer or what, but whoever wrote it knows wrestling. From wanting to be Curt Henning over Curtis Axel…from talking about being royality like lawler. Or wanting to be Heath Slater before he comes Doink(a clown). Not bad at all Wale. Fake like Raw at the end made me laugh.